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Stop Being So Modest


In this episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, Anton shares why there’s no room for modesty in the world of high level b2b eCommerce.

  • If you are, in your mind, still on "the journey" to having the authority in what you sell and your potential customer picks up on that, that customer will give their money to a competitor who comes across as the authority.
  • Change your messaging on your site to show why YOU are number one in your niche.
  • Getting gold suppliers approved, even one, can add so much credibility to get more gold and silver suppliers to sign on to let you sell.
  • To be the authority on day one, look at magazines and websites and associations that have authority already. Being mentioned by them will go a long way to add to your credibility.
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    Good morning everybody. Anton Kraly here from coming to you on a rainy Wednesday morning. Yeah, rainy Wednesday morning in Austin, Texas, and just wanting to record a quick one today to share a message, and this is something that is top of mind because I had a conversation yesterday with somebody that I work with, and it was about something that we had kind of strategized to do maybe a year ago now, and it's just paid off so many times, and now it's paying off just so much more than ever. And I'll get into specifically what that is, but this is a tactic to use for E-commerce when you're selling anything that can even remotely be seen as a B to B product. Does not have to be strictly B to B by any means, but something that businesses would consider purchasing from you.

    So, the title ... What I think I'm going to call this episode is Stop Being so Modest. And I guess first what I'll do is explain what I mean by that. A lot of people, and I get it, I was like this too, when we first get into E-commerce specifically [inaudible 00:01:12] specially, if we are selling products that we're not all that familiar with,, maybe we think like, "Okay, I'll try this out. I'll see if it works and hopefully if everything goes right, maybe in five or 10 years I'll be an expert in this field, and my site will be number one in this niche, and I'll get all the sales, and we'll be the authority." And the thing that I'm here to tell you is don't wait so long and definitely don't do anything, even subconsciously, on your website to convey that message to the person on the other end of the screen. To the visitor, to the potential shopper.

    Because here's the thing, if you are, let's say your first year in business with your store or your second year or third year, and in your mind you're still on the journey to becoming the authority, then if the visitor picks up on that at all, and what I mean is if they think, "Okay, this site is a site that sells products X, Y, Z, but they're not the one yet. They don't have that authority. There's someone else that I'm looking at that's better than them." Especially if it's a business buyer, they are going to choose the other website. They are going to choose the one that shows off their credibility. They're going to choose the one with the authority, and they are going to give them their money.

    So, back to this person that I work with and what happened with them is when we made this conscious decision to sell B to B and to really focus on that and just show off things like featured clients and different people we've worked with, then guess what? That adds instant authority. And then when people come to the website, they can fill out the contact form for either wholesale inquiries or business to business inquiries, and this just led to a massive franchise, one of the biggest franchises in the states. Literally, every store they build and every store that remodel ordering through a one of our companies.

    So, this is something that wouldn't have happened if we conveyed the message, "Hey, we're ... We sell these things like everybody else, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." No, we had to change the messaging, not wait for it to happen, but change the messaging to we're number one. This is why. So, I'll give you some examples, but first I want to talk about the psychology of this. It's kind of the same thing. If you're listening to this and you're a drop shipper and if you're part of and my programs there, then it's kind of like how we always focus on getting approved with the best suppliers. And as I'm sure you've realized, as soon as you get one gold supplier under your belt, as soon as you get one gold supplier approval and you show them off on your website, well then when you're contacting the other gold suppliers and definitely the silver suppliers, and they see, "Whoa, this company is approved to sell for one of the big dogs in this space." Then it just adds so much credibility and social proof that you get those approvals almost right away. It's kind of like you have to mess up not to get them.

    So, it's the same thing when you are selling online and when you're trying to start to tap into that B to B space, because again, this can literally could be a business on its own. But what I'm talking about is just adding it as a part of your existing E-commerce stores.

