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The Backstory of This eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast


eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast Episode #1 – How It All Began


In this episode, Anton shares the backstory of along with the goal of this new podcast.

The idea for this podcast has been in works for awhile now, and we’re happy to finally release it to you.

The episodes that follow will share stories and lessons that we continue to learn while maximizes business performance through optimization, automation, and cutting actives that waste time and produce no results.

This podcast will document our journey towards the ultimate goal:  achieving true freedom through entrepreneurship.

Here’s what we cover:`

  1. Why is separate from
  2. Why entrepreneurship isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be
  3. How we always strive to optimize, automate, or cut wasteful activities
  4. What to expect in future episodes
  5. How to submit questions and / or be a guest on a feature episode

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eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast Show Notes: The Backstory

Table of Contents

Why I Started This eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast

What’s up everybody Anton Kraly here.  And welcome to episode number one of the eCommerce lifestyle podcast.  Now if you’re hearing this for the first time in what is it May of 2018, and you’re wondering like probably why you are doing something called eCommerce lifestyle right.  because I am assuming if you somehow found this, you’re one of the early listeners to the first episode, you most likely know me through my brand dropship lifestyle. which is where everything that I talk about, everything that I share, everything that I document is related to drop shipping.

So basically, a form of eCommerce. so why eCommerce lifestyle right, what’s this new thing, what’s it all about, why is there a podcast, what can you expect. Kind of for this first I guess introductory episode I thought that’s what I would talk about, kind of share a little bit of the journey that led me here in front of the camera right now, and to creating this new podcast through eCommerce lifestyle.

So, for those of you that are familiar with me you’re pretty with my story, but basically, I’ve been in eCommerce for about twelve years now, I am starting back in around like 2007, early 2007. and since then I’ve been building, growing, buying, and selling all different types of eCommerce stores.  So, some using the drop ship model, some using the import model, just all different, all different methods of private label products, for suppliers in the States, and I’ve done a lot of different things in the eCommerce space, and a lot of them I haven’t talked about kind of openly and again because my public facing image.

I guess where you’ve seen me, where you’re familiar with me is all about this right. it’s all about drop shipping, so I’ve wanted for a while now to kind of share what else we do, but I didn’t want to get convoluted with the dropship stuff, because if you’re a brand new you want to start a business, I do believe you know our dropship lifestyle brand is your best place, but what if you’ve already done that, what if you’re ready for the next step or what if you’re someone that already owns a successful eCommerce store right you’re doing well, and you’re like you know I like this guy Anton are interested in what he has to say.  But the drop shipping stuff like you know I do that already or I’ve done that already, and I want to kind of see things from a bigger picture.

TS (0:02:07.5) What I Will Talk About on My eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast

So, I again I didn’t want to mix the two things together, because I don’t want to confuse people that dropship lifestyle is perfect for, which is why you know I had a conversation with my team, the one that I’ve been working with for years, and we decided to kind of branch this off into this new brand that again is eCommerce lifestyle.  So, the whole purpose of this, and kind of the content that you’ll be seeing for me. So, this will be a podcast I am doing this is a video, which will see if I use the video or not, if I do it’ll be on my YouTube channel. but the goal is to have it where it’s on iTunes or stitcher or whatever podcast that you use.

So, you can listen on your way to work, on the way to the office, whatever while you’re working out, whatever just habit is something you kind of plug into, probably once a week, maybe twice a week depending on what’s going on you know with our team at that time.  And through these episodes it’s going to be myself, sometimes people from my team, and hopefully different people that I interview as well.

It’s not going to be another copy, and paste type you know interview where you have the same people go back and forth every time don’t worry about that, but the goal is that what myself, my team, and everyone that I was trying to speak with on this channel what will be sharing with you our stories about how to become the authority in whatever it is you’re doing.  And even more importantly the nag right, the goal is to become number one, but more importantly the nag is to make entrepreneurship fun again.

So, if you already own a business you’re going to understand this, but a lot of the times right. When you’re first getting started, and you want to start an online business, and you’re like okay you know you have this grand vision that you’re creating it. so that you could have the freedom in your life.  So, you could you know travel more, you could spend more time with your family, so you could stay at home and play X.-Box for longer hours.

