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The Best Business Advice I Can Give: No One Is Going To Save You


I’m coming to you on a rainy morning in NYC with a bit of business advice on why the universe does not owe you anything and why no one is going to save you.

That may sound like a dark message, but the sooner we all accept responsibility for our actions (or lack thereof), the sooner we all will actually be in control of our lives.

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What’s up everybody? Anton Kraly here from eCommerce Lifestyle. And welcome to a new episode of the podcast. So I’m recording this right now on a dark and rainy morning, in New York City, on what is it? On Thursday June 28th. And yeah, today it seems like I’m going to be inside all day, just getting work done, which is fine. But the the city since I’ve been here … I guess for a little over a week, almost two weeks now, it’s crazy, it’s going by fast … has been awesome. So really just enjoying being here, being able to meet up with friends and family. And hopefully a bunch of eCommerce people soon.

I’m going to make an announcement, and basically just make a post in our Facebook group. Once I pick a location and have the dates locked down, or the date I should say, I’m gonna post something there. So be sure to check, if you’re in New York or around New York, and you want to come to you an official eCommerce Lifestyle meetup. I’m gonna try to bring together a bunch of people from the community, so we can have a chance to meet in person, network. And there will be a presentation and Q&A portion of the event as well. So, pretty cool. I’m gonna schedule that again, for either late July or early August.

And speaking about, we’ve done events obviously before. We do the Dropship Lifestyle retreat every year, we did an event in Austin as well. But we’ve never done smaller events, like official smaller events. We have meetups all around the world, that different students host, and different students kind of arrange for their own masterminds to share business advice. But we’ve never hosted our own. So, I wanted to get a feel for what these events are typically like.

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Last night, on Wednesday night, I actually went to a meetup in New York, in Brooklyn, that was hosted by a company called GrowthLab. And that company is owned by a guy names Ramit Sethi who, really, really good dude. He’s an amazing copywriter, everything they put out I really like. And this was a smaller event they did for 70 people, it was just two and a half or three hours long. And that event was formatted, is Ramit, again the founder of this company, basically … I would call it like a live podcast interview.

He interviewed a guy named Ryan Carson, who is the CEO and founder of a company called Treehouse. So Treehouse is basically like an online school for coders. They have a program where you can go, just sign up for like 25 bucks a month, and learn to code. But they also sell to businesses, and then the businesses give their employees these trainings on how to be a great coder. So I thought that was interesting, again, because I like the business advice that Ramit puts out. I definitely have been following Treehouse for a long time. And being we have educational products, I was curious about his story.

There was also that Q&A portion. So I wanted to go for that, to learn business advice from these guys, to meet the people there. But also to see how they set up this event, to get ideas, again for our own meet up, that we’re going to do either in late July or early August, in New York City. So again, I’ll post updates on that. But what I what I really wanted to share in this episode, I guess a takeaway if you will, or something that rang the very true to me, when it came up during the discussion from the presentation last night. Is when they guy, the founder of Treehouse, Ryan Carson, was giving business advice talking about mistakes that they had made early on.

This is true business advice in no matter what business you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s eCommerce, if it’s info, if it’s software, it doesn’t matter. But he basically said when they first launched their business, the coding school, they almost got lucky, kind of like right place right time. And sales pretty much took off from right away. So in their first year or so, they made a lot of money, they did about a million dollars in sales. And he kind of thought okay, this is going to be easy now. Like people just are going to come to us. We’re doing a good thing, we’re helping people change their lives by teaching them the new skill set.

He basically thought, “Well this is going to keep growing, and this is going to keep sustaining. Because we’re doing the right thing, and it’s working now.” So because of that, he started to kind of get lazy, and he implemented in his company a 32 hour work week instead of 40. Because he thought, “Why does everyone work forty hours a week? We can get away with only 32.” He tried to outsource things, that you really can’t outsource. Such as, the creation of their sales process. Things like actually buying media, without any real plan. He tried to outsource that to companies. Before they had done it all themselves.

