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Top 4 Things Holding You Back From Success


​Every one of us faces hurdles and struggles, but it’s really how we overcome it that matters.

​In today’s episode, I talk about the roadblocks that are holding you back from success and how you can overcome them to reach your goal.

What's Covered in This Episode:

​Top 4 Things Holding You Back From Success:

  • ​Waiting for the right time
  • ​Waiting until you know it all
  • ​Putting others on a pedestal
  • ​You don't really want it
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What's up everybody. Anton Kraly here from and welcome back to the podcast. So in today's episode I want to talk about what I think the top four things are that can be holding you back from success. And the reason we're sitting here right now, the reason I'm recording this podcast is because I just brought in my car for a scheduled maintenance, oil change, oil filter, all that stuff. And when I brought it in, it was funny, the service technician, when he greeted me there, he was like, "Hey," staring at me kind of weird. And I was like, yeah. And he's like, "Are you the guy Anton from Drop Ship Lifestyle on YouTube?" And I said, yeah, that's me. That's weird. I don't get recognized a lot when I do, I'm totally fine with it, but I'm not the most extroverted person in the world.

But anyway, yeah, he just introduced himself and I said, "Yeah, you know, that's me." And he said, "That's amazing. I've been watching your channel for years now." And then he got really excited and he was just talking about some of the videos that we have over on the YouTube channel. And it was just cool to hear the feedback and that he'd been following for so long. So I said to him, after he was telling me what he gets from it, I was like, "Oh that's awesome. You know, how's your store doing?" And then he looked at me, got a little bit change of a expression, and he said, "Actually, I don't have a store yet." And right away in my head I was thinking, whoa, okay, he's been following for years.

He obviously knows the content I put out there because he's talking about specific videos. So I said, "Why? Why haven't you built a store yet?" And he said, "It's just not been the right time." And I felt bad because I just knew, for literally, let's just say it's been three years that he's been following the YouTube channel. If he'd been following and taken action, I knew how different things could be. Just 36 months, three years is a lot of time. And just by implementing, even at a slow pace, I knew where he could have a store at. The level of sales, the level of income, the level that asset could be. So I tried to be helpful, gave him some tips, some hopefully motivational advice that can get him to start sooner rather than later and just an awesome guy and took good care of me and the car. So thank you for that.

But it got me thinking, if this is just one person that I met out in the real world, outside of the studio that had that, I guess feedback or story, I was thinking how many more people are just like him. Maybe you right now are watching this as a video on YouTube or maybe you're listening to this as a podcast in your car, and maybe you've been following for a few months or maybe you've been following since I started Drop Ship Lifestyle back in 2013, and maybe you also haven't found success yet. And maybe it's because you just haven't done really what needs to be done.

So a little bit different in this episode, instead of talking about the things that need to get done, I cover that in great depth inside of my coaching program and in a bunch of other videos and podcasts I have, but I want to talk about the things that might be holding you back. I'll just say also if you are here just because you're a fan and you'd like to get these takeaways, then that's awesome too. But what I really do want for you is success. I want you to learn, but I also want you to implement. So let's go ahead and talk about what I think are the top four things that can be holding you back from success.

The first one is just waiting for the right time, waiting for all the stars to align. And this could be something like waiting for your kids to be away at summer camp, or waiting to have that week long vacation from work so you have more free time. Or maybe you're waiting just for the slow season at your nine to five so you can dive more into actually building. And I'll tell you, I understand why people's brains go towards, "Oh, there will be that day that I have the time."

There's never going to be the right time. Okay. I'll tell you this from experience, things are always going to come up. The stars are never going to align and there is never going to be a perfect time. So if you keep waiting for that day, what's that song? Creedence Clearwater Revival, Someday Never Comes? Someday never comes with the right time as well. So it's better to start now when you think it might be hard and push through and just do the work that needs to be done. Because if you just keep setting this date in your mind, you're never going to reach it. It's not going to happen. Sorry, but that's just the truth.

So the second thing that could be holding you back from business success that I see all the time is waiting until you think you know it all. Waiting until you think, "Oh, I know exactly what my domain name is going to be, and I know the exact suppliers that I want to get approved with, and I know how to run Facebook ads and Google ads," and you think you need to know all this before you build your business.

And that's not how this works. Any business, especially something online that changes so rapidly, you learn as you go. So you're almost better off to start at a blank slate. I've mentioned this before in different podcasts and YouTube videos, but I started my first eCommerce store after I read a one chapter on eCommerce in a book and I learned from there just by doing, and that's the best way to learn, okay? I still recommend, obviously, you go through my coaching program, so you have a foundation, you have a baseline, you learn the best of the best, but the way that you're really going to learn is by doing. It's not only by watching YouTube videos or listening to podcasts and reading books and waiting until you think you're an expert before you even click a button. Because even if you feel that way, by the time you start getting into the business, that's where the real learning curve is.

