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How To Get Your First Sale


Episode 316

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In today’s episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, Anton shares tips for getting your first sale on a new dropshipping store.  


Podcast Notes


  • Getting your first sale changes everything and gives you the confidence needed to continue to push forward
    • [IMAGE] First Sale Screenshot
  • Instead of waiting until “everything is right”, here’s what you can do to get that first sale FAST


Key Points:

  • “Open” for business
    • First 2 suppliers on board
    • Upload products
    • Sign up for Shopify Payments
    • Remove password
  • Turn on traffic 
    • Free and paid
      • Google Product Listing
      • Get free traffic
      • Google Product Listing Ads
      • Facebook Dynamic Remarketing
  • Talk to shoppers
    • Live Chat – tidio
    • Exit intent overlay – klaviyo 
      • + manually reach out



  • Doing these things is more than enough to get you your first sale and to build your confidence… but it doesn’t stop here.
    • Next steps:
      • Get approved the rest of the suppliers in your niche
      • Optimize your paid ads
      • Continue optimizing for conversions
  • If you want to know exactly how we build highly profitable semi-automated stores be sure to visit
    • Link in description
  • If you know anyone that needs to hear this message and would benefit from listening please do share it.
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What's up everybody? Anton Kraly here from And in this video, I'm going to share some tips designed to help you get your first sale drop shipping. Now, the reason I want to discuss this today is because I was just over in our Facebook group for the Drop Ship Lifestyle community and I saw this. So Dan said, "Hey, everyone, I'm posting here because I made my first sale yesterday! After several months of working really hard on the Drop Ship blueprint modules, we launched our Google ads two days ago and within one day we made a sale." Then he said, "I hope this encourages anyone who's just beginning. The DSL blueprint really works. Thanks for this great community and I wish you all loads of success." And if you're watching the video of this here, you could see that Dan got one order, his first order for $2,990. So first off, huge congratulations to Dan, awesome work. You earned this and here's to many, many more.

With that being said, the reason I want to share this video is because I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that want results, they want sales. And most of the time, it's possible to get that first one, to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Now, even if it took you a year, hypothetically, is that better than not ever getting that first sale? Yes, of course. For Dan, he said after several months, he made this work and got his first sale, but the truth is with what I shared today, you can really compress the process to get the ball rolling within two, maybe even three weeks. So with that being said, let's get into the tips to help you get your first sale.

Tip number one is going to sound extremely obvious, but it is absolutely necessary to do in order to get that first sale. So tip number one is open for business. What do I mean that? Well, first you're going to want to sign up with Shopify. That's the platform that we use, hands down the best. By the way, if you want a 45 day trial for $1, I'll put a link in the description. You can get literally 45 days for a buck, awesome deal. But the first step is signing up with Shopify.

Now, when you do that, all you're going to have is basically a blank template of a store, the shell of a store. Now, when you first sign up, that store is locked behind a password. Meaning if somebody goes to the URL that you choose, they're going to see something that says, enter your password to basically view the site. Now, you're not going to give anyone that password, but as long as there's a password protecting the site, no one's going to see it, no one's going to be able to order from it. So once you get signed up on there, the first thing you want to do is design your store. Make a demo store, as I call them. I've done other episodes on this. I'll post a link to one if you want to check it out.

Once you do that, remove the password so people can actually see it. After you remove the password you want to get approved with at least two suppliers. Okay. Two supplier, you're an authorized retailer to sell for. And once you do that, you're going to upload their products to your store. Last step to officially open for business is to sign up for Shopify payments. Now, this is in the backend of Shopify in the admin, and basically Shopify payments allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, Apple pay, Google pay, and basically money from anyone that wants to give it to you and order from you. But once you have these things done, your store is now officially open for business. There's real products on it. It's not behind the password. And if people want to buy, they can pay and the money goes to you. So tip number one is complete those tasks. You are now officially open for business.

But if no one can find you, they're not going to buy. That's why we're moving on to tip two to get your first sale drop shipping and that is to turn on traffic so people can visit your website, people that want to buy. Now, I'm going to talk about both free end paid traffic sources here. In the beginning, I fully understand some people are trying to start for as cheap as possible, and they want to rely totally on free traffic. I'll tell you, you will eventually want to reinvest profits into ads that will just allow your business to grow much faster. But for the first sale, you can easily get that with free traffic, which is why I'm including it here.

So first thing you should do is set up your Google product listings. Now, these are not Google product listing ads. These are organic listings on Google shopping. So if you go to Google, search for something, click on shopping, the top line of results, the top carousel, those are paid ads, but everything under that is an organic listing and you can be there as well for the grand total of $0, and you can definitely get a sale from there. Depending on the search volume, it could be very fast. So if you want to know more about that, that is covered in module six of the Drop Ship Blueprint. So if you're watching this and you're a member of Drop Ship Lifestyle, I will link to how to do that in the description of this video. If you're watching this and for some reason you're not a member of Drop Ship Lifestyle, I don't know why that would be, but if you want to learn more, go to, get a free training from me and I'll make you a special offer so you can become part of the program. Again, for that.

