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Repetition is Key


​In this episode of ​The eCommerce Lifestyle podcast, Anton shares how to run promotions that actually get results for your business. 

If you want to run any promotion with good results, you need to remind people multiple times per day, for an extended period of time.  

Listen in to ​hear why and learn his strategies ​on running promotions that actually get results for your business.

​What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • ​TS 0​1:16​ How to generate excitement about a promotion before it starts.​​​
  • ​TS ​03:57 ​The trend Anton noticed when going through ​previous closing promotions.​​​
  • ​TS 0​5:28 How to prepare your marketing calendar for the upcoming BF/CM season.​
  • ​TS ​08:01 Why you need to give the whole story when making content for your promotions.
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Hey, what's up everybody? Anton Kraly here, and welcome back to the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. In today's episode we are talking about why repetition is key, and specifically why repetition is key to successful promotions, whether this be a holiday promotion that you're running for your online business, your eCommerce store, maybe for Black Friday or Cyber Monday or Christmas or New Year, or whether it's just some random promotion that you come up with because you have something new to sell or some inventory you need to move fast.

Now, what's really important, and something that I learned over the years and I still have to remind myself of this, is that if you want a promotion to be successfully executed, it can't just be one day. Or if the promotion itself, where the thing is sold or the offer is made, is only one day, you need to do a lot of work moving up to that.

So I want to give you an actual example, which is why I have notes written down, and the example that I want to give you is something you're probably familiar with if you're listening to this podcast, which is the fact that Drop Ship Lifestyle, my eCommerce coaching program that was voted best eCommerce course by Shopify, closed for new enrollment on October 29. So I'm recording this on Halloween, the 31st, and we closed for enrollment on the 29th.

Now, the reason I say you've probably heard of that is because I know that I needed to do a big build-up. I needed to make sure that everybody and their mother knew that we were closing to new enrollment if this was going to happen successfully and if everyone was going to be aware. So some of the things that we did, and I'll go through the breakdown of this, but we closed, again, on Thursday the 29th. I started talking about the fact that we were going to close on the 21st, so this was eight days long. Leading up to the closing date, we had eight days of me talking about this, and the team making sure that everybody knew about this.

If you want to know why we're closed, then you can go listen to a previous episode I did called Why I'm Closing Drop Ship Lifestyle. I think it was four episodes ago, but I'll link to that in the description. But leading up to this for eight days, we had YouTube videos, we had YouTube ads, we had Google Display Network ads, so you probably saw those all over your favorite websites. Facebook ads obviously, Instagram ads, Instagram stories we were doing. I mentioned this on the previous, what, four or five podcasts? Push notifications to our push list. Emails every single day to our list for eight days.

So why am I telling you this? It's because we needed people to know. I don't want people coming now and saying, "Oh, I can't believe you closed. Why wasn't I aware of this?" And it should be the same thing of when Black Friday and Cyber Monday come, right? For your eCommerce stores, you don't just say, "Hey, email list, today's Black Friday. Save 10% on our store," because they're not going to buy. And look at this.

Here's exact numbers, what I mean by this. Day one was October 21 when I started talking about the fact that we're closing. Out of all of the new members that we had enrolled over this eight day period, on that day, October 21, 12.9% of the total volume of new members enrolled that day. Pretty good. Almost 13% on the first day. Now, days two through seven. Remember, I'm talking about this every day. Our team's working on this. We're sending emails. We're all over social. Days two to seven, on average, only 5.7% of new members enrolled in that window.

So you might look at that and think, "Well, why are you even talking about this?" Right? "What's the point if nobody's enrolling, nobody's joining the program?" Relatively low in perspective with the whole amount of new members that enrolled. But on day eight, the final day, 53% of new members during this window of enrollment enrolled. 53% in one day out of eight days. Listen, these numbers are the exact numbers that I just pulled from our dashboard for this promotion because it's our most recent.

But looking back, we review every promotion we do at the end. It always works this way. On the first day of your promotion, you're going to get a sizeable amount of sales on your eCommerce stores or any business you're running promotions for. In the middle of the promotion, things are going to look slow. The numbers are going to drop significantly, and on the last day, especially as that deadline approaches closer and closer and closer, that's when you're going to have 50% plus of sales come in.

Now, why is this important? What can you take away from this? Well, what I used to do, and what you might be doing is wait until you have a promotion. So let's just say it's Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is coming, you make up all-new site banners on your website. You make a really cool graphic for an image that you can insert that you could post on social, and then either you or someone on your team wakes up on Cyber Monday morning, maybe you even schedule it to go out on midnight, and you post it everywhere and say, "Hey, here's our offer." Right? "Here's this thing."

What's going to happen then? People are going to see it, I'm sure, but the amount of people that are going to see it, because you're only giving them one opportunity, is going to be very, very low. Not only that, you haven't warmed them up that this thing is coming, that this offer is here, so they're not...

What you have to take them from, if you only post it that day is, "Wow, this offer is here right now. Now I have to convince myself I even want to buy this thing." Let's say you're selling standup desks. "Wow. Now I really need to convince myself I need to stand up desk. Not only that, do I need it today?" And yes, with one day promotions, people will buy, but you're selling yourself so, so short by doing that.

