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How To Lose $40,000.00


In this episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, Anton shares an experience he had earlier this week that cost a company over $40,000.00!

  • With Anton's recent move, he started shopping at a local furniture store. The first saleswoman was awesome, but when she was away, the guy just kept hard-selling.
  • As he wouldn't listen to the customer and just tried to get it sold, Anton moved on to another furniture store. That guy cost the store about $40,000.
  • When you are selling anything, even in eCommerce, you have to understand the customer and listen to them. If they are not quite ready to buy, don't just push the sale.
  • Provide them value and guide them through the process.
  • Transcripts

    Hello everybody. Anton Kraly here, and welcome to another episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. It feels good. I am coming to you from my car again. I feel back at home. I think last episode or maybe two episodes ago, I mentioned that I had it shipped out to North Carolina where we're eventually going to be moving and I'm out here now. Closed on the house last week and my car was waiting for me and I actually just went out to Lowe's to pick up some stuff for the house and I'm driving back and yeah, it feels good. But I'm out here for a week or so then back to Texas for a while. But yeah, we have the house. I have my car, so all as well. But perfect opportunity for me to hop on here, quick a record, quick a record, record a quick episode about something that came up in my life, which is what I like to share as it relates to business.

    So we're out here, right? Just got this house. We're having some of our stuff shipped, but a lot of it we just sold out in Texas and we're in the process of selling because it's not worth having it shipped across the country and paying for that to have some stuff break. And we're just, we're buying mostly new stuff. So I've been going with my wife to a bunch of different furniture stores out here and we're basically looking to furnish our bedroom, our living room, our dining room. I'm doing my office myself, but another like den upstairs, so a whole bunch of rooms. And my estimate is that when all is said and done, we're going to be spending about $40,000 on furniture. So 40 grand for those, what is it? I think four rooms, maybe like five rooms, if you counts accent pieces and whatnot.

    So went to a store that is local, that is a, you know, it has, I guess a following. There's a lot of them out here that do in North Carolina is like the furniture capital of America. But we went to one of them, met a salesperson this woman greeted us at the door. She was awesome. She really did help us, showed us all around the store, gave us really good advice. Just, you know, it was a great experience. So we said, okay, thank you so much. We're going to go home. We're going to think about this. And we also were waiting for her to email us some dimensions for a vanity so that we can make sure it fits.

    So, day went by she did email us, we had the info, we were basically thinking, okay, we want to buy this, but we also want to have them come to the house to do a design consultation to make sure everything matches. So reached out to her, she basically said, oh, I am on vacation the next couple of days, but you could reach out to this person and this person will be able to help you and set up a design consultation. Okay. All is still well, right? Then I called this guy and he basically took this amazing experience that we had been having with our original salesperson and made things like totally flip and turned us off so much, so fast. So the woman again that we were working with, the whole interaction with her was positive was how can I help you, was what do you need from me to make this work, was how can I get you more information on these products? Just this amazing experience. That guy, as soon as I got on the phone with him, it was, okay, let me write up this invoice right now. We're going to process the order for the bed and then maybe we could send somebody out to your house for a consultation. And I was like, no, no, no. Like we want to have somebody come first so we can make sure everything fits so we can make sure everything matches.

    Then just to make an experience even worse, my baby started crying in the background. My wife was out. I told the guy, all right, listen, let me call you back and going to take care of the baby. He's like, no, no, no, no. I'm just writing up this invoice right now. Let's get the bed processed. And I was just like, dude, what are you doing? The process of hard selling and not knowing your place, it costs this company. Again, I'm estimating we're going to spend 40,000 to $50,000 in new furniture and because this guy was just so aggressive and so, I don't know, he wouldn't give up. It totally turned us off my wife and I. And we went to another furniture store yesterday afternoon, met another amazing sales woman there and she's actually coming to our home today to do a design consultation to measure, to give us advice and we're probably gonna spend again at least $40,000 with her company now. So this guy, again from one bad phone call, probably five minutes long, costs his company $40,000 in sales. Now how does this apply? Well, first of all, I just wanted to rant and share this because it, it blew my mind how this guy, he would not hang up.

    And I was simply saying, listen man, I got to call you back and we can take the next steps. And he's like, no, no, no. Right now, just let's get this done. And it was just like, so ridiculous to me that he thought he had, I don't know that that authority or type of control or the ability to like take me away from what I was doing or my crying baby just to process in order that we didn't even say we were gonna process yet. And the way this applies to eCommerce is, listen, we all have customers, right? If you're listening to this, you're most likely doing high ticket eCommerce like we do. And when you have a good lead and when you have a conversation with someone, your job as a salesperson or your employees jobs as salespeople when they're speaking to your customers and your leads is not to rip their money out of their hand and try to push them into something. Their job is to guide them through the process, to give them that human touch, to show them they actually care and want to help and are going to provide a service. When you go for money you like just too fast and it's obvious that's all you're trying to do. Again, it could completely destroy your relationship, not just a onetime sale, but like, you know, we're about to open an office out here too.

    So in this scenario, like I'm going to furnish an entire office again, and guess what? I'm not going back to that store now. So it has a lifelong effect. It's not just about losing one sale, it's about having a negative experience that will turn off a person from your company for life. And I would never like leave bad reviews online or anything, but if anybody asks me, Hey, what do you think about this store? I'm going to be like, listen, you don't want to go there and go to this other one. We had a much better experience. So the way that this can apply to you when you are talking to customers is basically again, see how you can help. That's the goal. If they're calling you to place an order, then take the order, right? That's step one. If they say, Hey, I'm ready, I just want to get this processed as soon as possible? Well then the way you can help is get it processed as soon as possible.

    If they're calling to see if something's in stock, you could say, yeah, it's in stock. Would you like to order it right now? And if they do get it done, but if somebody is calling gris, they want to know if piece A goes with piece B or if they just have a question about shipping timeframes and they need to check with their significant other if that shipping timeframe works, then say, okay, that makes perfect sense. Just, do you want me to call you back? Do you want to call me back? Whatever it is. But engage in conversations with your leads and with your customers. Don't engage in this like push, push, push, push, push because it's only going to cost you. And I just want to make one note too. I definitely do on our websites use things like urgency, use things like scarcity when it's real reason being because that really does increase conversions.

    So I'm not saying not to do that stuff. I'm saying if somebody comes through your door, right? So if it's a physical store, like literally through the door or if it's a website and somebody comes through the door, meaning may email you or live chat you or call you, then the goal of you and the way you're going to best serve that person and the way you're going to get the money and have a happy customer is by seeing how you can best serve them by seeing how you can help them and by working with them through the process. Again, most of the time the process is as easy as, okay, what would you like to order? Sometimes it's actually doing your job by providing value in your industry, by guiding the person through the process. So just wanted to share that again, just a real world example yet again of how a little piece of incompetence can cause the business a lot of money in the long run. And there's a ton I mentioned, North Carolina is like the furniture capital of America. There are a ton of furniture stores here and factories here that are going out of business.

    And I really do wonder like how much of it is because people are just buying from overseas and how much of it is because people are still trying to use these old school aggressive tactics. But that's not what works. Not if you want to have happy customers. So keep that in mind, apply it on your next call. If you have salespeople or a salesperson that answers your phones, make sure they know their job is to best serve the person that calls in. And I promise you it will lead to your business being more successful both financially and both as far as you're like net promoter score. What your customers actually think about you. So I'm home now. I'm going to go in and some more stuff set up. So hope everybody has a great day and I will talk to you all in the next episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. See you everybody.


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