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Accept The Randomness


In this episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast, Anton shares a lesson on why we need to accept randomness in our businesses.

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  • I used to follow my sales and when I started out, things went well. But then I'd notice that the visitors were the same but sometimes I would go a week without sales.
  • This past Thursday our sales were 13x hire than on Monday. Same traffic, same ads...nothing changed.
  • Don't assume the best when sales spike or the worst when they don't happen.
  • Watch out for people with outrageous income claims as sometimes they could have had a huge spike in sales but really didn't do anything to cause it.
  • Always look to improve and find ways to grow!
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    Yo, yo, what's up Instagram? I'm trying out one of these live videos today rather than just doing stories, multiple stories, because I wanted to share something that just happened in my businesses and a message that is important to hear and something that I wish that I heard back when I was first starting out. I'll talk about what happened with our sales in a minute, from basically Monday to Thursday, and before I do that though, I'll just talk about the message and why it's important.

    So back when I first got started, right, with e-commerce? If you've heard my story you probably know, not to brag but things were really easy and I had time to learn so I found success pretty much right away, right? So I was making money, I was making sales and then there'd be times in my business back then where maybe a day would go by and then two days and then three days, and then maybe a week where I wouldn't get any sales, or maybe I'd get like one sale, right? And I'd look at the numbers and I would see traffic is the same and I would see you know customer inquiries, or visitor inquiries, like live chats and phone calls, that was all the same. But I would see that the sales weren't where they were the week before, the month before, and I would think, that's it, is everything over, is business done? Do I have competition? What happened?

    So that's what I would always default too, again as an inexperienced business owner. This is going back to 2007, 2008, right? Then eventually though what I learned is it's part of business and that's what I want to explain, just again really quickly in this video, because again it just happened to us. But when you're kind of, I don't want to say small, but yeah when you're small, when you're first starting, and when traffic isn't out of control, when you're not getting just insane amounts of visitors, what's going to happen is there's going to be randomness in your business and randomness in terms of conversions, in terms of orders, so you might have one day that your sales are instead of non-existing, your sales are just through the roof and you're just are like okay what happened and you spend all your time trying to figure out did someone link to me? Did my ads pick up? Did I have more visitors? Like what happened? And then you might find what I found what I found over the past decade, which is a lot of the time nothing happens and it is just that randomness.

    The example that I want to give from my business ... again something I'm totally comfortable with now, but I use these old school calculators, does anybody have one of these things, I love these. I bought them for the office and everybody's like, "What is this?" But I love it. I have one in all of my offices. But I'm going to show you. From Monday to Thursday the difference in sales. So I have my sales dashboard pulled up. If you ever watch my Drop Ship weekly show on YouTube, you probably see it on the screens. We do our sales dashboards there. But let me see, this was yesterday, which was Thursday and then compared to Monday, our sales were 13 times higher, okay?

    Yesterday our sales were 13 times higher than on Monday, with again the same amount of traffic, just everything the same. They were both weekdays, everybody was working, we were doing what we do and 13 times higher. So a couple notes to take away from this. When you're first starting out you probably will have bad weeks, 'cause your traffic is still small. Again you might even had a bad month. It doesn't mean your business is going to disappear, it means you can always try to improve. Obviously that's always the goal, but don't just always freak out and assume either the best when sales are up, like you're going to have those days everyday, or that when sales drop they're just gone. So the goal in business is to have more consistency and consistency comes with steady traffic and more traffic.

    So if you think of it this way, like if you had ... let's just say a hundred visitors right? And you got a hundred visitors over a week, you're going to have a lot of variety, whether people buy or not and what they do over the week, right? 'Cause that's not a lot of people over those seven days. If you have a hundred people a day, the variety or the range of conversions and sales is going to be less 'cause it's in a more condensed period of time and if you get a hundred visitors in an hour, you're still going to see ... you're going to see more and more consistency with the more traffic you get, assuming it's all the same type of traffic. Especially in the beginning, again a lesson that I wish I learned was don't just freak out when sales are amazing for one day or bad because everything levels out in the long term and the more traffic you can eventually get the more steady your business will be.

    Also, let me just say one more thing, because the numbers I just showed you, what was it? Let me do it again real quick. It was like 12 and a half percent basically, right, that's what our sales increased? So that 12 and a half ... basically what happened, right, technically, is from Monday to Thursday, so what is that three days, four days? I can say in four days I 12.5 X'd my business. So lesson from that is be skeptical when you see claims online, 'cause I would never just say that. But there are people our there that you know whatever sell courses and people that post on Facebook to brag and they'll say something like that. The headline will be, how I 12.5 X'd my business in four days and like I just explained to you, we just did that but not because anything happened besides we had a bad day and a good day. So be skeptical of income claims. Be skeptical of insane numbers like that. A lot of times it is just completely random.

    With that being said, there are always things you can do to make sure you're getting better traffic and to make sure your optimizing your site to have a higher conversion rate and to make sure you're doing a better job of taking care of your customers so they come back and buy more from you.

    So yeah, that's it guys. Just wanted to share that message and I thought it would be a little too long for an Instagram story. So I'm going to get back to work. I'm actually spending today finishing up a course I've been working on about branding. You'll see me posting tons of Instagram stuff about that. So if you're interested just keep an eye on the Instagram channel as always and I hope everybody has a great whatever day it is. What's today, Friday? Friday. All right. Have a good weekend everybody. See ya.