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In this episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast, Anton talks about tier 1 and tier 2 sources of content and traffic.

  • I was recently on a podcast called "Casting the Pod" about how there is an order to everything. 
  • We talked about how people will ask us about their businesses and I mentioned that if someone wanted to spin off a podcast from their business, that'd I would tell them to make sure they are at least 7-figures and have all the proper channels in place.
  • Focus on paid traffic, get good at that and once that's set, I would focus on your second tier (like podcasting).
  • You need to make sure your potential customers already trust you before you create a podcast and hope the podcast leads to more sales.

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    Good morning, everybody. Anton Kraly here from, and welcome to another episode of The eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, coming at you today on Thursday morning, I think. Actually, no, I know today. Finally know the date. It's March 28th, and I am driving into the office out here in Austin for the second to last time. Pretty sad but also pretty exciting. If you didn't hear the last episode about kind of where we're going and why, definitely check that out. It's called It's Time For a Change.

    But wanted to get you a quick message today as I'm coming in here, and the reason I wanted to do this is to share something that came up when I was a guest on somebody else's podcast yesterday. So the podcast host yesterday, his name was Adam. He has a podcast called The Million Pound Mission, and he's into health and fitness, and his mission, pretty obvious, is to help people lose a million pounds of weight. He lost a hundred pounds himself, but I was not on that podcast. I was not on his fitness podcast.

    I was on another one he has that's called Casting the Pod, and it's really just about podcasting, so a podcast about podcasts, and on it, he talks to people about their podcasts, their experience with them, what they're good at, what they might need help with. And just so you know, you probably realized if you haven't by now that I am in no way a expert at this podcasting stuff. I would say 90% of the time I'm coming to you from my phone just pulling out of the parking lot where I get my coffee. So, yeah, no production team behind this, but it was still cool to share my automations and my processes to have basically this eight to 10 minutes of me talking turned into something that gets seen by ... I'm not going to get into numbers, but get seen by a lot of people in a very short amount of time, so that was fun.

    But the point is, of this episode, is not about that. It's not about podcasting, but it's about how there is an order to everything. So I think I'm going to title it that, There's An Order to This. The reason that came up is because with Adam, again, the guy I spoke to yesterday when we did the podcast, he was telling me so many people come to him and they're like, "Hey, I have this business idea," and sometimes it's an info product, sometimes it's a physical product, and they're like, "My goal here is I'm going to start this podcast. I'm going to refer people to my store. I'm going to be my own sponsor of my podcast. I'm going to get affiliate deals, and I'm going to just get other people to sponsor it," and they basically see like the podcasting as an opportunity to get traffic, to get customers, and to get sales, and they want to use it for new businesses that don't have any momentum.

    What was really cool is we got to dive deep into that, and I got to share my thoughts, and I think it might help maybe you, if you're listening to this, so I'll also share a link to the full podcast I did with him. We went on for about an hour about this, but I think it's not going to be up for a couple of months, like six weeks or so, but I will share a link on my Facebook page when it comes out.

    So just to get the message across to you quick, basically what I said to him, what my advice would be if somebody told me that, that they are building this new eCommerce store, and let's just say they were in the health and wellness space, and if they were selling things like treadmills and weights and home gym equipment and resistance bands and all that fun stuff, kettle bells, and they said, "Hey, I want to start a podcast so that I can promote my store." I would say, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't do that until you have at least a seven-figure store, at least. Until you're making money every single day consistently and you have processes and you have a team and you have proven channels that convert for you, don't even think about putting your time into a podcast."

    Now, if you're thinking like, "Well, I thought podcasts where the new up and coming thing, and I thought there were so many benefits." Listen, there are, but again, title of this episode, there's an order to this. The way podcasting works at most people's scale, okay, is it's not an entry point into your business. This is very important. It's not a way that you're going to randomly have somebody stumble upon you, click a link to your podcast, listen to it, then go to your store and buy your stuff. Or even if you have an info product, they're not going to randomly find your podcasts, listen to an episode, and go buy your stuff.

    Now, this where it gets a little bit ... There's a distinction. Will people listen to your episodes and buy your stuff? Yes, absolutely, but again, not as an entry point. So what does that mean, and how do we use podcasting to actually have it as a leverage point to increase our conversion rate, to increase brand loyalty, and just to have fun with it?

    Well, the way that I would tell the new person getting into eCommerce, or the person that's not at seven figures in sales yet, that they should build their business is on paid traffic, and if you're part of Drop Ship Lifestyle, you know this already. By the way, if you're not, go to, again,, and you'll see exactly how we do this, how we get paid traffic and turn it into money. But when you're first starting out, again, going up to, call it just a million bucks in sales, you need to get good at paid traffic for a couple of reasons.

