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Why I’m Closing Drop Ship Lifestyle


​Drop Ship Lifestyle is closing on October 29th, 2019.  In this episode of The eCommerce Lifestyle podcast, you will learn why we're closing.  

You will also learn what this means for existing members, and what it means for those who have not yet enrolled in our award-winning training program.

Listen in to hear ​why we shut down Drop Ship Lifestyle and what it means for our members!

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What's up everybody? Anton here from and if you're listening to this, you probably already know what the episode's about because I'm assuming you saw the episode name or title. And that is why I'm closing Drop Ship Lifestyle. You might have seen this if you've been to our website in the past few days, you might've gotten an email about it. I want to spend just a few minutes talking about why I'm doing this, talking to members that are already part of Drop Ship Lifestyle so you can know what to expect, and then also talking to everybody that has been following our journey here, following the podcast, the YouTube channel, our blog and hasn't become a member yet.

So first off, for all of our existing members, I just want you to know that you have nothing to worry about. Okay. We're closing on October 29th of 2019. What that means is when people go to on October 29th, and they click on eCommerce courses or enroll, it's going to say that we're closed for enrollment and nobody else can enroll. But for you, as a member, nothing's going to change. You're going to log into your members area, you're going to get all of our amazing up-to-date trainings. You're going to have access to our private Facebook group, our Fast Business forum, our meetups, our retreats, everything. Okay. So your support is going nowhere.

Now for people that aren't members yet, what this means is if you do not enroll and midnight on October 29th rolls around, which is also my birthday, by the way. But when that happens, then you will not be able to enroll for the foreseeable future. Okay? So why? And by the way, if you're like, okay, I want to enroll and I'm not enrolled yet, or if you just want to read this instead of listen, go to,, and you can see more about why we're doing this and what it means. And also if you're not enrolled yet, you can get a special offer to get in before October 29th.

But the reason we are doing this is because I really am fortunate that I've been in business for a long time now, over a decade and I have the ability, I have the option to invest time and energy and money and resources where I want to. And I also have the ability to pull back when I think there's other things that need to get done. So it's kind of like a game of scales, right? Where does the time, energy and money go? And right now where we are in Q4 of 2019, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the future of eCommerce, the future of dropshipping and what that looks like. And what I see not just next year but five years from now looks different than it does now. And you might be thinking duh of course, right? Because the stuff that we even did two years ago isn't what we do now. Business evolves quick.

But one thing that I really pride myself on and honestly Drop Ship Lifestyle on is that we don't just share these like little things, like a little hey try this one little tweak today. What I try to do in all of our businesses is set them up when we're building them and growing them by making decisions that will affect us in five years, to make sure we're still number one in our industries in five years. Not just tomorrow, not just next week. So when I'm making the training for Drop Ship Lifestyle for our coaching program, everything that goes into that isn't again, how to make a quick buck. It's how to build so you're so far ahead of everybody else. So you're seeing things that your competition might not see for a year or even longer. So keep that in mind. Right. Everything we do is future based. It's not about a quick hack to make a quick buck. So with that being said, again, as I've thought about this, what I see as the real future of eCommerce and dropshipping is different than now.

Now what we have now, our trainings, it's what works. So if you're in there, don't feel like, oh, I'm left behind because you have the best of the best of what's working. But what I need to do, going back to to the scales and moving around time and energy and resources, what I need to do right now is focus on the eCommerce brands. I need to focus on testing what I truly believe will have us leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I need to prove my thoughts, which I think are right, but got to test it. And then once I do that, what I need to do is update Drop Ship Lifestyle so it has these new strategies that will future proof your business and have you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. And in order for me to do this to what I need to do to its full capacity, I can't be doing everything that I do now. That involves growing Drop Ship Lifestyle, bringing in new members and just having that whole marketing arm of the business.

The good news is Drop Ship Lifestyle basically markets itself because we have success stories in basically every country, we were the only program ever to be voted best eCommerce course by Shopify. So that says something, but still it is a business in itself marking it, which I love, but I know where the energy and resources need to go. And again, that's putting my hypotheses to the test with the eCommerce brands we have so that I can then share this with you and all of our members in Drop Ship Lifestyle.

So couple things if you're a member, when we have these updates rolled out, which by the way, I have no idea when this is going to be. So don't try to hold me to any dates. This depends on the actual work and the results. So when it's ready, it's ready. You're going to get that. So you'll get free updates for life just like I've promised everybody that's enrolled in Drop Ship Lifestyle. This is an update to Drop Ship Lifestyle when and whatever that means as far as new content and training. But when that rolls out you will have access in your members area. Okay, so you're good, you're covered. Again, you don't lose anything and you get the updates when they're ready.

And for everybody that's listening to this, that's not a member yet. If you want to get in now, if you want to have access, not just now but for when, however long we're closed for. Again, I don't know how long it's going to be, but if you want access for the duration of while we're closed to all of our amazing training. Plus you want to be grandfathered in to the current pricing that we have. Plus you want to be the first to get the updates of what will be the next version of Drop Ship Lifestyle. Then this is the time to enroll. We are closing October 29th of 2019 I don't know when we're reopening. I'm recording this episode about a week before we actually do close, so I don't know, again when you're listening, but go to closing There is a timer there, counting down to when we close plus more information plus a special offer.

If you take that offer and you enroll now on that page, you will have access to everything we have. You'll have access while we're closed and you'll have access to all of the new information and content and tools when the new version is ready. You'll have it before anybody else and you will be again grandfathered into the current pricing. So if you want that, go to My advice is do it sooner rather than later because before you know it, it's going to be Halloween and you're going to think, oh, I should go enroll in Drop Ship Lifestyle and you're going to see that we're closed and you're out of luck for the foreseeable future. So get in now.

And as far as like a big takeaway that I think everybody can get from this episode instead of me just telling you kind of an update you could say, is if you have a business and you're running it and you guys are doing this. And when I say you guys, I mean you and your team are doing the same things every day. Take a look at it, take some time to reflect on the business, see if there's anywhere you need to pull back so that you can use your resources somewhere else, that will drive you forward because that is why we're doing this. This is the full reason that Drop Ship Lifestyle is closing.

It's because I realized by thinking about this that the future of eCommerce, again five years from now future, is not what it is now and what I need to do is pull back our resources on the marketing efforts of Drop Ship Lifestyle, which is why we're closing. So I can focus them on full on growth and implementing what I believe is the future of eCommerce. That way we're leaping ahead with our eCommerce brands. Then I can again share this with you, with the members of Drop Ship Lifestyle and then we can release it and we can be back on the same page. So for you, is there anything you need to pull back on in order to devote time, energy, and money to something in the future? And if there is, don't be afraid to make that move. That's what's going to future proof your business. That's what's going to make sure that you're here for the long term and you're not going back to a day job in the next few years.

Okay, so hope you found that valuable. If you're a member, again, you're going to love this. This is all, like I really believe this is what's going to make the difference when the next shift happens and a lot of stores crash. The ones that we're building, the ones that we're implementing, the things I'm talking about or will be talking about, we're the ones that will continue to arise. So you're definitely in the right place. You got a lot to look forward to and a lot of success ahead of you. And if you're not a member yet,, get enrolled and I will see you in Drop Ship Lifestyle. Thanks everybody.