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Bump It Up- How To Get Your Google Shopping Ads Seen

Bump It Up: How To Get Your Google Shopping Ads Seen


It’s not uncommon to spend $1 and get $10 back when using Google Shopping Ads… but in order for them to make you money, they must be seen by potential buyers.

In today’s episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, Anton shares how to troubleshoot an issue of not getting any impressions on your Google Shopping Ads.

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So pretty much everybody that's already using Google Shopping Ads to promote their eCommerce store knows that it is not uncommon at all to get $10 or more back for every dollar that you put into ads there. The thing is, in order to get that, people, meaning your ideal customers, actually need to see your Google Shopping Ads. They need it to be getting impressions. And recently on a coaching call that I hosted for my company, Drop Ship Lifestyle, somebody sent in their stats, their budgets for both their alpha and their beta campaigns. They asked a few questions around it, but the main question was, why am I not getting impressions on my ads? Impressions mean eyeballs. Let's just say in one day you had 1000 impressions on your Google Shopping Campaign, that would mean your ads within that campaign were seeing 1000 times within that day. Not 1000 clicks, but 1000 eyeballs were on your ads that day.

So the question is, what happens if you set everything up and you have zero impressions and it's just not going up at all? How do you troubleshoot that? Well, that's what we're going to cover in today's podcast. So the first thing I'll just briefly hit on is what Google Shopping Ads even are in case you're just not familiar yet. They are one of the best type of ads you can run as an eCommerce store owner. Outside of remarketing, dynamic, remarketing, these things perform the best, especially to cold audiences. Now, let's just say again, you set this up, but you're not getting those impressions. That means nobody's going to see them. That means you're not going to get clicks. That means you're not going to get sales. That means you might as well not even upset them up. So what can you do to troubleshoot this? Well, the first thing that I would recommend you do is go into Google Merchant Center and check your account for any errors.

When you submit your product feed to Google Merchant Center, by default, it's just going to say that it's under review. After it's not in review anymore, it will let you know if there's any errors with your feed. This can be things like pricing errors. This can be things like just different errors with your products where they didn't sync up correctly. Maybe something like a SKU number or a manufacturer part number was missing. Maybe just any random thing with your feed that didn't perfectly match with what Google wants came up. You'll see it inside of Google Merchant Center so that you can then make whatever edits you need to make. That way, the errors will disappear. That way, you can start to get impressions. So first thing is check Google Merchant Center after your product feed is approved. Look for errors there and correct them as soon as possible.

Now, the next thing you should do is if you use an app like a third-party tool to connect your Shopify store to Google Merchant Center is log into that tool and see if that shows you any additional errors. The tool that we use to connect our Shopify stores to Google Merchant Center is called Feed For Google Shopping, creative name, but it's by a company called Simprosys, And I'll link that up in the podcast description. But that app as well, if there's errors, will tell you inside of that, and they make it super easy to correct errors right there to re-sync it to Google Merchant Center to have those errors disappear. So check those things. Now, the next thing you're going to want to do once you correct any errors or once you see that everything is approved and there are no errors to be found is go into your Google ads account and look for errors there.

So however you set this up, whether you have one Google Shopping Campaign, or if you use what I teach at Drop Ship Lifestyle and you use the alpha beta approach, which you definitely should to make as much money as possible from these things, but go into those campaigns, look for any possible errors there, anything that Google lets you know that needs to be fixed. Check that in Google ads and, of course, if you see anything that needs to be resolved, fix it there. So what you want to do after you just check everything I went through is wait another 72 hours after everything is approved. And the reason you want to do this is because Google will take time to basically insert your ads into the auction and to have you start showing. Sometimes it could be within a few hours. We've noticed sometimes it could be 72 hours. So before, again, you start moving forward making any more changes, just wait 72 hours for everything to be approved and then see if those impressions start coming in.

Now, let's say, 72 hours pass and nothing is happening. Everything's approved. You're still not getting impressions. What do you want to do from there? Well, the first thing I would recommend is log in to your Google Merchant Center account and now start checking issues that would be outside of your product feed. So things inside of your settings, inside Google Merchant Center. So things like your tax settings, your shipping settings, your business information, like your phone number, business address, your business email, your business privacy policy. Make sure that they are all in Google Merchant Center in your settings. Make sure nothing is left unchecked there. After that, do the same thing inside of Google ads. Maybe your campaign type isn't set up as a Google Shopping Campaign. So check that.

Make sure that your product feed is actually connected to Google ads, your product feed from Google Merchant Center. Make sure that's linked to your Google ads account. Make sure it's linked to your campaign because, of course, if it's not, you're not going to get impressions. So check that. Other basic things are check the start date of your campaign, because let's just say you set it up and the start date is two weeks in the future, then, of course, even if everything is set up correctly and everything is showed as approved, you're not going to get impression. So check that. So let's just say you check all those things and you know now you're good inside of Google Merchant Center, you are good inside of Google ads, but everything's been approved for 72 hours and you're not getting impressions. What can you do from here? Well, the first thing I would recommend at this point is increasing your CPC, your cost per click, inside of your Google Shopping Campaigns.

So not the daily budget, because if you're not getting any impressions, then your daily budget really doesn't matter because you're not having the chance to max that out. What would matter at this point is your cost per click and if it is too low to have you insert it into the auction, because then everything would be approved, but Google seeing your bids per click are too low so they're not putting you into the auction. So go in and bump them up. And we like to bump them up at very, very minimal levels and slowly do it until we find the sweet spot. So let's just say you started and you set your default cost per click inside of Google ads in your shopping campaign at 10 cents. Okay, go in, make it 15 cents. Wait 48 hours, see what happens. No impressions? Okay, now maybe bump it up to 25 cents. Now, if you keep doing this and you're just noticing that impressions just aren't coming and you've checked everything I just took you through, then there might be an issue or something that you're simply not seeing.

At that point, my advice would be to contact Google Support and have them take a look at it, have a second set of eyes on it, to see if maybe there's something you simply missed. And you might've heard bad things about Google Support in the past, but the truth is, with basic troubleshooting issues, they are really good. So I'm going to post a link in this podcast description about how to contact them. The thing is though, don't just go contact them as your first step. Make sure you do everything else that I just mentioned, because what we've realized is that typically if we're not getting impressions, it is due to user error and it typically can be resolved very quickly. So I hope you found this episode helpful. Might be advanced for people that are listening that don't even have a store yet. If that's you, keep this one, save it in your podcast player, save it on YouTube, keep it in the back burner for once your store is live.

And if you're just looking for how to get started and you want to know how we build highly profitable semi-automated stores, be sure to go to I will link that up in the podcast description as well. I have a free training for you there that's almost three hours long that shows you how we do everything from product selection to market research, to store design, to getting approved with the best suppliers and, of course, setting up traffic the right way. So check that out, free training in the podcast description. That being said, I'm going to sign off for the day. I appreciate you and I will talk to you on Thursday for the next episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. See ya, everybody.