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Don’t Make This Harder Than It Has To Be


In the last episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast called “It’s On You”, I shared some problems we’re having in one of our businesses, and a lesson about why, as the business owner, you are the one responsible for solving problems.

I’d recommend listening to that episode first then coming back here, because I don’t want anyone to take that lesson to the extreme, and end up stunting their businesses growth by trying to work on too many things at the same time.

Today, I share tips on what you can implement to your business in a very small amount of time that can make a huge impact on your sales, revenue and growth.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave it on the comment section and share this podcast with someone who needs to hear this.

What's Covered in This Episode:

6 Easy wins that can result in fast growth

  • Use an exit intent overlay
  • Maximize your payment options
  • Have your phone number prominently displayed on your store
  • Call everyone back
  • Install Tidio livechat
  • Set reminders to follow up with customers
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What's up everybody. Anton Kraly here and welcome back to the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. So last episode, it's going to be linked up below this podcast if you want to check it out. It was called, It's on You. And in that episode, I shared a problem that we're currently experiencing with one of our businesses. And I also share the lesson of why as a business owner, it's important that you take the responsibility, whether you're already making a bunch of money or not making any at all yet, to fix these problems as soon as possible to the best of your ability. Now, I was thinking about it after we got that episode posted. And what I don't want to happen is have anybody take that lesson to an extreme and start getting into that mentality, I guess you can call it of hustle and grind and try to tackle all these potential things at the same time that maybe you could see as problems but that really aren't problems.

So just for an example, as a business owner, if you're like me, I don't know, my mind goes a million miles a minute, and there's always all these different things that we could be working on, right? We could be optimizing one of our paid ad campaigns. We can be testing out a new ad platform. We can be trying to get approved with new suppliers. We can be trying to optimize our website for conversions. We can be trying to set up a messenger bot. We can be trying content strategies and social posting strategies. And there's all these things. And again what I don't want to get mixed up or confused from that previous episode is that as a business owner, it's your responsibility to do all of these things at the exact same time and wake up early and stay up late because those really aren't problems.

They're just opportunities and things that can have a potential impact on the growth of your business. And what can definitely happen is if you get into that mindset of trying to tackle a million opportunities at once, you can get to a point where you're just not growing and your growth is actually stagnating because of this spread of time into these opportunities that really don't have the most upside, or maybe they can, but because your sole focus isn't going to them, or because some of them take a long time to accomplish, then you don't see those results right away. So either putting your time into what I would consider the high impact things versus maybe the longer term or lower impact things could make the difference of you seeing results or not seeing results in your business. And honestly, for a lot of people it could make the difference between their business turning into something that replaces their income and allows them to have the freedom to do what they want with their time, or that can result in them giving up because they're trying all these things and nothing seems to be working.

So what I want to do to, I guess point you in the right direction is share six different, what I call easy wins that literally anybody can implement in a very, very small amount of time. That's why they're easy wins that can have a huge impact on your business' sales, and revenue, and growth. So with that being said, I wrote a list of six of them. Now some of these may sound simple but that's because they are. Regardless of how they are, please just do them if you want your business to grow. Now easy win number one is installing an exit intent overlay on your store. If you don't know what that is, basically it's when somebody is on your website and they start to move their mouse up to X out of the page and you have something that comes up and fills the screen.

Now I'm not talking about the old way that spammy sites used to do this where you couldn't leave a website because you had to click on their thing. This is simply something that covers the screen as the person is moving away, that offers them the ability to receive something in exchange for their email address. So an example would be, they're on your store, they're going to leave. Before they do, this thing comes in front of their full screen, right in their face and says, "Before you leave, would you like a discount code?" Or, "Before you leave, would you like a free shipping voucher?" Or, "Before you leave, would you like to be entered to win this free thing?" Whatever it is, depending on your store, you'd want to use different offers. By the way, I teach exactly how to set this up and how to make offers and what to do with them in Dropship Lifestyle in the blueprint in lesson 5.5.

So if you're listening and you're a member of Dropship Lifestyle, just login at, go to the Dropship blueprint, go to lesson 5.5 for the full training on how to do this.

Now, the second easy win. Again, something that does not take long to get set up but can have a huge impact on your revenue. That is maximizing your payment options. Meaning the way is that your site visitors can pay you to buy. So if you're in a country that is supported by Shopify Payments, I would highly recommend you use Shopify Payments. This is going to allow you to accept credit cards and debit cards, but also Apple Pay and Google Pay. So if somebody is on an iPhone and they're on your store, if you have this enabled, they can literally check out with Apple Pay while they're on your product page and check out in like five seconds rather than filling out a whole order form in the traditional sense on Shopify.

Now, in addition to that, even though I have a love hate relationship with the company, I do highly recommend accepting payments through PayPal, not as your only payment option, but as an additional, because there are those people out there I consider them like legacy customers that still don't want to buy from sites unless PayPal is there. So yes, if you have PayPal as an option on your store, a percentage of customers will take it, your conversion rates will go up, you'll make more money. So have PayPal there as an option.

Now, another one is Amazon Pay which actually allows your website visitors to make their payment with whatever payment sources they have linked on their Amazon account. So they're buying from your store, they're not buying from Amazon, but they're using that as their payment method. Now you can set this up. It's not hard at all. It's in the Shopify settings. The only thing that would take some time is to make your Amazon account for it. But even that is like five or 10 minutes, then you link it to your store and boom, just like that, for the people that want to pay that way, they can check out that way, giving your customer the freedom and the options to pay however they wish which will again instantly increase your conversion rates.

