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STOP “Going Through The Motions”

STOP “Going Through The Motions”


Episode 330

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Anton shares a realization he had over the past 2 weeks, and what to do when life gets stale.

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What's up guys, Anton Kraly here. And welcome back to the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. So today the episode is going to be a bit different, I think, than normal; just because I wanted to share something that's been on my mind very much so over the past few days, and something that I kind of had as a wake up call or realization that I was happy I had sooner rather than later.

And this isn't at all directly related to eCommerce. So, our normal episodes are typically trying to help you to grow your revenue, automate your operations and become the authority in your niche.

This one is more on the satisfaction side or the lifestyle side, call it the excitement side. But just in general, the thing that drives you to build your business, to do better and to really appreciate what you have and life.

So this one, again, it might just be me talking to myself. I honestly, I have no idea if anyone else feels the same way that I've felt over the past couple years now, or if it, again, it's just me. If it's just me, then this really is me talking to myself.

But if you feel the same, I just want to share, again, some of the things I've been paying attention to, some of the things I've noticed very recently that have made me feel a lot better about what it is I do and really what it is I have.

So with no surprise to anybody, the past two years have been completely crazy, obviously because of COVID. And now there's the war between obviously Russia going into Ukraine.

And it's just like, there's been all this nonstop, negative talk or negativity; not with people I surround myself with, hopefully you don't either, that's a day different problem, but just online, with social media and all the platforms you use. It just seems like automatically these things get recommended and it's, I guess, always been that way. Maybe not always, but at least for the past maybe five years or so.

But what I noticed is when everything first started with COVID, right, way back, when was it? March. What year was it? 2020. When things first started and everything actually got locked down, things changed because they were pretty much forced to change, right?

You couldn't really travel. You couldn't go to most stores. Just life was different. And for someone like me and possibly like you who really focuses heavily a lifestyle design and being able to spend their time enjoying what it is they have, I don't want to say it was hard.

It wasn't hard for me, it was more of just an acceptance of, "Okay. There's obviously a worldwide pandemic. We need to do what we need to do, and let's get through this and move back on with life," right?

So I'm not talking about being depressed or anything like that, but originally it was just like, "Okay, it is what it is," right. And then obviously time went on and things didn't get better. Things got worse and things didn't reopen, and then they did, and then they closed again.

And there was just this constant cycle of just this, again, negative news compounded by negativity that you see people sharing online, right? And then when you want to even mix in politics to it, it's just been this... What's the best way to describe it? This place where you're... Not...

I know we're not actually locked down, locked down, so I don't want to overuse that term, but where you're doing less than you normally would. You're having less experiences in life than you would normally experience.

And if those are the things that bring you joy and happiness like for me, then that factor is removed and the negativity is not only still there, but increased.

Now, where this led me? Again, not depression, not being like, "Oh, what's the meaning of life?" Or anything like that. But I realized that led me to a place where all I've been doing probably for the better part of two years, maybe the past 18 months or so, once I kind of...

Unfortunately, I didn't want to do this but I kind of adjusted to the fact that life is different. It led me to a place where what I've been doing in my businesses is going through the motions, right.

I've been doing what I know how to do. Of course, part of that is learning, part of that is improving, but I'm just repeating and repeating and repeating. And the experiences, again, the things in life, the people I get to see, the places I get to go; just in general, the things that bring me joy just haven't been there at the same frequency, right?

I've still been able to do certain things but it doesn't look what it looked like for me three, four, five years ago. And what I realized is going through these emotions and not having rewards for myself, I kind of lost the excitement of it.

So not to say I've given up on anything but it just didn't feel the same, if that makes sense. Doing the things that I need to do, getting results, obviously having strong businesses; but not having that equation that isn't a number, it's not financial but it's that goal. It's that reward. It's enjoying the fruits of your labor, if that's what you want to call it.

And if you're a member of my coaching program, Drop Ship Lifestyle, you're probably aware there's a whole mindset lesson in module zero that talks about how I'm a big proponent of setting micro rewards for yourself.

And when you hit certain goals, reward yourself to certain things, right? Whether that be going for a massage or going for a five star dinner, or taking a weekend trip even to a beach and staying in a really nice hotel, right? All these different things.

And those things just haven't existed for me, again, and probably for many people for the past two years. So basically, yeah, what I want to say is I got to the point where taking things for granted and not rewarding myself, going through the motions and found myself, and this is literally within the past couple weeks, found myself in a place where I realized, is this life now?