    One is because you have control of it. What I mean by that is, if you're spending the money, you know where the money is going, you know what people are buying, and you can turn it up as much as you want, you can turn it down as much as you want, but it's like a faucet that you can turn up the dial on and turn the dial back on as you see fit and as you need to. Okay, so you have complete control, not just of where it's coming from and how much is coming, but when you want it to come and how fast it starts.

    When you're talking about things like podcasting, and even things like search engine optimization, while again they have their time and their place, they take time, and you do not have ultimate control. Not saying they're not worth your time, but in the beginning, up to a million in sales, no way. Don't waste your time. Focus on paid, make a bunch of money. Then start building what I would call your tier two sources of traffic, and one of them is podcasting.

    So here's the order. People click on one of your paid ads for your store or your business. They go to your website. Maybe they buy something, maybe they opt in for something. Maybe they just leave. Based on what happens, we are going to give them more content, right? So let's just say somebody comes to our website that's selling, again, we're selling home gyms. Okay? Somebody comes to the website, they're on the home gym website. Maybe they clicked a Facebook ad or a Google ad. They're searching around a little bit. They leave, they don't buy anything. Okay. Whatever. They're gone. What's going to happen when they go on Facebook, when they go back to Facebook?

    Well, for one, we're going to show them remarketing ads where we're getting them to actually go back to the product pages that they were looking at. But, because they were also on our website, because they've had that first interaction with us, we're going to start showing them different ads for our podcasts. Okay? So maybe they, again, were looking at fitness equipment related to cardio, so when they're on Facebook we'll say, "Hey, make sure you check out this podcast where we interview, whatever, this person on how to lose 5% body fat in the next 60 days." Right? Something like that. And then they can click that ad, they can go to our website, they can listen to the podcast, they can get value. And in that podcast, then we can say, "By the way, if you want the best equipment that's going to help you on your journey as you lose 5% body fat in the next 60 days, make sure you check out our new home gym model number 123 and use coupon code podcast to save 5%." Right? Whatever it is.

    But that is the time and the place for these podcasts. That is how they fall into the order of traffic. Okay? So that was the first example I gave, right? Somebody is on your website, they don't buy, they're back on Facebook, then that's the order. Show them the ad for the podcast, take them to listen to it. In that podcast, make the offer for whatever thing it is that you want to sell. That's where these things work.

    Another thing that could happen, all right? They go to your website, they opt in for your mailing list or they abandon a cart, and they don't buy. Okay, well, you're still showing them links on Facebook to go back to the products. You're also showing them ads on Facebook to go to the podcast, and in your email, you're sending an email sequence that we use called our indoctrination sequence. By the way, you can learn more about that at, but we're sending them to our indoctrination sequence, and in those emails we're saying, "Hey, by the way, we noticed you're interested in health and fitness. Make sure you check out our podcast. We share top tips for weight loss," and whatever it is, muscle recovery and whatever else the things are about, right? So we're sending people to it that way. Again, know the order of how this stuff works. It's not your entry point.

    And then finally, people buy from you, they become customers. Great. They're on Facebook, we're still showing them whenever we have new podcasts to strengthen that relationship with them, and because we're doing it this way, we're able to really leverage the fact that we have a podcast. It builds relationships, but it does not create them from scratch. The reason I can say this so confidently is because we have tested it, and whenever we've run ads from Facebook or Google to cold traffic, meaning people who don't know us yet, whenever we've run those ads straight to our podcasts, nothing really comes out of it. And it makes sense, right? Like if you didn't know me, right now, you listening to this, if you didn't know me, if you've never seen any of my stuff online, and somebody just ... If I showed you an ad for a podcast and it was called Here's The Order to Things, what are the chances that you're going to click it, again, not knowing who I am, not knowing who my brand is? What are the chances that you would click it, listen in to it, and then buy something through it? They're almost nothing. They're definitely small enough to make it not worth your time.

    So, again, there's a lot of things, not even just podcasts, but because that's top of mind, it's what I'm talking about now, that definitely serve a purpose that many people should be doing once they are successful, but just know that there is an order to this, and if you want to get results, you really need to have things line up to get maximum results, or else even the best idea could be worthless in terms of reach and in terms of revenue.

    So again, if you are new here, you want to know more about how I do this stuff, and again, assuming you're brand new, definitely go to, again, That's where I talk about exactly how to get started. And if you are a little bit more advanced on your journey, hop on over to, and I've got a bunch of cool resources over there, again, for those power sellers.

    So that's it, guys. I'm at the office. I'm going to head in and start today. Again, second to last day, and yeah. Let me also say, if you got value from this, please do leave a review in iTunes. I really appreciate it, and it helps with that reach I am talking about. Just a quick review. If you didn't like it, that's fine. If you do, I would love to know about it. And yeah, I'm heading in, finish up packing up, get some training done, run some new ads, and I'll talk to you all in the next episode of The eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. Thank you, everybody.

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