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The Easiest Way to Get More Product Reviews


​Anton shares the easiest way to start generating product reviews for your Shopify store.  This method has a near​ 100% conversion rate. With the holiday season quickly approaching, this is one episode you don't want to miss!

Listen in to hear ​Anton's advice and top tool recommendation for getting more product reviews.

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​What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  •  Why ​you need reviews that will help you stand out from the competition.
  • ​Different strategies to capture reviews from customers.
  •  How to increase your review rate with checkout reviews.
  • ​What questions to ask to get the best reviews.

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Hey, what's up everybody. Anton Kraly here from, and welcome to the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. So today we have a quick episode. I just want to share one tip with you that is going to be extremely beneficial assuming you're already running an eCommerce store on Shopify. This is specific to Shopify. Also, if you're not running a store yet, I still recommend listening because when you are up and running, this is something you can implement almost with the snap of a fingers, maybe five, 10 minutes if you have no experience. And like the title says, what we're talking about in this podcast is the easiest way to get reviews, reviews on your store that are going to help you to stand out from the competition, that are going to help you to look more trustworthy, that are going to lead to more people that visit your website, buying from you.

And this is a huge deal. If you're part of my coaching program over at Drop Ship Lifestyle, if you're not, go to to learn more, but if you're a part of it, you know we have an entire training section that is only dedicated to how to get reviews. And the reason we do this is because it's a huge reason why people will choose you over your competitors. And one thing that people often ask when they're first getting started is what's the starting point? If I don't have customers yet, how am I getting any? And I talk about that in detail in the program, so definitely go check out that. If you are, again, just getting started, it's in module five called optimize for conversions, but what I want to talk about right now is what you can do as orders start rolling in to ensure that as many of them as possible, lead to reviews on your store. So you should not change anything else that I recommend.

You should still have a followup system in place. You should have an email autoresponder going out after people buy, asking for image reviews, video reviews, text reviews. You should have someone on your team or a virtual assistant calling customers, and again, trying to make sure they had a great experience, and asking them for reviews, but the easiest thing you could do to start increasing your review rate today as soon as possible, again in about five to 10 minutes of work, is to implement what is called checkout reviews. So if you're watching this video, I'm showing it on the screen, it is super simple, but I'll also explain it, so no worries at all if you're listening. What this is is when somebody gets to the confirmation page of your checkout process, you're asking them, "Why did you choose this item?" Super important.

So let's just say for example, you have a website that sells bar stools, and you have a thousand different bar stools on your website. There are different heights, there are different finishes, there are different price points, there are different quality. Well, when people buy them, what you would traditionally do, again, you'll still do this, but what you'll do is after they buy and after you know the delivery process has taken place, you start asking them for reviews. With this, you totally flip things because you're not asking them how do you like the product? What do you... What's great about it? Can you take a photo of it in your home? You're simply saying, why did you choose this item? So in the bar stool example, if somebody bought two brown leather bar stools on a stainless steel frame and they spent 1000 bucks, they'll tell you why they bought them, and maybe it comes from supplier ABC and they say, "I bought these bar stools because supplier ABC has the highest quality bar stools available. I saw them locally at a restaurant and fell in love." Whatever it is.

The point is, not only are they telling you why they bought the item and why they chose that item, which is great for your own market insight, it can help you promote products differently, but that review can also go on the product page. What this means is you're going to get almost 100% of people that are buying from you to leave a review. Again, they're going to be telling you why they chose the item. It's not going to be the photo of it in their house right away, it's not going to be a video showing it off, but it's going to be why they chose it. Now, when people leave these reviews on your website, you have the option to either display them on your product pages or to not.

And some of them might just be, "I don't know, I was just looking and this one looks nice," and that's not something that's going to convince person B and C or people B and C to buy. It's not going to be the same thing, so maybe you don't show those off, but maybe somebody says what I mentioned before, or maybe somebody says, "I chose these items because you had the best pricing and your customer service was excellent. You responded to my question right away." You'll see that come in, boom, approve that, put it on your products page right away. And again, every time you get a sale, you're going to have probably, if not 100% of people fill this out, very close to. So it's 100% worth doing. It's not going to change the followup process and anything else, do this though to get as much user-generated content as possible. UGC for short. So that's a user generated response that you can then show off.

Okay, so now the next logical question is, this sound's great Anton, how do I do it? Well, the only way that I know how, I'm sure there's different products or apps or hacks to make it happen, but the way that I know how, the way that I do it, is by using a Shopify app called, S-T-A-M-P-E-D.I-O, Stamped. Now, I'll link to that below this video. It's not an affiliate link or anything like that. It'll be in the podcast notes as well. If you sign up with them, they have a free plan. The free plan is great if you're just getting started, but if you're already making sales, what you're going to want to do is upgrade to at least the basic version, which is paid. It's $15.

So they have all different pricing tiers. It can get really expensive for 99% of people that are listening to this. The basic plan is fine. It's $15 a month, and what that does is unlock that ability to start having this in your checkout. Post-purchase asking people why they bought the items. So again, Do this when you're up and running and making sales because if you're not making sales, you're not going to get any people telling you why they chose the item, but once you are signed up, I'm telling you this is the easiest way to get reviews and like we talked about in the beginning of this podcast, reviews are a major key to having people choose you over your competition, especially when you are dropshipping.

So that's it guys. Hope you found that helpful. If you did, definitely subscribe to the podcast. If you're not subscribed yet and love to hear from you in the review section over on Apple Podcast. So if you can leave a review, I would appreciate that as well. That being said, I'm going to get back to my busy day of finalizing our Q4 plans, our promos calendars, our content and everything we need to make sure that we have an amazing end of the year. And if you haven't listened to the previous two podcasts yet, definitely go check them out. I did one all about Q4 planning and I did one all about our actual Q4 strategies. So check those out if you haven't heard them yet, and I will see you all in the next episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. See you.