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5 eCommerce Stores To Model For Success


Anton shares 5 eCommerce stores to model for success in your own business.

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In this video, I'm going to share five different e-commerce stores that I think you should model for success in your own business. Now, before I pull these up and tell you what I like about each of them, just know, I am not talking about copying what anybody is doing. I'm not talking about literally trying to emulate exactly what someone's business is. Instead, what I do, and what I believe you should do, is look to top stores in your industry, or as e-commerce as a whole, and try to find things that you're not doing, that you can see why they make sense. Things that you can learn from other companies without having to test it yourself first. This way, when you want to test things in your own business, you're testing things that already are proven to work elsewhere, or at least to your best of your knowledge are, instead of writing down a list of five different things you want to try, you're trying what you see the biggest stores doing.

So, let me switch screens. I'll pull these up and tell you what I like about each of them. Now, the first one you've probably heard of before, They've been around forever, publicly traded company, billions of dollars in sales every year, and a lot of that revenue comes from drop shipping. Now, what I like about them, there's a lot of things, but I'll give one thing per website is when you go to one of their sections on their store for a different category or collection, as Shopify would call it, what you can do in the sidebar is scroll down, click where it says, show more filters, and then you will see a section that says brands. Now, when you click that, you'll see a list of brands in that specific collection or category that Wayfair sells for.

Now, what I like about this is, since so many of Wayfair's products are drop shipped, if you are a drop shipper, then you can look through their best selling brands. Now, the way you find bestselling brands by collection or by category, is simply by seeing who they display first, because Wayfair does not display their brands in alphabetical order. They display them, in what some people might think is a random order, but as somebody that knows Wayfair obviously is a legit company, what they're doing is displaying them in position or in order from best selling to least. It's a great way to pick up different brands that you could possibly sell for on your store. And this is a great way to model what Wayfair is doing.

Now, the second site that I recommend to model for success is actually my favorite e-commerce website, just in general, out of every store there is, I absolutely love this website. It is They also have an amazing store. It's gigantic, in Manhattan, right by Penn Station. If you're ever in the city, highly recommend you go there, too. I could do many different episodes on this store alone about different things I love about it, but the one that I want to share here that I think everybody could take away is in regards to conversion rate optimization. This is a massive e-commerce store, and when you go to their product pages, you'll notice that they are simple, they are clean, but they make it very easy to spend more money and to have the page visitor to not get overwhelmed, not have to click all around the store, but be able to get exactly what they want. Again, make things simple, get your conversion rate up while also increasing the average order value.

Right now, I'm just looking at a Canon digital camera and right on that product page, I'm on an iPad right now, and right under the add to cart button, I can choose different variations of this product. I can choose the camera body only or the camera with the lens. I can choose different configurations, basically product bundles, and instead of let's say me as a camera shopper, having to go to all these different sections of their site, finding different lenses, finding different kits or microphones, everything is right there on the page for me. I don't have to leave.

Again, it's making things simpler. It increases conversion rates. Now, one more thing I'll just mention, because I'm on this page right now that I absolutely love is, similar to what we do with certain suppliers, they offer extended warranties and they have the option right on the product page. You don't even need to get to the cart to see it. It's literally under the, add to cart button. My advice is if you're not familiar with, spend some time there, click around. You will find tons of wins that can make your store better, and those are just a couple things that I love and that I use.

Okay, next site, I want to share that you should follow for success. Not sure if anyone has heard of this one, it is, might be familiar. Now, they don't have too many things we can directly take away since it is such a different type of experience. With our stores, we're building the niche specific stores, so selling one product type, and in my opinion, that gives us lots of advantages, ways to display things that they can't, but one thing that I've definitely taken away from them is their Amazon Basics brand. Now, if you're not familiar with Amazon Basics, basically what it is, is their private label brand, or one of their many, and what they do, which is, I love it as a customer buying from them, but as a seller, don't recommend it, don't support it.