But now, you'll have this set up. Your Google product listings will be going. You'll be getting free traffic from there from qualified people. The next thing you may want to do, again, if you want to rely on free traffic is use marketplaces. Now, I've done a video on this. So I'm just going to link to that rather than repeat everything I said. That video is called How To Get Free Traffic To Your Store and the link for that one will be in the description as well. So that's the free side, right?

And again, between those two, more than enough to get your first sale very fast, but moving on to the paid side of things. If you want to do what Dan did and get your first sale within a day of having ads turned on, then I advise to you what I advised to him, which is to turn on Google product listing ads. These are the paid ads that you see on Google shopping in that top carousel. In order to have your ads promoted there, you're going to need Google Merchant Center, which is linked to your Shopify store and then Google ads, which is linked to Google Merchant Center.

Now again, if you remember a Drop Ship Lifestyle, there are full trainings on how to set this all up in module six of the blueprint. Again, I'll link to those specific lessons in the description of this video. If you're not a member yet, again, go sign up, go to DropShipwebinar, get a special offer, and you can get the more advanced training there. But Google product listing ads are the ones that convert the highest and they can convert very fast. So get those going.

Now, the fourth thing you want to do to turn on traffic is to set up Facebook Dynamic Remarketing. What this is is basically somebody goes to your website, they leave, they go to Facebook, they see an ad from your store with your product image, they click it, they go right back to that product page. These are ads where we use super small budgets. We barely spend anything there, but they have crazy return on ad spends. They're extremely profitable. So even if you're trying to start for cheap, I would recommend them with very low budgets. They work very, very well.

Now, if you just followed those first two tips and literally did nothing else, you're going to get your first sale. You're going to make money that way. But if you want to have it happen even faster, and if you want more of those website visitors to become customers, that's going to take us to the third tip from this video that will help you get your first sale as soon as possible and the third tip is talk to shoppers. Talk to the people that are on your website so you can address any concerns, so you can help them if they're having any trouble, and so you can find out what they want, what they need and they can become customer of yours.

So the two easiest ways to do this, the first is to have live chat on your site so people can start conversations with you. I recommend an app called Tidio. They have an iPhone app and an Android app as well. People see a little widget on your website. They can ask questions, you get pinged on your phone. You can respond and help address their concerns so that they buy, and who knows that might be your first customer.

Now, the second way I recommend talking to your shoppers is by using what are known as exit intent overlays. These are what you see when you go to a website, you go to X out and the screen gets full and there's a message that asks you to enter your email for something. Now, what the something is, I give you a bunch of ideas, again, in the Drop Ship Blueprint, that's in module five, but the point is just have a way you can capture email addresses from people that are about to leave.

Now, typically what you'll do and what you'll do at scale as your store is bigger and bigger and bigger is use email automations to follow-up with everybody that leaves without buying. In the beginning, I'm going to encourage you to manually reach out to them instead. So you'll see everybody that's entering their email. Instead of just using an automation in the beginning, send them an email manually, just reach out and say, "Hi, Anton, I see you just left our website and you didn't place an order. If there's anything I can help you with, just know I'm standing by. You can reply to this email or you can call me direct at and put your phone number." These little thing are big to customers, and if you have average order values like we do of $1,000 plus, then every sale means $300 or more net profit. So it's well worth the time, especially in the beginning when you're looking to make that first sale.

So guys, as always, I hope you got value from this video. Just know these things are all important, and what I try to do is condense it down to the necessary things that will get you that sale as soon as possible. The real goal of it is that comes in. It basically helps prove to you that this is real, that this works, and it gives you that motivation and drive to keep moving forward. As you move forward, just know, again, it doesn't stop here. You're going to want to continue to get approved with all of the suppliers in your niche, upload all of their products, of course. You're going to be optimizing and getting better at paid ads. You're going to continue optimizing your store for conversions and you're going to grow and grow over time while you make money at the same time because now you are profitable.

So guys, again, if you're watching this and you're not yet a member of Drop Ship Lifestyle, be sure to go to, where I show you how to build a highly profitable, semi-automated store from anywhere in the world. If you know anybody that needs to hear this message that maybe has been working in the background, spending months or longer without actually launching their store, send this over, give them some tips that will hopefully help them take action and get that first sale within who knows, maybe this week. So appreciate you and I'll be back on Thursday with the next video. If you're not subscribed yet, click that button. You'll get notified every time a new video goes live. See you.