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Anton shares his talks for the 2018 Drop Ship Lifestyle Bali Retreat!


On this episode, Anton talks about the upcoming retreat starting on October 25 in Bali and details his two talks. He also mentions some of the other amazing topics that will be covered as well as hints at a few excursions planned for the lucky Drop Shippers that will be in attendance.

Here are some highlights of today’s episode.

  • Anton’s two talks that will totally change your life as well as the life of your business.
    • “How to Build Your Brand: How to Become the Authority in Your Niche” – Deep dive into building your brand, why it is so important and how it can help drastically increase the valuation of your business.
    • Automation – What software does Anton use that keeps his team size so small and lean? How can you replace human help with automation (and how it decreases mistakes and increases reliability in the process). This workshop is catered to both the seasoned pro and the beginner.
  • Anton is not the only speaker at the retreat. Here is a few other amazing topics that await you in Bali.
    • How do you stand out in an ultra-competitive niche?
    • Find out how to juggle your Drop Shipping business and a family….and succeeding at both.
    • Experience what it feels like to have total location independence and how to get the most value out of your time and money.
    • Learn how to set yourself up for maximum value when you sell your website.
  • Anton says:

    I’m excited to share these talks! Hope to see you out in Bali 🙂

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