What they'll do is see what the best selling products are within all of the categories on Amazon, then they'll just make their own versions. Obviously, they'll private label them and they'll make the price lower because they move so much volume. They can undercut people that sell on Amazon and take all the sales, but when it comes to private labeling on your own store, one thing that I think you could take away from how Amazon does this is, I recommend for everybody that wants to eventually transition from drop shipping, to drop shipping and private labeling, you can see what they're doing with Amazon Basics, they're not just making random products in this example of a lawn chair and saying, "Let's try this one and see what happens." No, instead they're studying the market. They're seeing what actually moves, what features, what benefits, what price points. Then they're releasing their own brand into the mix. So, if you are drop shipping and you eventually do what want to create your own brand, mix it in on your store, have other drop shippers sell for you, you can model what Amazon does here to find the best selling products.

Now, the fourth site that I recommend modeling for e-commerce success is definitely a wild one. This is It's a woman's fashion brand and they are wild when it comes to promotions. They are over the top for many brands, so you might not want to emulate everything they're doing. Chances are you won't, but I love going to this store for inspirations for promotions and creative ways to show them off. Right now on their homepage, they have this scratch to reveal your mystery offer. So, you scratch it off, shows me I can get 10% off. I can enter my email address and get a coupon code mailed to me. Again, something creative, a different way that you don't usually see for running promotions, and if you run a store where this type of thing would make sense for you, you think your customers would enjoy that experience, I'm sure there are plenty of apps in the Shopify app store that would allow you to do so.

Now, even beyond that, on their homepage, at the time I'm recording this, we are coming up to Halloween and you could see, they are all about it. Everything I could see basically besides their category pages are showing off all the different information about their holiday sales. They have things like a scrolling bar coming across like a stock ticker symbol showing the discounts they have available. They have a big countdown timer right in the middle. They have their coupon code, I can count it, one, two, three places already, right on that homepage. And then they have, the main call to action, the main section about their Halloween sale as well. So, if you're thinking, well, I have this promotion coming up, maybe it's for Black Friday, and you were thinking, oh, I'll just put a, hello bar on my store saying, "Save 10%," whatever. Well, maybe you want to amp it up a little bit. Maybe you want to make sure people see it, and Fashion Nova is a great site to go to where you could see the way to make sure every website visitor knows about your promotion.

Now, again, this is overkill for a lot of niches and you wouldn't want to do this on a luxury chandelier store for example, but to bring things back to a simplicity like we were talking about before, I want to share one of my websites that I follow and that I think you should follow as well, because in my opinion, it shows how you can make a very simple, very clean design, but still do crazy amounts of sales and have something that I think would appeal to a lot of markets, again, design wise.

So, this is It's a sock company, and what I'll do is just click into a product page on it. What is great about it is, even though again, massive sight, tons and tons of volume, they're not going with that overkill. They're not continuing to add to their product pages and make them so they get to the point where they're distracting. They're still simple. They're still clean and I think it shows for people that start to get overwhelmed and see their product pages become this jumbled mess, then I would say, go to, go to one of their product pages and see how you can basically simplify things. What I love about it is as you scroll down, they have a link you can click if you want to expand the page, see all the product details, but they just show what you need to know that's there before you expand every else.

I really like how they show off a few benefits of each product and they have their reviews. Again, nothing overkill, nothing crazy. If you want more information and you're on that page, you click, full product details and boom, you could see everything you want to see, but they're keeping things simple. They're keeping things clean and I use their pages for inspiration on a lot of our own product pages.

Those are just five sites guys, again, that I love. Use them from inspiration. I'll link them up in the podcast descriptions. You can click through and check them out yourself. Again, I hope you could just see, I'm not talking about copying any of them. I'm not talking about, oh, Fashion Nova sells women's fashion, so I'm going to do that. No, I'm talking about things that, I like things that I know work based on other stores, things that could be worth testing on your own. Now, if you are watching this or listening to this, you don't have a store yet and you want one, my advice is click the first link in the podcast description. It's going to take you to, and when you get there, you can register for a free training that I'm hosting, where I show you exactly how we build highly profitable semi-automated stores and how my team can actually build one for you as well. Again, it's, link in description. Thank you, everybody, and I'll talk to you in the next one.