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Top 5 Shopify Apps For 2021


Anton shares the top 5 Shopify Apps for increasing sales and customer satisfaction in 2021.

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One of my favorite things about Shopify as an E-commerce platform is the App Store. If you're not familiar with it, it's similar to the App Store on an iPhone or the Google Play Store on Android, where you can search for whatever you want, click a few buttons, install it, and then have a new functionality. Except the functionality on Shopify can change the way your store works, can change the way your store looks, and can really lead to giving you something unique that can make you more money and that can keep your customers happy.

The problem is at the time I'm recording this, there are 6,514 apps in the Shopify App Store and similar to the Apple App Store, or more specifically the Google Play Store, there's a lot of garbage in there. So the problem with Shopify is when we get excited, we install a bunch of apps. What can happen is our sites will get slow. Then we try to remove them, some things might break, and it could be a mess. So what I want to do in this episode is simply share the top five Shopify apps in 2021. Share five of them that we use on all of our stores, and five of them that I think you should seriously consider installing if you want to get more sales and keep your customers happy.

Now, just know this list is in no particular order. Again, they're all important in their own right, which we'll get into right now. App number one is Feed for Google Shopping by Simprosys Infomedia. This is an app that basically allows you to configure your store's product feed that you will then submit to Google Merchant Center so that you can advertise your products on Google Shopping, which, if you follow anything I talk about, then you know we are huge fans of. Now, Shopify does have a built-in integration for Google Merchant Center, but you have much more control when you use the Feed for Google Shopping app.

It really allows you to get this deep control over how you submit your products, how you can modify things, how you can update things in bulk. I won't get into the specifics of it in this video because that is a lesson on its own, but just know that this is an app that if you're serious about getting high quality traffic from Google, you should 100% install.

App number two is Tidio Live Chat. Funny name, I know, but this does exactly what it sounds like. It's a live chat app. You install it on your store, a little widget pops up in the bottom corner, and when somebody is browsing your store, if they have any questions, they can click it, they can send you a message. You can get notified on your computer, you can get notified with an iPhone or Android app, and you can answer people in real time. What I like about Tidio is it's been around for a long ... Every time I say that word, I laugh, but it's been around for a long time.

It has a deep integration with Shopify. They have a free plan, which is fine for most people just getting started out. It's a simple way to close more sales, regardless of where you are in the world. Now, as your store grows, you get a team. You can give them access. They can respond to individual chats as well. But if you're just starting in the beginning, use the free plan, get notified on your phone when you get a message, respond quickly, close more sales, make more money.

App number three, I have a hard time even referring to as an app, but it is in the Shopify App Store so it counts. That is Klayvio. Now Klaviyo is what we use to power all of our email marketing. What I love about Klaviyo is how deep their integration is with Shopify. Basically anything that happens on Shopify with a contact, whether that be a lead, somebody that entered their email, or a customer, that information is tracked, and that information is sent directly to Klayvio.

So when you get into email automations and trying to send people different emails at different times based on different actions, Klayvio is definitely the platform that we use and that you should use as well. They do have a free plan. I think it's free up to your first 500 subscribers, meaning the first 500 people that come onto your email list. This is just well worth it. For us email marketing makes up 30% or more of our monthly revenue, and Klayvio is the platform that powers it. So highly recommend that one as well. It's a must-have in my opinion.

App number four on this list is one that we've used forever, but it just keeps getting better and better. It is called AfterShip. Now, this one's not going to help you make more sales, but it's going to make your quality of life as a business owner much better because one of the biggest questions you're going to get once you start getting sales is, "Did my order ship? What's my tracking number? Where's my order? When's it getting delivered?" With AfterShip you can have the customers emailed every time there's an update in the shipment's progress. So for example, the emails might look like, "The shipment label has been created." The next email might say, "The shipment has been dispatched from the warehouse." The next email might say, "The shipment is now at your local fulfillment center." The next email might say, "The shipment's out for delivery." Finally, an email saying, "The shipment has been delivered." Now that on its own is great because it stops people from emailing in. They're getting that update they want automatically.

But what's also cool about it is they have an integration to put on your Shopify store, where at any time a customer can just enter their order number and they can see what's going on with their shipment. So it adds this extra functionality. It makes customers happy. It reduces workload for you or your team. Again, AfterShip in my opinion is a must have.

That brings us to the fifth and final top Shopify app for 2021. This one is called By the way, I'll link these all up in the episode description. But is a tool that allows you to easily collect and display reviews on your store. Reviews are extremely important when it comes to increasing your conversion rates. The more quality reviews you have, the more future sales you will get. makes it extremely simple to follow up with customers to actually collect those reviews, whether that be a text review, a review with an image or even a review with a video from your customers. They all work great. This is extremely easy, again, with the app to integrate on your store.

One thing that I really like about when you compare it to all the other review apps out there is that they actually allow you to use Google Star Reviews in Google Shopping, basically meaning as you get reviews for products, if you use the Star Ratings on your Google Shopping results, when people see your products, they can see the rating next to it. This will just increase your click through rate there, get you more traffic. Then the website visitors will see the reviews on your product pages and just be more likely to buy. So all these apps kind of work together. Again, they reduce your workload, they get you more traffic, they keep your customers happy. And at the end of the day, that's how businesses last and continue to grow year over year.

So hopefully you got value from this one, guys. If you're listening to this and you're newer, and you're just thinking, "How do I build my first highly profitable store," listen, the best place to get started is over at That's where you can get a free training from me showing you exactly how we pick profitable products, how we do market research, how we build stores, how we get suppliers, how we optimize for conversions, how we get traffic and how we outsource and automate everything. Again,, link in description. So thank you everybody. I appreciate you. As always, if you know anybody that would get value from this lesson, do me a favor, share it with them. With that being said, I will be back on Monday with another episode. See you then.