And what started to happen, is sales started to decline. The people that were paying $25 a month, a lot of the early ones, stopped paying because they got what they needed. And the people that they were trying to hire, without any real plan, just weren’t performing. Because why would they? They didn’t have a marketing plan. He hired them, and basically wanted them to come up with one. And when it’s your business, guess what? You have to take responsibility.

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What else happened? People working 32 hours a week, including him, didn’t prove to be enough time. And people just got this lazy attitude in his company, including himself, where they just weren’t doing what they had to do. And he said it went on like that for a year or so. Because at that time, he really believed that the universe basically owed him something. He believed that things would just work out if things were just … why not? Because they were doing things right, again they had a good product, they had a service out of the world,  and why wouldn’t it work out?

It doesn’t always work out. You have to make things work out. Just to give you a contrast of where that company was then, back even a couple years ago, and where they are now. Because of the, almost the laziness, or because of the belief that things were just going to happen, he basically had to lay off over 20% of his staff. He had to implement a 40 hour work week again. He works himself now 65 hours a week, instead of 32. And now his company is thriving and growing like crazy.

That belief that it was just gonna happen and it was just gonna work, almost put him out of business. It almost bankrupted the company. Now there’s a lot of people that have this belief, and this is why I wanted to talk about it. Because I know, with e-commerce, especially for people that are just getting started. They feel like, “If I build the web” …. and this isn’t everyone, this isn’t a blanket statement. But I’ve seen this time and time again. People feel like, “If I set up my website, and I set up my paid traffic campaigns, why wouldn’t I make sales? Why wouldn’t I make an extra $5,000, $10,000 a month?”

Listen, you can. But if you get lucky, and the first time you set everything up, without ever having to go back and revisiting it and optimizing it, if you’re making that much money that’s great. But even then, don’t think that it’s going to happen month, after month, after month. Because this stuff, even though it is simple, there’s no  concepts here that are rocket science. It’s all simple, but it does take real work. And I’m not gonna sit here and give you business advice saying that you have to work 65 hours a week, and 80 hours a week, because you absolutely don’t.

But don’t think that if things are either good for you, or bad for you, that they’re just gonna magically get better. Like if you’re doing right now $ 30,000 a month, don’t think that you’re just owed that. And for the next five years, you’re going to make $30,000 a month, just because you treat your customers right, and your Shopify website looks good. It’s not that simple, you have to stay on top of your business. And you always have to be optimizing and improving. And this is especially true … and I hope the people that feel this way really hear this message, and do something about it.

If you are in a position, where you’re not where you want to be.  You’ve built your business, maybe you saw some success, maybe you haven’t had any success yet. And you just are waiting for things to start picking up and grow, it will never happen. And when I say never, of course there’s a 1% chance that something will happen, and go viral. And yeah, your store will take off, your business will take off. But it’s not, it’s just … for the sake of argument it’s not going to happen. If you’re thing, your business is not working now, and you do nothing, it’s not gonna work tomorrow, okay?

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And the reason I wanted to kind of talk about what I learned last night, and tie this into the whole eCommerce thing, is because there was a post also, yesterday in one of our private Facebook groups. Where Lucina, who’s a student Drop Ship Lifestyle made an awesome post. Got everyone you know motivated, and just, it’s great for the community. But Lucina said that she just had her best month ever in sales, for June. Her goal, her sales target is thirty K., $30,000. And she’s like $2,500 away from it now.

So she did like over $27,000 in sales so far. About to break her first target of $30,000 in a month. Her store now has done almost $100,000 in sales I think, which was another big target of hers. And that’s awesome. So Lucina, if you’re listening to this, awesome work. ‘Cause I know you didn’t just join one of our programs, and click a few buttons, and have it happen. You earned this, this is your win. And we’re very happy for you, and I’m happy that I could write the training to get you there. But this is your win.

