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How To Brainstorm Ideas For Content


In this episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast, Anton shares how to come up with content ideas that your audience will actually want to engage with.

  • Previously, I did a podcast called Plant Your Seeds. This podcast was about ways to build your seed audience. 
  • I started receiving questions on how to come up with ideas for creating content, so I recording this podcast!
  • You might think you are out of ideas, but just see how people interact with your business. Take conversations you have with your customers, and turn it into content.
  • Engage with potential customers in places that aren't your place. Find some Facebook groups, join them and just watch. What's trending? What questions are they asking? 
  • Use a tool called BuzzSumo. Type in keywords related to your industry. It will show you popular posts. This will help you know what people are talking about.

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    Hello everybody. Anton Kraly here from, and welcome to another episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. Recording this one bright and early on Monday morning after Daylight Savings Time. So it's not actually that bright. It's still pretty dark here, which is weird. But yeah, just driving into the office, and wanted to kind of stay on track with what I've been doing as far as getting these new episodes out to you guys, which, by the way, the podcast has been growing like crazy in terms of viewership or listenership I guess is the correct term. And yeah, I just really appreciate that. So to me, that means you're getting value and then that just means to me that this is something that I'm going to keep putting out there for you.

    So what I wanted to do today is help you to come up with ideas for what to talk about in your content marketing for your eCommerce store, specifically if you are really doing stuff like beyond basic direct response type eCommerce. So direct response type eCommerce is when you run an ad for product ABC, you want somebody to click that ad, and then goal is to have them go to your website and buy. Right? To basically directly respond to the thing you're putting in front of them. Again, you get them to see that thing, they click that thing, and then the goal is to get them to buy.

    So with my company, Drop Ship Lifestyle, for example, all of the stores we build on the Drop Ship Lifestyle model and everything I teach inside of that training program, which, by the way, you can learn more at That's that business model. Great business model. Works really well. Have done well over eight figures in sales with that model. But what I want to talk about is the next step, right? The step that I call having a branded store where you're bringing in traffic from multiple sources, so not just ads that lead people to buy, but ads that lead people to content, ads that just kind of provide good will, get people to engage with your company before they even become a customer.

    So this is something that we do. We have stores that do this, and this is something I talked about in a previous episode, and that episode of the podcast was called Plant Your Seeds. So what I'll do is I'll link to that episode under this one on the website so you can go back, and if you haven't listened to it yet, just go to whatever podcast player you use and when you're in the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast playlist, just search for Plant Your Seeds. You can go back and listen. But in that episode, I talked about what we do with this content, how we build seed audiences, how we build different lookalike audiences on Facebook, how we build engage in audiences. Basically everything we do once we have this content created. And what happened after I recorded that one is got a bunch of comments over on the blog. So thank you for that. But a lot of the comments were like, "Hey, Anton. This is great, but can you help me to brainstorm more ideas for content because I don't know what to create content about. I don't know what to talk about."

    So really quick just want to give you some of the best ways that you can come up with ideas for creating content for your eCommerce brands, that, again, can get people to interact with you on social media, that can drive people to your website, and that can build these audiences that you will then sell product to.

    So the first thing that I would say is if you've been in business for any amount of time, you should be at no shortage of ideas. It may seem like you are, but all you have to do is go check all of the emails you've received in your inbox, check all of the live chats you've had with your customers or your visitors, just look at how people are interacting with your business. See what they ask, see what they're happy about, see what they complain about, and, again, just take conversations that get started by your visitors and your customers, and turn those into pieces of content.

    So an example would be if you were selling like leather recliner chairs, let's say that was your market. You were selling like leather lounge chairs, and you realize that you had customers come all the time, and they were like, "Hey, I'm curious about what type of leather this is and where it comes from." Right? Of course you answer the question. Hopefully you also update your product page so they know next time they land on it what kind of leather it's made out of and where the leather comes from. But what you can also do when you're brainstorming content ideas is go ahead and write a whole big post about the different types of leather, the differences in quality, maybe the differences in durability, the differences in how they smell, how long they last for, the quality, how rare they are, what colors they come in. Whatever like the things are that can take you deeper into the topic, go ahead and turn that into a content piece.