So what we do, now that we're moving into the next round of holidays here, and what you should be doing, is make your marketing calendar at least a week before the actual sale happens. So let's just say, I'm going to pull up my calendar for a second here, Black Friday this year is what? It's the 29th of November. So going to come into November. Yep. Thanksgiving is the 28th. Black Friday is November 29. Listen, if you're not sending emails to your list, if you're not posting on social, if you're not running ads on Google Display Network by at least November 25, you're going to miss out.

Now, this is what I'm talking about with your promotion maybe only even being one day. Let's just say you decide for your business that you only want to have the sale for that day, for Black Friday, November 29. You should still be letting people know that it's coming. That way they're getting the message from you. They're aware. They're starting to prepare themselves, like, "Am I actually going to buy this thing when this offer unlocks?"

Again, even if they can't get the offer right away, you're warming them up to it, so when that email goes out on Friday, November 29, and says, "Hey, promotion's open," they're not just having to decide, "Do I actually even want this thing?" Or, "Oh, who is this email from?" They're well aware of what's happening. They're going to your website ready to buy. At least the people that are qualified and want the thing you have to offer. It's going to increase your numbers by tenfold at least.

So I want to hop back into my notes here for a second, because there's a few other really important points here, and one of them is you might be thinking like, "Okay, Anton. If I'm going to talk about a promotion for five days or eight days like we do, and if I'm going to be emailing it, what am I possibly going to send to everybody every time, or what am I going to post on social every time?" And I'll tell you what we do in all of our businesses is a lot of the same. Once you know what the offer is that you're making, and once you know how you want to position it, you should be repeating that message.

So when I'm talking about an eight-day promotion or a five day promotion, I'm not talking about switching things up with every email. Not the same exact emails, but I'm not talking about making different offers every day or coming up with this whole new brand new idea, because one thing that is super important to remember is even if you do what we do and spread the message everywhere, literally to the point that I had friends that I haven't heard from in five years calling me and being like, "Hey, what's happening with Drop Ship Lifestyle?" And I had people at the gym asking me what happened, and we don't talk about business at the gym. I didn't think anybody knows what I do, and people asked me about it there. So, yeah, get the word out.

But the thing is, going back to this content you're creating for your promotions, what you need to make sure of, and this is something I learned from this book I'll share with you right here, Ogilvy on Advertising ... No, this is the unpublished David Ogilvy. Amazing, amazing book. The first, literally the first chapter in this book, which is one sentence long, is something that changed the game for how we do all of our promotions and marketing.

But he says, "Every advertisement must tell the whole sales story because the public does not read advertisements in series." Okay? I'm going to read that one more time and I'll post it in the description of this as well because it's prolific. "Every advertisement must tell the whole sales story because the public does not read advertisements in series."

So no matter how big your email list is, no matter how much money you're going to spend on Facebook ads for your promotion, no matter how many YouTube videos you're going to make, people don't watch all of them. You can't assume that the email you send out on Monday leading up to your Black Friday promo is going to be read by the people that read the Tuesday email or the Wednesday or the Thursday or the Friday. So in all of your content, when you're building up to whatever it is you're promoting for whatever date, make sure you're giving the whole story.

So with Drop Ship Lifestyle, the fact that we were closing, I was sharing every single time in all of the content why we're closing, what I'm working on now, what our members can expect in the future, what people should do if they don't get in, which by the way, if you didn't get a chance to enroll in Drop Ship Lifestyle, just go to and click on eCommerce courses. It'll take you to a page that says we're closed, but you can enter your info there, receive updates as I'm working on all the new projects that we're working on, and just know what's happening kind of behind the scenes, and when you can have a chance to get in.

But the point is, no matter where you're creating content for, let people know what's happening. Let them know what the promotion is. Let them know when it ends. Let them know why it's so great, but repeat those messages over and over and over. Repetition is key. People do not remember anything, because they get blasted by a million emails and ads every day. So be consistent in your messaging. Make it repetitive so people don't forget, and so that people know what's going on.

Don't assume, again, that people that saw ad one are going to see ad two. Don't assume that the person watching your YouTube video also read your email. Don't assume the person seeing your Instagram story is even aware that you have a promotion going on. So consistency, repetition, that is key to successful promotions. Long periods of time are good because it gives you a chance to reach multiple people at multiple points. Build the hype, get the orders, have an amazing Q4, but this works for any promotion you're going to do at any point of the year. So keep that in mind. Hope you found that helpful.

A couple of things I'll say before signing off and getting back to work. TikTok. We have a TikTok now. We're building it up. We're playing around on there. So if you have a TikTok account, go on there and search for Drop Ship Lifestyle and just follow our page. We're putting out content there daily now, so check that out. Just go on the app, again, search Drop Ship Lifestyle, and if you want more info on what we're doing for Q4 on the eCommerce side, check out two recent episodes I did. I'll link them below as well. One is called There is Still Time: Q4 Sales Strategies, and the other is called How to Make More Money This Holiday Season. So two episodes. I'll link them below. Check them out.

And as always, guys, if you got value from this podcast, please do go over to Apple Podcasts and leave a review. Let me know what you think. It helps the show grow, and I really do enjoy reading them. So thanks again. I'm going to get back to work and I'll talk to you guys on Monday in the next episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. See ya.