    So, some of the things that you can do to, again, not wait to become the authority and just make yourself the authority from day one or at least start pushing that direction from day one instead of waiting is look in your industry, and look to see like what the most respected publications and associations are. So, this could be things like literally associations for product X, Y, Z, or for customer Avatar X, Y, Z, whatever it is. It could also be things like getting published in different trade magazines or media on blogs would be better if it was something more traditional. It would be things like being mentioned in all different top media sites.

    So, you want to start that from day one, but what's even better to start doing is tracking obviously who all your customers are and trying to get those early deals where it ... Depends what your industry is, but where big buyers and big companies are buying from you. So, let me give you an example. If you were selling modern office furniture, what you would want to do, obviously, is track every inquiry that's coming into your website, people that are asking questions, people that are on live chat, people that are emailing in. See where they're contacting you from, and let's just say you get a live chat from someone at, and they opened up a new office, let's say here in Austin, and they're just looking for a couple of new modern sectionals that you sell. Well, guess what? Do what you gotta do, even if you're selling that at break even to get that sale because then on your website you can add right on your homepage, a list of featured clients, and you could have the Facebook logo right there.

    And then what's going to happen again, just like the supplier situation is when other companies are on your website, maybe a small startup like mine, here in Austin were on that website, and we say, "Oh, look at that. They actually sold to Facebook also in Austin. Okay. That's good. That adds social proof. If they are buying from them, this company is probably legit. We'll go ahead and at least start a conversation as well." So, you want to get those early on deals, and honestly, if you're listening to this right now, and let's just say you sell modern office furniture, and let's say you've been selling modern office furniture for the past year, two, three, five, whatever, and you've never tracked this before, just go ahead and export a list of all of your orders and just start looking at the email addresses, and there's a good chance you've already sold to a lot of businesses without even knowing it. So, go ahead, take all that data.

    And then again, some of the quick wins you can get are by putting these as featured clients on your homepage, and the next step there is by building a To the Trade page, and on that page it could be, call it a wholesale page to the trade page, whatever. This is where modesty ... You have no room for modesty. Because again, business buyers, they want to buy from companies that are reputable. They want to buy from companies that already have sold to usually their competitors or to other large companies, and they want to do business with people that are the authority on this too [inaudible 00:07:31] is where there is no modesty. I don't care if you've only sold to three other clients [inaudible 00:07:38]

    I want you to blow that up and play it up as if you were Donald Trump. Take your accomplishments and turn them into the biggest story in the world because that's going to help you to close more of these corporate deals. And again, like I mentioned earlier, just with this person that I work with, not only has it led to, I don't know how many dozen [inaudible 00:08:01] but now a contract with one of the biggest because franchises that are going to be ordering through our site for every new store they build out and for every existing store that they remodel.

    So, definitely go ahead and get this done. Again, it's well worth it. It's not replacing your current business. It's just drastically increasing your conversions and how many of those businesses that land on your website that actually do reach out, start a conversation, and possibly place hundreds of thousands of dollars of orders with you. So, go get that done.

    A quick message for everybody. I'm going to start ending the podcast this way, probably occasionally, but if you're listening to this, this sounds good to you, you want to learn more about our strategies for this, and if you're part of Drop Ship Lifestyle, uh, send me an email and on Anton, A-N-T-O-N so I can get you the details about our retreat in Prague this year. It's going to be in Prague in September. Going to be talking a lot about branding and what we're doing in our companies. Would love to have you there. So again, if you're part of Drop Ship Lifestyle, send me email [email protected], and I'll get you the details on Prague. If you're listening to this and you're not part of yet, go there. Click on courses, get enrolled. It will change your life if you're serious about this. We have over 10,000 students from over 40 countries at this point. Thousands of success stories from all around the world, and if you're just getting started, I would love to share my system with you. Help you get started on the right path. Again, When you get there, click on courses, get enrolled, and I'll see you there.

    All right guys, I'm going to head into the office, and I'll talk to you all in the next episode of The E-commerce Lifestyle Podcast. See ya everybody.


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