Right you have this goal that your time is going to be freed up, because you don’t have to answer to a boss anymore right, you’re your own boss now, you’re an entrepreneur. and then what you realize is you start to make some money right, you start your first business, and you have sales coming in, you have Orders coming in and then maybe you do quit your job, and maybe you go full time into your project.

TS (0:04:02.3)  How This eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast Will Help Your Business

drop ship lifestyle

And then you want to make it bigger, and if it’s making you ten thousand a month, you hear about this new strategy that can maybe  make you fifteen thousand a month, and you want to try that. then you hear about something the other person is doing that’s making them a million a month, and you want to try that, and then you hear there’s virtual assistants over here that you should hire, and you want to hire them, then there’s a conference coming up, and then there’s this, and there’s that and before you know it this business that you created for freedom has become something that’s you know consuming literally your whole life.

And I don’t want to confuse this with me telling you like you shouldn’t work hard, because one hundred percent believe in hard work, and being the best at whatever it is you do.  But at the same time I know that feeling, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not past this, I still struggle with it all the time, but I know the feeling of when work because you created it, because you want to grow keeps piling on and on and on, and it gets to the point that it’s like what I get myself into, Yeah the money’s good, you know yeah you’re probably happier than you would be if you were doing something you hated. but at the same time, you it’s very easy.

Even if you’re very successful to build yourself into something, where you’re not getting the most out of your life.  So, you’ll see at the screen up there on that T.V. kind of like the computer. it’s you know the same kind of mission that we have a dropship lifestyle, but it’s freedom through entrepreneurship.

So, again all these episodes been this is episode one, we’ll see kind of which direction it goes, but everything is going to be centered around Basically trying to get myself, I’ll will be sharing it with you, and hopefully this translates you. getting me, I would say getting us the most results out of really the most optimized processes.

So, I’m not going to use you know catch phrases like life hacking, or growth hacking or anything like that. because that’s not what this is, but it’s about getting the best results from putting your time into different activities, and it’s about removing all the activities that just suck your time. and when I say removing, it could either be outsourcing it, it could be Automating, it could be just stop, just get rid of them, just cut it, don’t do it anymore.

TS (0:06:02.8) Where to Find My eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast

ecommerce entrepreneur anton kraly

So, only focusing on what is going to drive growth, and removing the rest, are automating the rest.  So that’s the whole goal guys, and we’re going to do it a few different ways. again, this podcast is going to be a huge part of it, something I think you’ll be able to find on YouTube it will be put on to iTunes, and to all the other podcast channels, and on our website.

So, it’s You can go there, and again as we grow you’ll be able to see the entire list of different episodes.  You’ll be able to get on the newsletters, you can receive different episodes every time we launch one. And one thing that I would really love it, if you could do, if you’re watching this right now right. whether it’s in May of 2018, when I’m watching it, or whether it’s you know in May of 2025.

Go to, click the contact button, and if there’s anything that you want to see, you know myself or my team or anyone that I talk to or talk about. let me know you know more than open to ideas, and if you’re someone that’s running a successful eCommerce store, again you know I don’t have it all figured out the stores all work very successful with it, but there’s always room to improve.

So, if you’re in that same place right where you know you have some pieces that are flowing so well. but then there are some things that kind of are like that time sucker, that are consuming you know time that you don’t think you should be spending it on, if that makes sense. if you’re one of those people and you feel like you have something to share, and then maybe also something to learn.

I would love it, again if you went to the website, click the contact button and just you know send a message, if we can get on a call maybe that will become a future episode, and we can work together through things that make us grow, that will benefit the community everyone that  watches these. and then also probably work through some problems that maybe I have some feedback on for you that could help your kind of you know to streamline things.

So, if you do feel stuck at all, if you feel like there’s room for optimization which everyone in the world should, okay that’s a good thing. then I do think you’re really going to enjoy the future episodes, again this is kind of just the intro to it, and if you want to be notified the future episodes, go to eCommerce, click the button on the homepage, and go ahead and subscribe so that I could email you all future ones.

But hope you guys are excited for it, I really am, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and finally decided I’m going to record this, I’m going to get it going, and we’re going to officially launch.  So here we go, it’s go time. so, check out the website guys, send me a contact message if you want to get in touch, maybe in a new future episode or if there’s anything you want to hear, and I will speak to you guys on the next episode of eCommerce lifestyle.