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What I Would Sell If I Was Starting Over Today…


People always ask me what I would sell if I was starting a brand new dropshipping store. To answer the question, I made a YouTube video sharing the Top 10 Niches of 2021.

Discover how I came up with this list in today’s episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast.

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What's Covered in This Episode:

  • Changes in buyer behavior
  • Everything I would focus on is selling well today, but is also evergreen and not going anywhere anytime soon

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Hello, everybody. Anton Kraly here from and welcome back to the podcast. So, if you are new, be sure to subscribe to this show if you are not already. We have brand new episodes come out every single Monday and Thursday morning and every single episode is designed to help e- commerce store owners to increase their revenue, automate their operations and become the authority in their niche.

Now in today's episode, I'm going to be answering a question that I've been getting probably ever since I started Drop Ship Lifestyle, my e-commerce coaching company way back in 2013. And that is, "Anton, what would you sell if you were starting over?" Now typically I don't like to answer this question because as you know, if you're a member of my coaching program there are literally thousands upon thousands of different niches and all of them are things I could make work. So there's not one thing I want to say because then I say this one thing and then a thousand people think, "This is the one thing that's going to make money," when that's not true at all.

So, what I will do in today's episode is actually go through 10 different product types instead of just saying here's one and these are all different product types that I would get into if I was starting over today. And just so you know what today is for reference because you might be listening to this the day of release or you might be listening to this 20 years from now so it is Monday, November 23rd of 2020. So to set the stage a little bit for where we're at right now e-commerce is pretty much, it's a different landscape. It's different, it's a different game than it was even nine, 10 months ago. And the reason that is, is obviously because of coronavirus, COVID-19, it changed a lot.

Now the first thing I'll say is it changed a lot less for us than it did for some online sellers. So, I guess I should point out what may be obvious to you or maybe known to you which is we do not drop ship from China. All the companies we sell for are domestic brands that have products in stock in the countries which we do business. So, I am not coming to this from a place of I'm drop-shipping from China because trust me I'm well aware that many people that drop ship from China just completely had to shut down their businesses over the last nine months now because they just couldn't keep up with demand for the longer shipping times and customers just not being happy.

So again, I'm not coming to this from a place of negativity because again this really hasn't affected us in a negative way. I've talked about how coronavirus has changed drop shipping in a previous podcast. In fact, I actually did a four episode series on it. So if you're interested in that I'll link those up in this podcast description. But what I want to talk about today more so just then how e-commerce has changed I want to talk about what is probably most important for us as online sellers and that is how lifestyles have changed, like literally our customer's lifestyles and how their buying behavior has changed.

So again, know that I'm coming to this from a place of selling for domestic brands and also from a place of selling to the upper middle class which I always have done except for a few times when I slipped up early on. I learned my lesson the hard way. But selling for domestic brands, selling to the upper middle class. And what has changed with them specifically with their lifestyle, first off many of them, the majority by far, are still working from home. Now, I'm not talking about people that can't do their jobs from home that are out of work, I feel terrible for everybody in that group, but what I'm referring to is the segment of people that were able to carry out their jobs from home and that is the majority of people right now that we sell to.

Also, there are an increased amount of people that are concerned about their health because obviously with COVID going around the healthier you are, the stronger your immune system is, the better chances you have of not getting sick or fighting it quickly if it comes, of course speaking in generalities. Another thing that has changed with our customers' lifestyles and their buying behavior is they have an increased amount of free time. Because again, they're working from home, they're not commuting, they are not going out to lunch and for drinks with their coworkers, they just simply have more time available in their days, their evenings, their weekends, and also just an overall decrease in travel whether that be business travel or just personal travel. People are still moving around but a lot less frequently than again nine months ago at the time I'm recording this.

So, what has changed overall? If I had to sum it up in a sentence with the target demographic that we sell to, well the upper middle-class has more disposable income and they have more time to fill. Now, those are good things for us because more disposable income, why do they have it? Because again, they're not spending the normal amount of money they would spend to go to work and go out to lunch and buy new clothes for the office and maybe get their hair done as much. They're not investing into those things. They're not paying for gas, they're not paying to commute, so they have that extra income. They're not traveling. And they have more time again because they're working from home.

So just keep in mind everything that I'm going to focus on today when I give you these product types are things that are really appealing right now to the time and place that we are in the world but also the things that I'm about to get into are products that are evergreen. And what I mean by that is they might be selling better than ever before right now which is true with most product types but they're also things that sold amazing a year ago and two years ago and five years ago and they'll continue to sell in the years to come. So, just know as I go through these products with you I am not going through them saying they're great now and then once the vaccine, that seems to be super promising but once that comes out and everybody's back to work then these things they're done and you move on. No, I'm saying you can get a great boost now because they're so hot and if they even drop to where they were they're still amazing evergreen niches. So keep that in mind.

So first niche, first product type that I would definitely sell if I was starting over today is some types of expensive pet supplies. Why would I sell them right now more than ever? Well, since COVID started I've been trying to get a dog, specifically a West Highland terrier. And it turns out I'm not the only one trying to get one because there are waiting lists with all of the different breeders that I've contacted. I've been on waiting lists for eight months now, hopefully getting one around Christmas. But people are buying pets because again they're home, they're not traveling as much, more than ever before. So not saying to sell the pets but you could sell things like different cages for them or crates. You could sell things like different dog beds. You could sell things for cats like the big scratching posts they use. Anything again, that would meet our pricing criteria of $200 or more but things that a new pet owner would be buying because people are buying pets at record rates.

