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The Power Of Positioning

The Power Of Positioning: Get Supplier Approvals & Product Discounts


Anton shares how to use the power of positioning for supplier approvals AND product discounts.  This episodes applies to those who are brand new to eCommerce, and those who have been selling online for years.

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In this episode, Anton talks about how to position yourself as a power of authority. He gives advice to both newcomers and more experienced sellers on how to add credibility, get supplier approvals and also get product discounts.


Some Highlights:

For those just starting out:

  • Before calling suppliers, position yourself as someone in the industry that has a ton of knowledge about the market and the products.
  • Come to the suppliers with a marketing plan. Show them how you are going to ad money to sell their products.
  • Start working on getting accolades. Find popular blogs and other sites that you can be featured on or write them a blog post.

For the more experienced:

  • When calling a supplier, lead with your accolades and any credentials to instantly add credibility to you and your brand.
  • Let them know that people have been inquiring about their brand and you have to recommend some of the other brands you sell.
  • Find credible blogs and websites to be featured on to build your credibility.
  • Once you have a supplier, mention to them that you have been selling their products and ask them for a discount. Mention having better margins can add to increased investments in ads or you can make them a featured supplier.