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In this episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, Anton shares how to scale your business fast, regardless of what level you are at.

  • Anton talks about his recent quarterly meeting with his team.
  • Go to websites of companies that are bigger and at a level you want to be, then see what they have that you don't (IE: 24hr support)
  • Act as if you are already at their level and start implementing those things that the other businesses already offer.
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    Hey, what's up everybody, Anton Kraly here from and welcome to another episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. It has been awhile, reason being, like you know if you listen to this, I don't have an office anymore and I realized like 95% plus of the time I record these things, I am in my car. It's just a great time to do it. I realized today I haven't had like a chance to even go anywhere and drive anywhere in the past 10 days or so. It's crazy. I love my car, it's so much fun, but it has been sitting in my parking garage for over a week. I'm probably going to go out later and find somewhere fun to take it out to, but I did want to hop on today, get you a quick podcast episode and share a tip that I think will apply to really any size business, whether you're an up and coming eCommerce store or if you're already well established, well into the seven figure sales range.

    The thing I want to share came up at our quarterly meeting. Again, for long time subscribers ... It's crazy we have long time subscribers now. I've been doing this podcast for like I think nine months or so, but yeah, we have quarterly meetings once a quarter obviously, and what we do is bring our full team together. We used to do these in our office. Now that it's gone, we used a WeWork this time. By the way, if you're wondering like is WeWork a good place to work, I'll tell you, I personally would not rent an office space there, like for myself, for my team, but for their conference rooms, that was great. We just rented them for the day. It was easy, did it on an app, good to go, everything taken care of, no hassle. Yeah, if you're looking for a place to have your meetings, I would recommend it if you don't have an office like we don't right now.

    Yeah, that went well. At our quarterly meetings, what we do is review everything that's happened in the previous quarter. We see where we had wins. We try to figure out why we had the wins. We look for where we didn't hit our goals. We evaluate what went wrong and how we can improve that. We basically look at, again, our yearly goal that we're working towards and we think, okay, are we going the right direction, and if we're not, what can we do to get there? Good news to report for our company, this was like we destroyed the goals that we had set out for ourselves. The Q1 goals, we're above and beyond, which is awesome. With that being said, we still have a long way to go to where we want to be.

    The way that we tried to figure out, and again this is where the title comes from, Act As If, the way that we tried to figure out what are the things that we can implement now in Q2 that will give us the best chance of being where we want to be as a company by the end of the year, and what we did was look at the companies that are where we want to be. What I mean is in terms of revenue, in terms of operations, not competition, nothing like that, but companies in maybe related industries, some not even that related, but ones that are past us. They're like at that next level. Then we look at what are they doing that we are not. What they're doing is what it takes to be at those numbers because they're there. What we need to do is act as if we're already there.

    This is where there's like a disconnect sometimes. Let's say you're a member of Drop Ship Lifestyle. You're a part of my Drop Ship Lifestyle training program. Let's say you have a Drop Ship Lifestyle store that does $1.5 million in sales a year, which is awesome, but you want to be at $5 million a year in sales. You think like, okay, I'll spend some more money on traffic and I'll try this thing and I'll try that thing. Maybe you inch up and you get closer and you get closer and you get closer, but it's a long ride. A lot of the times there's a lot of little things. There's a lot more spending and it's a journey there, sometimes successes, sometimes failures that get you closer or further from that goal.

    What I would recommend you do, again, what we do, is in that scenario, look at the company that's at 5 million if you're at 1.5 and see what they're doing, again, that you're not, and then act as if you're already there doing those things. Here's some examples. One thing that we really focus on is how competition and how other big websites handle things like support and sales, because to scale beyond marketing, you need great support. You need great sales. We have a team of between six and seven salespeople and support people. We think we're doing a great job. Our numbers show that we are, but we're not doing everything that the companies that are double the size of us are doing. What are those things? How do you figure them out? Well, you go to their websites.

    Some examples might be if your website right now, again, you're at 1.5 million, you want to be at 5, maybe you notice that the companies that are 5 and bigger have things like 24 hour support. I'm making this up, but maybe they have live chat on their website 24 hours a day, give you real time responses. Maybe they also have a section in their live chat where they ask for your phone number right away and then somebody reaches out to you who's a sales rep from that company and tries to collect more information and works with you for as long as it takes to have you become a customer of that website.

    Maybe you go to their websites and you see that they do things like have partnerships with companies that you couldn't possibly picture working with, or writing for if they're like contributors, or having them link to you, but all of those things that they're doing, like again, maybe it involves their team and maybe it involves where they're getting traffic from, maybe it involves who they have partnership deals with or the scale of those companies. Those are all things you have to do now if you want to get there. You have to act as if you already are at their numbers, even if you're not.