    Now the beauty of this is it's a resource that you'll have on your website that you can direct people to in the future if people ask about this stuff. The other thing is that you already know people want to know this because they're asking you about it. And then also you'll be able to take this and post it on social and have it up there like living online so that people that just don't even know what they want to buy yet but are interested in research leather can find it and find you that way. Again, you can build an audience off those people that you can later sell products too. And, again, if you want to know more about the strategy for building these audiences, go back and listen to the episode I did called Plant Your Seeds.

    Okay. So that's option one, right? And something that you should always do, we even have a document in Google Sheets that's like a running document of just different ideas for content. And if anything ever comes up like that, for example, I wouldn't say I'd stop everything we're doing and create that piece of content right away. But we'd take that idea for content and add it to the list of ideas. So when we're in content creation mode, we could just quickly look at it and maybe pull that one from it and create that piece of content.

    So another way that works really well is by basically engaging with your potential buyers in places that they're ... I don't want to say ... Yeah, I guess the right way to say it is in places that they're not yours yet. So let's just say you sold primarily to ... Well, we'll stick with the furniture example, like the leather lounge chairs, and let's say like they were high end and you knew your clients were mostly interior designers that were buying them for customers homes.

    Well, one thing you could do is go on Facebook and look for groups for interior designers. Go ahead and just join all the groups. It's free to do. They're basically like forums on Facebook. And then what you want to do is see what the conversations are like. So don't go in there and like you can ask questions if you want to, but what I do is just watch, see what people bring up, see what they're talking about, see what they're happy about, again, see what they're complaining about, see what they have questions on, see what's trending, that's getting posted in those groups, and then take those ideas and turn them into content. Because, again, you already know at that point that it's something popular because you're seeing your target audience talk about that thing. There's Facebook groups for anything, like any niche, any industry, so you should be able to go on there and find whatever you're looking for.

    I'll give you one more, and there's a lot more you can do, but these are more than enough just to get plenty of ideas and good ideas that, again, are validated because you see people already talking about them. But the last one is to use a tool called Buzz Sumo, B-U-Z-Z S-U-M-O, There's a paid version but you can use the free version, that's fine. Go there, and then just type in keywords related to your industry. And what it's going to do is show you different articles and different posts basically in different webpages, and it's going to show you ones that are basically the most popular. So how many people like retweeted the article or the URL. How many people liked it on Facebook or commented on Facebook, and basically you can look and see, "Okay. This article has been shared 3000 times on Facebook for my target audience. My people must care about this thing."

    So what you do then is don't just go and copy that article or that blog post or whatever it is. But take inspiration from it for the idea and take your own unique spin on it. Make that a piece of content on your website. Again, use that to share on social, and with all these methods I just mentioned, you already know, again, that your audience is interested in it because they're already engaging with it. And instead of just being another me too company where you're posting the same thing, again, put your own spin on it but use the framework that is proven to work. Really, really easy way to brainstorm content and not just any content but that content that people actually want.

    Again, if you want to know what to do with that content once you have it, go back, listen to the episode I did called Plant Your Seeds, and that should help you get the ball rolling, start building your audiences, so you can then start remarketing and making the money.

    So any questions, guys, let me know. Go over to We just totally redid the website. So if you want to go check it out, we have like a Q&A section on there too. So you can go ahead and ask me anything over there. And with that being said again, I really do appreciate all the listens we've been getting, all the new subscribers, and if you could do me a favor, if you're listening to this and you are getting value, I would really appreciate it if you can go into iTunes and leave a review for the podcast. It really means a lot to me. I really do appreciate them. And, again, if you're getting value from this, please take like 30 seconds, go into iTunes for the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, and leave me a review. Again, really appreciate it. Appreciate you, and I'll talk to you in the next episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. See you, everybody.