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The Pendulum Swings


Anton talks about the near future of direct response ads for eCommerce, how the big spenders are starting to shift from Facebook to Google, and why you should too.

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The market changes over time and the eCommerce market is no different. In this week’s episode, Anton mentions the shift from Facebook Ads to Google Ads and how you should move some of your budget to Google now so when it becomes the dominant form of ads in a year or two, you are already an expert.

Some highlights:

  • When Facebook Ads came out, they were incredibly targeted and cheap. Since everyone is on Facebook, it became a great idea to use Facebook Ads.
  • Facebook has recently come under some scrutiny for privacy and has removed some features and as more people are using Facebook Ads and the limited ad space, the ads are rising in price.
  • Although Facebook Ads are still good, people have become “Ad Blind” and are responding less to ads than before.
  • With Google Ads, people are already searching and are already potential customers so your ads will give you a much higher return.
  • If you had $500 for marketing, you should put 90% into Google product listing ads and 10% for re-marketing on YouTube.
  • YouTube’s in-stream ads work the best as your ad will stream before, or during videos that people are watching.
  • You should consider making the switch now and get ahead of the game. Once Google Ads becomes dominant again, you will already be an expert.
  • Anton Kraly says:

    Google Ads > Facebook all day for high ticket sales!

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