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Anton clarifies what he means when he says “you should only dropship for domestic suppliers”.  He also shares a website you can use to domestic suppliers of your own.

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What's up guys, Anton here. And wanted to hop on real quick, record this for you to clarify something that I talk about a lot, but that I've seen cause confusion. And what I'm talking about is exactly what I mean when I say you should only drop ship for domestic suppliers. Okay, first things first, I am based in the States. That is where I do business. For me, domestic suppliers are based in the States, meaning they have warehouses here, they have inventory here. Let's say right now you are listening to this, and you are in Germany and you want to build a drop shipping business following what I teach over at Okay, great. If your plan was to sell in Germany, my advice to you would be find suppliers that have inventory in Germany.

Now, same thing, whether you're in Australia, if you're in New Zealand, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, the suppliers that you work with, the suppliers that are domestic for you will be located in the areas which you do business. So if tomorrow I decided to build a store in the UK, then that store for me, the domestic suppliers would be in the UK. So really it's that simple. Another clarifying point here is that when I'm talking about the suppliers being in your country or your geographical region, I'm not talking about them making the products there. So again, all of my suppliers are based in the U.S., but most of the products are made in other parts of the world. I have no problem with that. I don't work with U.S. suppliers because it's better quality products or anything. I work with them because they can ship customer's products fast. If a customer has an issue and needs to return it, it can go right back to that supplier's warehouse.

And overall, there's better quality control because these suppliers, again, are based where you are doing business. So I'm not talking about looking for products that are manufactured locally or anything like that. I'm talking about selling for brands that are based in the place you do business, that have products in warehouses there, whether it's their own warehouses or fulfillment centers, it doesn't matter. They're loaded up, they're ready to go, they're ready to drop ship for you. And if you could find that, you will do just fine. Now, I want to kind of continue a little bit to give you one quick tip, because I always hear from people like, well, what if there's no suppliers in my country or where I want to do business? Well, I mean, one answer is just do business somewhere else. We have tons of members of drop ship lifestyle that do business in the States from other countries. So just know you always have that option.

But what is the other option? How else can you find them? Well, one quick tip is a website that I love. It's called I'll link it in the podcast description. What it is, is basically a trade show directory for trade shows all around the world. Now this is not at all specific to drop shipping. But whatever industry you're in or you want to be in, you can go to this website, You can simply search for the keyword for your niche or your industry, whatever it may be. And you can choose the geographical location where you want the trade shows to be. So let's say for me, I wanted to build a lamp store in the UK. I can go to that website. I can type in lamps, or home lighting, or lighting fixtures, or whatever keywords I want it to use. I could choose the United Kingdom. And then everything that came up for the trade shows, I can go to their websites and I can look to see who their exhibitors are. Exhibitors are the companies that pay to basically display their products at trade shows.

So me wanting to build a store in the UK, if I found the trade show is in the UK for the niche I'm in, if I found all the brands that we're going to be exhibiting there, then, well, I can go if I wanted to, but most likely what I would do is just email all of them, try to build a relationship, try to become an internet retailer for their companies. Because remember, you should stop drop shipping. Don't say drop ship. I'll link to the training I have on that. And yeah, in general, if you want to know how to find suppliers that you can almost be 100% certain that do drop ship so you don't even have to worry about guessing if they'll work with you or not, my advice is to go to the description of this podcast, click the link that says, register for an upcoming free training I have and I'll show you exactly how we do product research, how we find local suppliers, how we get approved, how we build stores, how we get traffic and a whole lot more.

Also, I'll show you how my team can build a store for you if you would prefer to outsource the work. Again, drop ship Link in description. So that being said, thank you everybody. I appreciate you and I'll talk to you on Monday for the next episode. See ya.