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How To Grow Your Team


We just wrapped up a meeting where we discussed four new roles that we will be hiring for over the past month.  I wanted to record a quick podcast to share what I’m looking for in each role, and what our hiring process looks like.


Anton takes this episode to talk about the four positions he is looking to fill and how he goes about finding the right talent for each. Having a streamlined process and specific metrics to look for when hiring are a big part of a successful business.

Some highlights:

  • With each opening at your company, lay out exact metrics and experiences you would need from the candidates.
  • Do not just look at portfolios or past work. Make sure those items are great, but also ensure that the person fits with your current team.
  • Setting up tests and putting them on small 30-day contracts gives you a first-hand chance to see them in action and see how they fit with your work environment without the full commitment.
  • Think of your business scaling when looking to hire. The person might seem like a great candidate at the moment, but will they be able to scale with your business? Could they be a champion that helps your team grow?


Apply this lesson to your business to get winners on your team 🙂

Mentioned In Episode:

  • Anton Kraly says:

    Be sure to reach out if you think you’d be a good fit for any of these roles!

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