Now the last one here is to offer financing in some way. You can do this through PayPal Credit, or you can do this with a third party tool like Klarna or Affirm. Right now, ever since COVID started, I have been hearing they're both a little bit slow to approve people. They are approving them, but there's a delay. So my advice is apply for both of them and whoever approves you first, put that on your site to get started and you can just move forward that way.

Also, at Shopify Unite, well, this year it was called Reunite. This was their first virtual conference. They announced that they're actually making something called Shop Pay installments where these installment payment plans can be built in default to your store where people can just natively choose a payment plan and Shopify will finance that. That is not out yet at the time I'm recording this so, use Klarna, use Affirm. Once Shopify integrates it natively, we will definitely be switching to that, but this is again, low time, high reward. So get that set up right away.

Now the third easy win. Again, sounds extremely easy because it is, but it works. And this is to have a phone number displayed somewhere front and center that everybody could see on your store. So somewhere in your header menu maybe, somewhere in your navigation menu, you want to have a phone number. Now, does this mean your phone is going to blow up all day? If you're a small business, maybe you're doing this as a side hustle and people are going to be calling you. No, it doesn't. Most people will never call but we've realized just by having a phone number there, it increases the confidence of website visitors and increases the likelihood that they'll buy. Especially now, we're halfway through 2020 already. People are well aware that there's a lot of scams online. So a lot of times people might go to a store, see, well, if something were to happen, right?

If I were to buy and something were to happen, how can I even get my order resolved? And if you have a phone number, it adds that layer of confidence. So again, it doesn't mean your phone is going to be ringing off the hook, but it means your conversion rates will go up and it also means that when people do call, they do become customers. We've realized that most phone calls coming in are simply people saying, "Hi, I'm on your website right now. Just wanted to make sure that you are a real business. I would like to place an order. Okay, great. Let's do it."

Now that leads us in to the fourth easy win I wanted to share with you and that is to call every single number that calls your business back. Again, a reality may be that you have maybe one virtual assistant that works with you and they're answering all of the phone calls. So maybe they are on a phone call and somebody else calls and they can't answer it. Maybe you are the only person and again, you work in nine to five still and somebody calls you while you're at a meeting at work and you can't answer. Well, maybe that person doesn't leave a voicemail, right? You see it as a missed call. Whether it's you or somebody else, you want to call those people back as soon as possible.

It's like I just mentioned in easy win number three. A lot of these phone calls are people that want to place their order and they're calling to see if somebody will actually answer if they call. So call them back as soon as you can, say, "Sorry, we were on the other line. Sorry we were doing X, Y, or Z," whatever it was, answer their questions, get that order. Especially with the type of businesses that we build that sell expensive products where we can make a lot of money on every single sale, it is well, well, well worth the phone call. It could be an easy 300, 500 net profit in your pocket for taking a minute, calling somebody back and seeing how you can help them. So definitely be doing this consistently every day. It really adds up over time for how much money you're making.

So the fifth easy win is to install a live chat app on your website and also install it on your phone. So you can use Tidio, I think that's how you pronounce it. I'll link to it below. There's a bunch of live chat apps but what's great about this is it allows those people that have questions before they buy. Maybe again, they just want to verify you're a real business. They have a chance to actually ask without trying to find an email address or without calling if they don't want to call. And with the app on your phone, it works just like iMessage or Facebook Messenger where you'll get a little notification, you'll see the chat come in and in real time, and maybe it's somebody saying, "Hi, is product XYZ in stock?" or "Hi, is this product available in red?" Whatever the question is, and whether you're at your computer or at work or wherever, you can quickly respond, build that confidence, close those sales. Again, something you can install within literally minutes. So you definitely want to do that.

Now the final tip that I will give you. Tip number six for an easy win. This is something again that literally it sounds so basic in sales but people don't do it. And that is to set reminders to follow up with your people. When I say your people I mean, these can be live chats that asked, "Hey, is this product in stock?" This can be people that called and said, "Hi. I just want to know when this product would arrive if I ordered." Whatever that is, don't just simply have that conversation especially when you're first starting out and you need every sale. Make sure you're making notes. Okay, today on Thursday at 10:00 AM, I spoke to this person's email address that I have from live chat and they asked me if this product was available in red. I told them yes, they told me great and then the conversation ended.

Okay, well, did they order within 48 hours? No. Okay. Well guess who's getting an email, right? So you're following up with everybody. Because again, we're not doing this to make $3 per sale. We're doing this with the Dropship lifestyle system where we make real money with every order so make sure you have this reminder schedule whether it's you following up, whether it's somebody again on your team doing it, you don't want to let these leads all just slip through because it can easily be thousands and thousands of dollars at a very minimum every single month and lost actual net profit. So make sure you are doing that. So this is the six things guys. I don't want anybody to make business harder on themselves. Again, these are six easy wins.

I actually have a list of like a hundred easy wins in the Dropship Lifestyle Members Area. So if you're a member of Dropship Lifestyle, I will link to that as well in the podcast description. It's in our bonus section and it has all these plus a whole lot more when it comes to conversions, traffic, niche selection, but the goal with this is to give you again, these high impact things that don't take a lot of time that can literally make your day business go from, "This doesn't work," to, "Wow. I'm making a lot of money just by implementing a few things in a few hours." So hope you found that helpful. Again, don't try to solve a million little problems at once that take a long time that aren't proven. Do the things that are easy that can get you results in the shortest amount of time possible, especially when you are new and you need to get those wins to make you feel better about this, to buy yourself time where you can put more time into the business and really see it through for all its potential.

So as always guys, hope you found this valuable. If you did, do me a favor, go over to Apple Podcasts or wherever it is you listen, leave a like and please leave a review. It means a lot to me. And with that being said, guys, I will talk to you in the next episode of the podcast. See you everybody.