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6 Easy Ways To Get More Clicks On Your Paid Ads


Setting up paid ads is a simple process...

But, getting clicks is another thing.

Successful ad campaigns take a lot of trial and error. Therefore, to save you some time, Anton has put together some of his best actionable tips on how you can get more clicks across ad platforms.

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What's Covered in This Episode:

The 6 Easy Ways to get more clicks

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • Google Search Text Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Story Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • All platforms
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What's up everybody? Anton Kraly here from eCommerce and welcome back to the podcast. If you're new here, just know that this show comes out every single Monday and Thursday morning with a brand new episode and they are all designed to help e-commerce store owners to increase their revenue, automate their operations and become the authority in their niche. Also, everything you hear me talk about, whether it be here on the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast or anything from my company, Drop Ship Lifestyle, just know that all the tips I am giving you are all designed to help you get the biggest results possible with the smallest amount of input. My whole approach to entrepreneurship really is to build a lifestyle business, hence the names Drop Ship Lifestyle and e-Commerce Lifestyle. And what that means is a business that can afford you whatever type of lifestyle you want without you having to work 80 hours a week to make it happen.

So just for anybody new, that's the whole goal of this show and the whole goal of my program over at With that being said, today what I'm working on in my own businesses is advertising and I've been going into different ad campaigns. I've been tweaking some things. And every time I do that, I pull up like different notes I have in the past. So last time we made a round of tweaks. What were the things that were important? And then what are the evergreen things that we always look for? And I have just a few of them. I think I wrote down... Checking my notes here. I wrote down six of them that I just wanted to share with you as a listener and think of this as rapid fire. So this episode is not in any way, shape or form a full-on ads training. If you want that go to

But what this is, is if you are running ads or thinking about it, these are six quick tips that I literally always use to get better results from our paper click ads. More clicks for less money, with a better return on ad spend. So the first one is with Google Shopping ads, which are my favorite ad type to put it as simple as possible. But with Google Shopping ads, these are the ads that people see if they go to and type in a product name or a brand name or a skew number or anything that's relevant to a product, the ads will appear that are actually images of the products for sale, the product price, the store name and here's where you can get more clicks that a lot of people don't do. It's by creating promotions inside of your Google account.

So what does that mean? Well, let's just say I was selling this stand-up desk that I'm at and you were selling the standup desk as well. And we were both advertising with Google Shopping ads. Well, if I made a promotion for mine and you didn't, what would happen is when somebody searched for that standup desk, they would see my shopping ad and your shopping ad. But since I have a promotion, mine would say whatever that promotion is. So maybe it said something like free desk lamp, or maybe it said something like expedited shipping, or maybe it said something like save 10%. Whatever that extra thing is, is called a promotion. And again, if you're running Google Ads on Google Shopping, you can create promotions in your account and it allows you just to stand out a little bit from other people selling the same things as you, which will get you more clicks. So again, tip number one. If you are running Google Shopping ads, be sure you are using promotions. It will get, you more clicks.

Now, the next one that I want to talk about tip number two is in relation to Google search text ads. Now, if you're not familiar with them, it's just the main way to advertise on Google. If you go to and search for Drop Ship Lifestyle and click search, the top of the next page are going to be the ads. Those are Google search text ads. You're searching for text and you're seeing text as ads. And that is the next tip I want to give you for when you're running those type of ads. For this, what you really want to do is sell the click. Again, you want to give people a reason to click yours over the other people advertising there.

And one of the easiest ways you can do this is by using what are called site link extensions. Now you can just go on Google and type in site link extensions and Google ads to see what they look like. But what this is, is it's like extra links in your search text ads. So again let's say somebody, let's use a physical product example again, let's say stand up desk. Somebody searches on Google for standup desk. They see my search text ad for stand-up desks. Then I can have other links under that ad. And they can say things like maybe free shipping, fully insured shipments, maybe again, free desk lamp, secure orders, whatever it is. They can all be a little like extra texts, maybe even a free paddle. And all of those can be site links. And when people click them, they can go to whatever page you want them to go to on your store.

So it's a good way to add more text to your Google search text ads. And it's a really good way to stand out from the competition, which will again, get you more clicks. Now the third one is in relation to Facebook ads. So tip number three to get more clicks, we're moving all over the place here, again think of this as a rapid-fire episode. But for Facebook ads, what you want to do, especially when you're running video ads is have an arrow on the video that's pointing to where the button is below the ad. So the way Facebook ads work is people are looking or they're scrolling through their Facebook feed. Maybe they see your video and then they'll be a button under it.

And that button on the bottom right is whatever you set it to be. Maybe it says shop now, maybe it says learn more. Maybe it says... I don't know, there's like 20 options. But whatever that is, that button, you should have an arrow in your video pointing to it. So as people are reading the words in your video or listening to you, they see that arrow, their eyes are drawn to that button and you get more clicks. It works very well for us and I would highly recommend you do it yourself. So tip number four, we're going to switch it up a little bit again and we're going to go to Instagram story ads. Another ad type I love. This is if somebody is on the Instagram app, they're going through the stories, they'll see an ad. And with those ads, the way you get people to click them is they swipe up and they swipe up and it goes to your store, your product page, wherever you want it to go.

Now, what we like to do is make them look native to Instagram. Instead of having something that just stands out from everybody else's story, we want it to look like the person who's just going through and seeing all their friends' stories and the businesses and celebrities they follow. But what we do to make it look native is add the images they're called stickers in Instagram that say swipe up. So it's very, again, natural. They're going through, they see it. And it's not some out of place ad that they just instantly skipped past. Works very well for us and I would highly recommend it.

So going into tip number five, to get more clicks on your ads. This one is for YouTube. So with YouTube ads, what I really have found to work well over the past year or so is again, it sounds obvious, but telling people where to click. So in obviously it's YouTube, it's a video ad, in the video about a minute into it saying, "If you want to get X, if you want to get this product, if you want to get this promotion, if you want to get whatever it is, click here if you're on desktop. Click here if you're on mobile" and literally show them where to click, because a lot of people... YouTube is used by just the masses and it might not be as obvious for some people to know where to click. So being very clear with your CTA, your call to action, telling them exactly where to click and then not just ending the video ad right there, but staying on for maybe 30 seconds another minute. So they have that opportunity to click the link, go to your store and buy your product.

Now finally, the sixth tip in this rapid fire episode to get more clicks on your ads really works regardless of whatever platform you're advertising on. And this is to get more specific with your targeting. By targeting I mean, the people that are going to be seeing your ads. The first five tips I gave you are going to help more of those people that see it to click it. This tip is going to make sure the right people are seeing it so that regardless of what the ad even looks like, you'll get more clicks. So it all works together. But what I mean by improving your targeting is, make sure the audiences, if you're doing remarketing, make sure the audiences are the best audiences you can use.

If you're using keyword targeting, make sure the keywords are as specific as possible. If the people you're advertising to don't have the budget for your product, make sure you're targeting either different zip codes where there's more money or different locations where your customers are. Just the demographics, the gender, any data you can use to get your targeting to tighter and closer meet your customer avatar and match your customer avatar, the more clicks you're going to get.

So I know that was a lot guys in a short episode, but again this isn't a full on training or anything. If you want that, go to You can click on courses, e-commerce courses and get everything there. But this is more of just something that, again, as I'm working on our ad stuff is just always in my head. Wanted to share it quick, hopefully it helps you. And again, if you're not subscribed to this podcast yet go to your podcast player of choice, search for eCommerce Lifestyle, click subscribe and you'll see brand new episodes every single Monday and Thursday morning. So thanks again. I appreciate you. And I will talk to you in the next episode. See you.