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big picture thinking

Big Picture Thinking


It’s easy to get stuck in the micro of your business. Here’s why you need to pull yourself out.


This episode concentrates on the importance of “Big Picture Thinking” and why a few hours a week away from the rest of your tasks is vital.

Some highlights include:

  • Anton talks about open positions at his business and how he has been taking on more responsibilities as he waits to find the right candidate.
  • With all of the decisions falling on the business leader, as they should, it’s incredibly important to spend three-to-four hours a week to think of the big picture.
  • Although the operational aspects are a big part of your business, spending time listing out ideas, figuring out the main things that need to get done (and steps to get them done) and planning ahead are just as important to build and grow your business.
  • Anton Kraly says:

    Be sure to block out some time each week for this! It’s the only way to truly reach you goals.

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