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Austin vs. NYC

Austin Vs. NYC For Entrepreneurs And Families


As you probably already know, I’m from New York but I’ve been based in Austin, TX for the past 2.5 years… and I haven’t had the greatest things to say about it!

Well, I just returned after spending the summer in NYC (where I was planning on buying a 2nd place) and I wanted to record a quick podcast to share the pros and cons of each location as an entrepreneur with a family.

Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Austin vs. NYC.¬† Let me know which you prefer (and why) in the comments!



Comparing Austin and NYC is the topic Anton tackles in this episode. These cities can be much different, especially if you are looking to live with a family.

Some highlights:

  • Compared to NYC and Saigon (past places that Anton has lived), Austin is incredibly small….especially the downtown area.
  • NYC has an energy that never sleeps and something is always going on at all times.
  • Going back to NYC with a family changed Anton’s mind of looking to buy a 2nd house.
  • The hustle of the city and the cost of living comfortably in a city like NYC is much different with a wife and a child.
  • Austin, on the other hand, has much less traffic, only takes 7-10 minutes to travel relatively anywhere, is safe and much easier on the wallet for a family.
  • If you are young, single and like the social life….NYC is definitely for you.
  • Austin is a great place for a more “Lifestyle Business” style of living over NYC where they seem to always be in the “Startup” mentality and work much more.