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Shopify Unite Keynote: What I’m Most Excited For!


Shopify Unite Keynote: What I’m Most Excited For!


I just saw the Shopify Unite Keynote in Toronto and all I can say is WOW!

In this episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, I share the Shopify Updates that I’m most excited for i n 2018.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Shopify Unite Recap
  2. Shopify AR / VR Initiative
  3. The Future of Commerce
  4. Shopify Marketing Dashboard
  5. Dynamic Checkout Buttons
  6. Fraud Protect For Shopify Payments
  7. Shopify Currency Conversion & Rounding
  8. New International Supported Payment Types For Shopify Payments
  9. Kit Update
  10. Shopify Ping (Their New Chat Client)
  11. Updated To The Shopify App Marketplace
  12. The New Shopify Partner Marketplace

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eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast Show Notes : Shopify Unite Keynote


Table of Contents

Which is the best E-commerce course for Shopify

DSL Retreat


What’s up everybody. Anton here. And I’m doing another eCommerce lifestyle podcast today. That is where I’m coming to you from. So this is officially I think the second episode. If you’re listening to this on iTunes or on Stitcher or on Spotify, then congratulations. What I’m going to do is hold off until I have I think five or ten of these recorded. And then I’m going to post them all at once to all of the big podcast channels. That way we have a chance of getting in the new and noteworthy and people can binge listen. If not, I’m going to post this on YouTube, just to get it out there. Really to be as time relevant as it is.

And I say that, relevant to time because I’m recording this right after I got back to Austin, Texas. That’s where I am right now. And I got back from Shopify Unite. So that’s their annual partner conference. Supposedly they’ve been doing this thing for, I don’t even know, years now. They used to do it in San Francisco, but the CEO of Shopify said last year at San Francisco, in San Francisco I should say, they lost power. The whole city lost power. And the last day was kind of a mess to get started. So they decided to bring it back to Canada, which is where they started, which is where they still have all their major offices. So it was cool. Got to go up there and meet everybody and network with 1,000 plus people.

So, the real reason I went, which you know if you’ve seen any other YouTube videos I’ve done recently, I went there to accept this, which is a Shopify Commerce Award. And this one is for, let’s see if you can see it, for best eCommerce course for my company, Drop Ship Lifestyle. So pretty cool. I think they had 12 different categories for these partner awards. And they had different things for best home page, best collection page, best product page, best visual story telling. So all these different things that people do on their stores. But they also had one category this year, first year they’ve ever done it for best eCommerce course. So of course, I applied for that to win. They said there was like tons of applications. But yeah, they picked Drop Ship Lifestyle. So pretty cool. Definitely happy about that.

But while I was there, and I’m going to grab my phone now, so I can actually go through my notes. So if you’re watching this, I’m not just multi-tasking. I actually want to go through my notes from the event, because there were some things there that they spoke about that I thought were just amazing. And most of the things that I’m going to go over with you now are things that they shared in the keynote presentation. So it was the first two hours of the event. They had a bunch of the C-level people from Shopify go on stage, different heads of different departments. And they spoke about different things that are coming from their product teams.

So what was cool about that is you kind of got a sneak peak into the future. And into the next year of Shopify. What’s that going to bring, what do the changes look like, how does that affect merchants like us? So all of these things are on Shopify’s website now. So I will post a link, if you’re on, this will be at If you go there, I’ll post a link so you can read through this and go deeper into the tech, if that’s what you care about. But if not, these are the biggest changes that I made notes on, that I think are going to help myself and other merchants like you to get the best results from our stores in the smallest amount of time.

And a lot of this is them pulling in things that you can kind of already do with lots of different tools, but instead of having to use 10 different tools, you can now do a lot of things, or you will be able to do a lot of things, I should say, inside of your Shopify dashboard, which of course, reduces, in my opinion, the risk for things breaking. Because whenever you need more and more tools bolted together, you have more of a chance of things breaking, not only is it more expensive, but that’s a different story in itself, but the main thing is when you’re plugging together all these different systems, there’s a lot of opportunity for integrations to break, for data not to be transferred, and for you to lose money or time. So I think a lot of their updates are going to help to eliminate that.

While on the other hand, some of the updates they said, just provide huge opportunity for different marketing efforts that you might want to try, maybe you’ve been thinking about, maybe you haven’t yet, but it’s a way to stand out, as we move into the future of eCommerce.

What is 3D Warehouse in Shopify – AR & VR

shopify unite So the first thing that I made a note on, which is something they had a demo set up of, and it was also part of the keynote, is what they are bringing and rolling out in the world of AR and VR. So two buzz words, augmented reality, virtual reality. And a lot of times people think that, and they’re like, “Oh, okay. What, does my customer need to have a headset on so they can see this item in their house and whatnot?” And while that may be some way in the future, right. Like maybe one day, yes, they will. But the main thing that Shopify talked about that I 1,000% see myself and hopefully you implementing on all of our stores is the ability to take different product images.

So let’s just say I was selling this desk right here. If I sold this on my site, it’s an expensive desk, let’s just say it’s $1,500. If I was selling this, I would have not one photo of this desk, right. I’d have a photo of the top, I’d have a photo of the legs, I’d have photos of it on it’s side. I’d have a photo of it from the bottom. I’d have a photo of the glass. I’d have photos of it with a ruler next to it. I’d have a photo of it next to a different type of wood so people can compare it. And the reason we always do that on our stores, have literally as many high quality photos as possible, is because when people want to buy these items from us, they’re going to spend a lot of money and they can’t see the items, they can’t touch the items, so we want to give them every opportunity to see what they need to see before making that purchase decision. Okay.

antons travel setup

So how does that impact this whole AR/VR thing? Well, what Shopify is starting to allow merchants to do now is actually have virtual scans of their products. So again, if I was selling this now, or maybe in the coming months, instead of having 30 pictures of it on my website, I can have one AR model, which by the way, just like you upload photos to your Shopify product pages now, you’ll be uploading these AR, I don’t even know what to call them, renderings, these virtual renderings, to what’s called, I think your 3D warehouse. That’s how they phrased it. That’s their name for it. So you’d have a scan made, put it into your 3D warehouse and just like on your Shopify products pages, where you could choose photos associated with the products, you’ll be able to choose these renderings. Right.

So then what can a customer do? Do they need glasses? No. They can simply go to that product page on your site, and they’ll be able to go to that, they’ll be able to zoom in, they’ll be able to rotate, they’ll be able to flip it upside down. And they don’t need anything, they don’t need any extra peripherals. They can just look at it on their phone or on their computer and again, mouse around, spin the thing, zoom into it. So instead of needing these 30 images, you need on rendering, which will provide every single angle, every single spec that your customer needs to make that purchase decision.

So again, I’m posting this on the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast. But if you’ve been following us from Drop Ship Lifestyle and if you’re Drop Shipping, I 1,000% think a huge opportunity. If you want to be the number one in your industry, you already know what your best selling products are, right. You know which suppliers and which to use, you’re going to want to be the one that goes out and gets all these renderings done. It will be at a cost to you. I don’t know what that cost is. It’s not through Shopify. It’s you finding someone that can do this. But once you do that, you will be able to dominate your space. And you will be miles ahead of everyone else. Again, not available yet. This one, I’m not sure if they said it’s going to be available in the fall or the summer, but definitely coming this year, relatively soon. And just like anything else, when new things come out, not many people jump on it. This is one that I think is, it should be jumped on. It makes sense. Okay.