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The Power Of Positioning For Increased Conversions & More Sales!


In part 2 of this series, Anton shares how to use the power of positioning for higher conversion rates and more SALES.  This episodes applies to those who are brand new to eCommerce, and those who have been selling online for years.

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In this episode, Anton explains how to position your store and your brand to turn more visitors into customers. Learn how to become the authority, become the expert and become the one who cares.

Some Highlights:

How to become the authority?

  • Build a niche site and pick a product type that you want to become the expert.
  • Limit your store to that product type when starting out.
  • Having bonus gifts for when they purchase your items can really help you out, especially if you offer items that you know they’ll need.

Become the expert

  • Stand out by giving personalized advice to visitors.
  • Mention who the item would be good for and also who it would not be good for (and give links to items that would be good for those people).
  • Use accolades and awards to get people to choose you over the competitor and be featured on other sites to build your credibility in the market.

Become the one who cares

  • If you get calls, answer them. If you get messages about products, answer them.
  • Being responsive to potential customers is a great way to turn them into actual customers.
  • Deliver your items on time and update people with emails of when their order ships.