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How To Close Your Offers While Getting More Sales


​I recently wrapped up a promo in my live Get Money Now training class for, where if anyone spent over $50, they would get a free copy of my book, Drop Ship Secrets. 

It went well, but as I was closing down the promotion, I realized there are a lot of steps to properly closing an offer that some may miss. 

So I decided I’d share my process with you in this podcast episode. Take a listen and let me know if you have any questions or if you do something different for your promotions! 

What's Covered in This Episode:

T​ips to ​close an offer

  • ​Take note of the changes you make to your store for the promotion

  • ​Revert to a default offer when the promotion ends
  • ​Create an exit intent overlay
  • ​Make sure any changes on your product pages (including bonus offers) are swapped back to normal
  • ​Create a redirect page
  • ​Honor email responses asking for the offer even after the promotion ends
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Hey, what's up everybody, Anton Kraly here, and welcome back to the e-Commerce Lifestyle Podcast. If you're new here, just know that this show is designed to help you increase your sales, automate your operations, and become the authority in your niche, whatever that may be. Today, we're going to be talking about how to close down offers on your store.

Now, before I give you some tips here, I just want to give you some context. So you might be familiar, if you've been listening to recent episodes, that I recently launched our newest training program, it's called, Get Money Now. And the program is designed to help people run successful promotions on their stores. So to get a lot of money in a short amount of time by creating promotions, but a lot more than just making an offer goes into it. I show people first how to create audiences that they can market to, then how to fill those audiences with people that would be likely to buy, then how to create offers that those people would actually want, then how to promote those offers to those audiences, and where we're at right now in the training program, because I'm teaching this live as I actually do everything, is a section that I call, Post Offer Wins.

And what I mean by that are the things that you can do after your offer closes, once that final day of the promotion ends, to keep the momentum rolling and make sure you get more sales and it doesn't just stop cold. So I'm not going to cover, obviously, everything from that program, but what I want to cover in this podcast is what is probably most important, when the promotion first ends, and that is how to close your offer.

So what do I mean by that? Well, when we're promoting offers, we don't just do it all month long, right? We typically run promotions between three and five days long, depending on what that offer is, the length, I cover that again in, Get Money Now, but the reason it would be longer or shorter is, it more of a direct response type purchase or is it something that requires more time for the customer to decide, "Should I buy this? Should I not?" Do you need time to build more hype around it? Does the person need to find the money to buy the thing, if it's really expensive? So again, bunch of reasons, but that's a topic for another day. But for the promotion that we just ran, that I showed people how we did it, was for the Drop Ship Lifestyle merch store. So I'll link that up in the description if you've never seen it, but it's a Shopify print on demand store where we sell Drop Ship Lifestyle merch. Creative name, right? But we have all different t-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, backpacks, coffee mugs, a whole bunch of stuff.

And the promotion that we were running to our audiences was if you spent over $50 within a three day period, so if your order value was over 50 bucks, we were shipping you a free physical copy of my book, Drop Ship Secrets. So the promotion went great. But again, that's a story for another day. But what happened is when the promotion ended, which was on last Friday at midnight, at the time I'm recording this, we had to make sure that not only did this promotion disappear from the website, but that we also had something there for the people that would continue to visit our website, for this overflow traffic that was still hitting our store. So first I'll cover some things that in general you should do when you're closing an offer, and then I'll give you a few more tips that we do every time we close an offer.

So the first thing you need to make a note of is what did you change on your store when the promotion started? So for us, some of the main changes are we change our notification bar, so the thing that's always pinned to the top of the site. Ideally, that can come off the site Friday at midnight, or if that's when your offer closes, actually ours was Thursday at midnight, but depending on what software you use for your notification bar, it is possible to schedule it. So nobody has to be on the computer, you or a teammate, it can just automatically swap to something else.

And that's the next really important thing that I think you should pay attention to and implement in your own business. When we close down offers on our stores, we don't just close the offer and then have the site go everything full price, no bonuses, nothing, because what's going to happen is even though your ads will be off and you're not going to be paying for that traffic anymore, you're going to have all the people on your email list that you've been emailing for three to five days promoting this offer to, that wake up the next day and click the link, and they're going to go to your store. And if that offers expired and there's nothing available, they're not going to buy.

So what I recommend you do when you close your offer, is you revert to what I refer to as our default offer. This is the thing you will always revert back to. So for us, that's 10% off all orders with coupon code, whatever the coupon code is. So the first thing we did again, is at midnight on Thursday night, when our offer expired, that notification bar, the offer for spend over 50 and get a free book disappeared, and it was replaced with, "Save 10% on all orders, use coupon code SAVE10 at checkout." Now, again, we're still going to get all those email clicks, and even the Friday after our offer closed was still a very abnormally high sales day, because again, of all of that traffic that keeps coming. So that's the first thing to note.