    When I'm saying act as if like you're a $5 million company, I don't mean spend whatever it would be, 2.5 more times what you're spending on ads from day one, but I mean start putting the things in place as if you already were doing 5 million. If that meant 24 hour support on your website, if that meant having sales reps that follow up with everybody that comes through your business, when you're still at 1.5 but you're using those systems, they're going to allow you to scale to those numbers. Let's just say, again, a website you find that's doing very high revenue that's in maybe a related space, you notice that they have sales but they have maybe, who knows, they have 10 salespeople. They have 20 sales people. You don't have to go out and hire 10 or 20 salespeople, but start implementing the process they have now where when somebody fills out a form on their website or when somebody starts a live chat, the first thing that they're trying to do is capture the name, the email, the phone number, and then having somebody call.

    Well, guess what? You need one person now that's going to do that because those are the things that, again, are going to help to get you to that level. You're going to act as if you're a company that's already that big by implementing these things at the scale you're at now. That's going to allow you to be able to get to that level. Again, like some of these things probably will cost you more money. Some of them will take you more time, but if you go to, again, a website and you see they're doing X, Y and Z things and you're thinking, "One day I'm going to have that. I'm going to have people that get phone numbers from every lead on the website and that call them. One day we're going to do that." That day should be now. Don't wait until you're at where you think you need to be to make it happen. Act as if your revenue is already there now.

    Again, you don't need to spend the amount of money that they're spending. Instead of having, in that example, 10 or 20 sales people, you have one person. Instead of having five people that are monitoring live chat and Facebook all day, you have one person in every time slot, but start building that out now. Start putting it into your business now because that is how you're going to get to that level. It's not going to be someday I'm going to do this. It has to be act as if you already are there. Then again, as you get busier, as sales pick up, as more people come into your business, into your world, then you could have that second salesperson. Then you could spend 20% more on ads or whatever it is, and you can become the business you want to become.

    If you're thinking like, Anton, that sounds great, but how do I know which companies I should act as if? How do I know how much money they're making? How do I know what they're doing? One thing I love is just going to the Inc. list of top businesses because they give their numbers, so pretty simple. I'll post the link below this on and you'll see a lot of good examples there. There's retail, there's eCommerce, there's everything. You could see how these companies are doing. Then as far as like how you're getting the processes and how you're figuring out what it is they're doing so you can do the same and act as if you're there, you can just go to their websites and see, like see what they do, see what they do differently than you.

    Also you can ask. If it's not a direct competitor you can simply say, "Hey, I really love your support process," or, "I really love how you guys are managing your Facebook. Are there any tools you're using for this? Can you share anything with how it works? I'm really interested." See what they say. I mean you'd be surprised. Not every company is going to open up their playbook and give it to you, but you will be able to get tips from people you're talking to on live chat or salespeople you're talking to after you fill out a form on a website. Then other things, you want to know what tools they're using at scale, so maybe that means different apps. Maybe that means a different email autoresponder. Again, you figure this out by really finding the companies that are at the level you want to be at, seeing what they're using, see how they're doing it, and then again, putting that in place now and acting as if you're already there.

    A quick note before I wrap up this podcast, when I say act as if that is not the same thing as fake it til you make it. I don't want it to be confused. When you hear the fake it til you make it, that's like, in my mind, people that go out and rent hyper cars and film ads and say, "Hey, I'm rich. I'll show you how to be rich," and they're not. That's people that say, "I'm doing $10 million in sales," when they're doing 500,000. That's people saying, "I've been in business for 5 years and have a customer database of 20,000 people," when they have 500 people on their mailing list and really no business behind it. Don't do that. Don't fake it til you make it. Build your own thing, but start doing now what you think you'll have to do at that level because that's the only way you'll actually be able to scale up.

    I hope you found that useful. I've got a ton of other notes and things we're implementing from our quarterly meeting. Again, hoping to be in the car more and having the chance to record some more of these. If not, I'll try to remember to turn this microphone on at least a couple times a week because I've been getting great feedback on the podcast so I always want to share what I can. By the way, speaking of that, if you are a fan of the podcast and you have not left a review yet, I would really appreciate it if you can go into iTunes, just go to eCommerce Lifestyle and please do leave a review if you're getting value. It'll take you like 30 seconds and it would mean a lot to me. Thanks in advance. With that being said, I'll talk to you all in the next episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. See you everybody.

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