Now, the third thing that could be holding you back from business success is putting others on a pedestal. Please don't do this. This is why when I meet people in public that are like, "Oh, Anton, I know you from the internet." I feel weird because I'm nobody at all special. Ask my teachers from growing up, I'm definitely not smarter than you. I am not some genius when it comes to the internet or ads or anything like that. I'm just somebody that's out there that's doing it, that's figuring it out and that wants other people to have more freedom in their lives as well, which is why I make two podcasts a week and which is why I put so much time into my coaching program, but I am nobody special. And all the other names you see out there, everybody else that's writing books and teaching, hopefully they know what they're doing, but I'm telling you, they're not any better than you.

They don't deserve some elevated status that you're constantly looking at and trying to reach because all of the differences between me and you is maybe I've been doing it longer and of course I document what I do when I share it with you, but it doesn't mean that I'm smarter or I have some special ability from God that allows me to succeed. It's just that I do the work and as soon as you start doing the work, you'll quickly realize that, hey, you can do this too. Okay, I'm not any better than you. I'm not any smarter than you. I'm just doing the work. So please know that. Do not put anybody on a pedestal. Just do the work and build your own success story.

And again, I don't want to say I'm not guilty of any of this stuff because I definitely am. Earlier on when I was in business, I had one supplier on my first store that brought in 80% of our sales. And I knew how big their business was because I knew how much business I was bringing them and I was one of the retailers. And I remember I had a meeting right off Central Park actually, at a really nice hotel with the owner of that company, of that brand. And I was so excited because I thought, "Wow, I'm meeting this guy, my biggest supplier, making tons of money together. I'm going to get so much good advice out of them." And I was so excited for it. And then I remember we had a conversation, and the things that he recommended to me while helpful, it was not at all what I expected and the thing that disappointed me a little bit is the deeper I dug and the more questions I asked, I realized he didn't even have answers to.

And again, that's not to put anything by him or say he's not worthy of where he is as a position in that company. But what I realized is he is simply there in that position because he built the company, he did the work, but even then he didn't know everything. There were a lot of questions left unanswered, and I realized he's no smarter than me either. He just did the work, had been doing it for longer, and that's how he got to where he is. So please do keep that in mind. It's not about God given talent, it's about doing the work, learning as you go, and just being the person that actually builds something rather than only consumes.

Now the fourth thing that can be holding you back from success is not really wanting it. And I know that might sound obvious, but this is important, and this falls back with the service tech that I was talking to the other day at the car dealership, right? Now, he has no need to have to go out there, do everything that I teach, and build a store today, because he works at Audi at one of their best dealerships. He has a great job. I'm sure he has great benefits and he seemed like he loves what he does, right? So for him, he's not going to work every day.

And I don't know this obviously, I didn't read his mind, but it didn't seem like he's going to work every day thinking, "Oh my life, my life. What am I doing here? I need to get out. My boss is mean and I hate my customers." It didn't seem like that at all, right? Whereas on the other hand, you have some people that come into this world and maybe find my podcast or find me on YouTube or find my coaching program and they enroll and they know their why.

They're dead set on something. Maybe they don't have a traditional education so people don't respect them and they can't get ahead at work. Maybe they have a bad job with a bad boss and bad coworkers. Maybe they're in a toxic environment and they need to get out and they know their why for why they're going to do the work and build this thing, and put in the nights and put in the weekends. Or maybe it's that they just know that they want the freedom to work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and the current job they have, even if it's a great one, is not about to give them that freedom to work remote. So there's a whole bunch of different reasons that could be your why. Maybe it's that you just need a dual income and your job's not going to double your salary and maybe you're not worthy of it there so you build it on your own.

But if you don't have your real why, my argument there is that you don't really want this enough to delay the gratification in the beginning where you're putting in the time, you're putting in the hours, you're building your store, you're calling suppliers, you're alerting traffic and you're doing what it takes to reap those results down the line. So that's what I shared with him. That's what I wanted to share with everybody. Again, if you've been a supporter of Drop Ship Lifestyle, if you've watched our YouTube channel, read the blogs, listen to the podcast, enrolled in my coaching program, came to our retreats, and you haven't built a store. I still do appreciate you. I'm happy you're here. But remember what I want for you is as time goes on, as I level up in my own businesses, as I share that with you, I want you to listen, I want you to learn, but I would love for you to keep leveling up with me.

Because again, time is going to continue to pass and one year from now, two years from now, three years from now, even if you take a little bit of action every day, your life can look totally different. So the best way I can help you, you know this already, but it's inside my coaching program at Drop Ship Lifestyle. Go there. If you're serious, if you know your why, if you're ready to start now, that's the best solution. I'll post a link up in the description as well. But again, I appreciate you, I'm sorry I'm terrible with names, but if you're watching this and you're the technician, I appreciate you. Thanks for doing an awesome job with the car, going just as fast as ever. And yeah, thank you everybody.

If you got value from this episode, please do leave a review over on iTunes. It means a lot, helps us spread the word. And with that being said, I will see you in the next episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. See you.