And then the reason again, that I’m tying this back in, because Lucina obviously did what she had to do to make this happen. But then there were mostly all, just congratulatory comments and posts on this thread, of people saying, “Awesome.” “Nice Work.” “Great Job.” But then someone made a comment, and just asked, “Wow, what has changed?” ‘Cause this person said that they built their first store about three years ago.

Think about how, think about where you were in three years ago. And how much changes in three years. But this person said that they built their store three years ago, and barely made any sales until about six weeks ago. Okay, and then they said, basically that their journey has been underwhelming, and they’re very curious what Lucina did. Or did the changes come out of nowhere, to start making sales? And I read that, and … this isn’t meant to be mean or anything.

But if you did anything for three years, and barely made any sales. Or if you’re on a diet for three years, and you barely lost any weight. Or if you were trying to learn how to code for three years, and you couldn’t make a basic website. Don’t you have to look in the mirror, at some point, and think, “What am I doing and what’s not working?”  I don’t know why, if I built any website, and I actively worked on it. And a lot less than three years went by, and I wasn’t seeing results, I would either pivot, or I would try new things. Or I would shut it down, if it was just proven not to work at all.

And then the part about this comment that really got me, what was very … it said, “Did the sales just seem to come out of nowhere?” And it’s like, no of course the sales didn’t seem to come out of nowhere, because nothing comes out of nowhere. You don’t just build a store, and then out of nowhere do $100,000 in sales with a 30% to 35% net margin. It’s not out of nowhere, it’s because of work. It’s because of putting in the time and setting goals. It’s because of doing the things that are necessary to do, to get those results.

So for the person that made that comment, if you’re listening to this business advice, or if anyone else has that mindset, just know that nothing happens just because it happens. There’s things that we do, there’s actions that we take, there’s plans that we set, and those things lead to our results. So never think it’s just going to come out of nowhere. Don’t think that if it’s not working now, by just sitting there on it and waiting, that it’s gonna work tomorrow. You have to make it work, okay?

The Best Business Advice I Can Give You

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Literally, the best business advice I can give you is, the universe owes you nothing. And no one’s going to save you, if you’re not in a place where you’re happy. You create that for yourself. And once you take that responsibility for, not just your business, but everything in your life. Once you know it all comes back to you, use that as your motivation, use that as your why. So that you can do what’s necessary to succeed. And I can’t just tell you now what’s necessary. Because I know with Lucina who made this post, she credits her success to the trainings that we put out in the Dropship Blueprint. Which is awesome, and I love hearing that.

I’ll tell you, all my students, from the ones that have done $10,000, to the ones that have done almost eight figures in sales, guess what? I gave them the training, but they did the work necessary. I gave them my tools, I gave them my knowledge. But they didn’t just watch the videos, set up a basic store, in hopes that things can happen. They followed the training, they re-followed the training, and they got to work. So again, keep that in mind, no matter where you are in life. I think it’s a really powerful tip on having a successful business.

Don’t just wait for someone to come save you, because no one is coming. And just because you’re a good person, and you’re trying to do the right thing in business, it doesn’t mean things are just going to work out. You make them work out, and you can have whatever you want in business and in life. Be a good person, I’m not saying to be a bad person. Be a good person, do the right thing. But always take responsibility, and see how far you could push it. As far as you want to go, it is up to you, and no one else.

Guys, that’s just a little business advice I wanted to get across in this episode. I’m gonna get to work today, this rainy day. It’s a good day for me to catch up on on my checklist, got a few things to knock out. But hope everyone has a great day, a fun weekend, and is super productive. Again, if you are part of our online communities, look for a post from me … I would say within the next couple weeks … announcing our New York meetup.

And yeah, if you want to comment, you have any questions regarding this business advice on how to be successful … or even if you have any recommendations for where to host it, like in New York City … I would love to hear. Just go to, and then click on episodes. You can find this episode, and it’s called “No one’s going to save you.” And then leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. Alright everybody, have a good day. And I’ll speak to you soon.

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