And a couple things made me realize that, no, it's not. And I need to snap out of this sooner rather than later. So I'll share those things with you and then share some things that I'm doing to reignite that excitement out of life that again, is provided to me through the businesses that I run that allow me to not have to work that much and be able to generate really sizable incomes for myself.

So the first thing that I noticed, and this is the one that really snapped me is; last week on Friday, my mom actually asked me if I could help her to take my grandma to a dentist appointment.

Now, my grandma lives in assisted living home now. So basically, she's too old and too weak to take care of herself and do the daily things that a person would need to do to live alone.

So, she lives at this place where there's people and staff that help her when she needs help. Now, I went there. I've never been to this place before because she moved in during COVID, and because of COVID, you can't go see family when they live in places like that. So, I hadn't been there yet to see her.

So, we go there and then I realize that the place she lives is actually a building divided in two. One side is the assisted living side where people just need help because they're too old to do things themselves. The other side is what they call, I believe it was memory care. And that's for the people that literally... They have dementia, they don't even know what they're doing.

And I hadn't seen anything like that. I don't even know if it's... maybe only in movies in my life. And the feeling I got just even standing outside that building and hearing some of the even just noises people were making that didn't have their minds anymore.

It shook me because these people, some of them were probably at the youngest, maybe 80 years old or so, right, and maybe even younger. It's hard to tell. Then on the assisted living side, it's all people in wheelchairs that are just so slow they can't do anything for themselves.

And why that shook me is because right now at the time I'm recording this, I'm 37 years old, right. And this isn't like a midlife crisis but I realized that I have one life as far as I know, just like you; and I haven't, for the past two years, been doing the things that I'm capable of.

Again, not on the business side, on the lifestyles side of things; just because for a while things were all locked down and that just kind of subconsciously changed what I saw as rewards and as experiences. And I haven't been doing enough of them.

So I realized that obviously life is short and to get stuck in a trap where you are only going through the motions and repeating the motions that you know were to bring success, but you're not taking advantage of that lifestyle side of things, things can go fast, right? Life keeps moving.

Again. It's been like over two years already and for some people, and I don't think this would've been me, but you never know. What if I just forgot about what life was like before? Right. What I used to do, what I used to experience, what I used to enjoy.

And then before you know it, I'm 60 years old, 70 years old, 80 years old. And hopefully, not dealing with a memory care thing. Hopefully, not being bound to a wheelchair, needing people to do everything I need for me.

But it just, I don't know, it really shook me. And it just showed me that not just when things are finally a thousand percent clear again, and when people aren't negative online, and when there's not wars, and when people aren't fighting about politics, and when COVID's finally... when we are at zero cases, that's when things are good.

And again, I've been doing sporadic things but it just showed me that, not just then, but literally now, today and every single day to make the most out of it, to take advantage of the lifestyle that the businesses provide me with, to set those micro rewards, to experience more because experiences to me are all that matter.

Material things, I really don't care. So that's just... it's something that instantly, it reignited in me, brought the passion back for obviously live events I have for my company Drop Ship Lifestyle, our retreats every year in Portugal. It's going to be this year after being postponed two years, thanks to COVID.

And there's lots of other things I'm doing behind the scenes as I work through this with my family; and what we're going to be doing moving forward just to keep that at excitement, keep that motivation and not just go through the motions of business because that is what I know and that's what works, but to be able to actually appreciate the results that come from it and take advantage of life while health is here and honestly, while freedom is here because that was another thing.

Looking at Ukraine right now, these people that were able to do anything they wanted, maybe now how long [inaudible] the war's been, the time I'm recording this? 10 days able to do whatever they wanted.

Now, people have to try to run from their homes to get out of areas that are being bombed at no fault of their own. They lost that freedom. So, things like that.

Again, if you felt like, I don't want to say like business is boring but life is dull. And work on your own goals, reward yourself, get out there, experience it while you can, while you have your health, while you have safety, while you have freedom, because life is short and in the end, that is why we do this.

So, just a rant guys. Again, something I wanted to share. I don't know. If you do feel the same way or if you felt the same way, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

You can go over to, leave a comment on the podcast or just go to Apple Podcasts if you want to leave... I don't think you can leave a comment, but if you can leave a review, right, if you felt the same way, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

And with that being said, I've been parked outside of our studio here for about five minutes now, talking to myself. So I'm going to go in and get some work done, but thank you all. I appreciate you. Stay healthy, stay safe, enjoy life and take advantage of the freedom and health you have. See you everybody.