The second thing that we do is, I'm a huge fan of exit intent overlays on our eCommerce stores, meaning when somebody is on our store, they move their mouse up to go X out of the screen, we have an overlay appear, normally that says, "Wait, before you leave, enter your email to receive a coupon code from whatever the store is." And during our promotions, we change that. So we toggle off the exit intent for the coupon code, and then we make a new exit intent overlay that's promoting the offer. So during our promotion, it was saying, "Wait, before you leave, you can spend over 50 and we're going to give you a free copy of this book, shipped to your home, offer expires Thursday night at midnight." So that had to be swapped out as well.

Now, some other things that you might need to do when you close your offer is, if you changed any of your product pages, maybe to include bonus offers or product bundles, make sure you swap them back. Something that we used during our promotion is an app called, Bold Sales Motivator. By the way, really cool app if you ever do promotions like, "Spend X to get X," because what it does is it appears in that notification bar and it shows in real time how far away they are from the purchase. So for example, let's say somebody went to the DSL merch store last week and they added a tee shirt that was $25 to their cart. The notification bar would pop up, and it would say, "You are only $25 away from receiving a free copy of Drop Ship Secrets." So it's very motivating, like it sounds like, but we had to toggle that off.

So whenever possible I do like to set it so things can turn off and on automatically. Sometimes apps just don't do that, sometimes it's on their top tier paid plan. And by the way, we ran this promotion totally for free, we used the free trial of, Bold Sales Motivator. So we just had somebody go in at midnight and toggle that off, but something you might need to do as well. Other things that are really important when it comes to closing your offers, what we do with our ads, both on Facebook, Instagram and Google, is when we're creating our ad sets, promoting whatever that offer is, we choose start dates and end dates. So that by default, at midnight, whenever the offer closes, all those ads should just stop spending.

Now, the thing is, at the campaign level, inside of Facebook and inside of Google, I always recommend the morning after that offer ends, go in there and just toggle them off too, well in Facebook, toggle it off, in Google, make sure it's paused, just to make sure if your rules were messed up, it doesn't keep spending, wasting money, sending people to an offer that's expired.

One more thing. And I know in a podcast, this might be like a lot to take in, especially if you're at the gym listening to this right now, or driving in your car, but something else that's important to do, that we do, is if we set up custom pages, whether that be a collection or a product or an actual page on the Shopify store, explaining the offer. When the offer expires, we make sure we go into our Shopify admin panel. We go into navigation and then we click the link that says, "URL redirect," and we create a redirect, so whatever page it was that was promoting in the offer no longer exists, and when people try to go to that page again, maybe they're clicking a link in their email six months from now, instead of pulling up that page, that's expired, it's going to redirect them somewhere else on our site.

That could be the homepage, that could be on the collection, it could be another offer, whatever you want it to be. We just make sure that those pages created specifically for the offer aren't still just lingering around because, one, it's space you don't need on your website. Another reason is if the offer's expired, you don't want people seeing it, and another reason is if that page continues to get a lot of traffic, it's going to start to rank organically in the Google search results when people search for your store. And you definitely don't want that if it's an offer, they can't get. So make sure that that is not showing.

So one more thing that I'll say, that I think is really important, that it's going to up. Because you're emailing all these people, right, your full email list, about your offer, you're going to get people that email you an hour after it closes, or the day after it closes, or a week after it closes and say, "Hey, I just saw this email, in my case, Anton, I really do want that copy of the free book. If I spend over 50 today, can I still get it?" We always say yes to that. Okay. And the reason why we say yes is because I don't think it's customers trying to be dishonest or rip you off or anything. I think really some people just check their email at different frequencies, and it's entirely possible that three days after a last chance email went out, somebody saw their inbox and thought, "Man, I really want that book." And they just thought to ask, so we will say yes to those people.

Now, the only times we wouldn't do that is if the promotion was something where inventory was actually limited, like let's say I had 50 copies that you can get during this promotion, and we had none left. Then we would just say, "Sorry, there's none left." Or, if it was a type of promotion that we were running, where if you place an order between Tuesday and Friday of this week, you're entered to win some type of prize giveaway. Then in that case, once the offer is closed, we couldn't honor it, but something like a free product, a free bonus that was still in stock, something like a percent off, we would still honor that.

So I don't know. I hope that helps, guys. Again, I'm deep into promotions right now because I'm literally filming myself as I make all of our ads, as I write all of our emails, as I create all the flows, as I spit test all these ads. So just what's on top of my mind right now, so I wanted to share that with you in case you do run offers in your business, which by the way, you definitely should be. If you want to learn how, the full step by step exactly how we do this, again, go to and look for, Get Money Now. Again,, look for Get Money Now. I'll link that in the podcast notes as well.

So I don't know. I hope that helps, guys. Again, I'm deep into promotions right now because I'm literally filming myself as I make all of our ads, as I write all of our emails, as I create all the flows, as I spit test all these ads. So just what's on top of my mind right now, so I wanted to share that with you in case you do run offers in your business, which by the way, you definitely should be. If you want to learn how, the full step by step exactly how we do this, again, go to and look for, Get Money Now. Again,, look for Get Money Now. I'll link that in the podcast notes as well.