Again with that being said, these are things that would still sell a year from now. They are things that still sold great a year ago but there is definitely an inflated demand right now which is not a bad thing. Now, the next product type that I would definitely sell right now is kitchen equipment. What do I mean by kitchen equipment? I'm not going to be selling stoves, I'm not going to be selling cabinets, but I'm going to be selling expensive things that will help people cook at home. The reason I want to do this is because there are more people than ever that are cooking at home that are not going to their restaurants either because they're closed or they're just not comfortable with it and maybe they're again home with their family so they're making meals for their family. And I've seen this at home. I mean my wife she cooks all the time anyway, she's amazing at it, but even more so now.

So what do I mean by products that will help people cook at home? Some ideas I can give you would be different types of pizza ovens that are smaller that people can either pull out and put on their counter top or set up in their backyard to make really good quality pizza at home. Also, these fancy Japanese knife sets that people can use to again prepare their food. So, two different product types within what I would consider the kitchen equipment space that sold a year ago that sell more than ever now that will continue to sell but where I think there is massive opportunity right now.

Now, next product type is related to outdoor activities because another side effect of COVID is a lot less people want to go to gyms if their gyms are even open. So people are trying to spend time outside and get their fitness in that way. Now, I wouldn't want to just sell bicycles because bicycles most people can go to any specialty shop and find what they want. Typically there's a few big brands that do dominate that space. But what I would look into is alternative types of bicycles. So picture those big three wheel basically tricycles but for adults. Picture of the bicycles that are the hybrid of both pedaling and electric. So, things like that that can get people active, get them outside. And again, I would call them maybe alternative bicycles. I would look into those niches. I would definitely sell them if I was starting over today going into 2021.

Now, next product type that I would seriously consider building a store around is game room equipment. And when I say that just so you know what products I mean within a game room that can be pool tables, that can be foosball tables, that can be air hockey, that can be popcorn machines. And the reason I think this is such a great niche right now is because even the people that have been stuck at home for nine months what's going to happen is once things open back up again I really believe that a lot of companies are going to permit their teams to stay remote longer whether that be out of health concerns or just they realize that they're just as productive or more. And because of that, people need things to fill their time and people are taking that extra disposable income and they're putting it into their homes. And for everybody that has children a game room is a great place to do it.

So again, I would seriously consider building a store. I'm not sure if I would mix all these niches together. I would have to do my market research. But pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, popcorn machines, things like that, would be all great niches to get into now. Again, they're evergreen but even better now.

Now next product type I would build a store in if I was starting over today is actually a, it's a funny one, but children's workspace equipment. What do I mean by that? Well, right now there are millions and millions and millions of children that are learning on Zoom and it is not great for them, it's not great for the parents either that have the kids stuck at home. But what you want as a parent is a place where your kid can focus, a place where your kid can be excited to sit down and be creative and think and use their mind and not have video games open or something like that.

So, there are a ton of companies that already have been manufacturing these workspaces for children and my guess, my prediction is more of them are either here or coming. So, what used to be the kids' playroom maybe now has a dedicated workspace for the kid. I'm not saying put them to work and get them going building your store or anything like that but give them a place where they can study, where they can join their class remotely, where they can do their homework, where they can create, where they can use their mind. Kids workspace equipment is definitely something I would build a store in going in to 2021.

Now next niche, which builds on people having more time and being outside more is water sports equipment. So, what do I mean by that? Things like surf boards, stand up paddle boards, things like the huge inflatable rafts that people tow behind their boats, these are things people are doing more than ever right now because they have the time, they want to be outside. They want that thing to do with their family. They want to stay fit. So, all different types of water sports equipment. Again, I would break these up into separate stores based on research I've done already but these are all things I would sell going into 2021 that again even when there's a vaccine and life returns to quote unquote normal they still will sell well because they always have.

Now the next product type I would sell going into 2021 is outdoor furniture. And I can already hear people through the phone right now saying, "Yeah Anton, outdoor furniture everybody sells it. It's super saturated. There's hundreds of stores." And while that's true, there's hundreds of online stores that sell outdoor furniture, if you follow anything I put out and teach regarding market research and drop shipping you know that I do not care about competition at the niche level. I don't care how much competition there is selling outdoor furniture. If I'm going to sell outdoor furniture I'm going to do my research and look at the hundreds if not thousands of brands that make it. Then I'm going to look at the products from those brands and I'm going to find the opportunity at the product level. That is where the money is made.

And by the way, if you're not part of Drop Ship Lifestyle and you want to see how I actually check to get all of the stats and the data to make informed decisions of whether there is too much competition or not be sure to go to after this podcast. I'll link it in the description also but it is spelled D-R-O-P S-H-I-P Go there after this podcast. You'll see exactly how we verify if a product is saturated or not.

But yeah outdoor furniture, there are more people buying this than ever before. Again, it's already been a massive, massive industry but now people are home. They're investing their money into their own spaces especially when it's outside where they know they can have friends and family come over and not give each other COVID.

Going on that same theme for the next product type of people investing into their homes and trying to really bring experiences they used to have to go out for into the house the next one I would get into now is home bars. So, this can be things from the actual bars themselves to the bar stools, to the kegerators that people use so they can get their favorite beer on tap, to the actual taps, to the cabinets to keep liquor in. These are all things that people are definitely investing in now. Again, people have been putting in home bars forever but now it is definitely on the rise and I think it would be a great time to get into that.

Related but different I would also build a store right now around, I got ahead of myself, I would also build a store right now around wine refrigerators. Because again, people are drinking, people are home, people have money to spend, give them a place to store all that wine they're getting delivered that they're buying online in bulk. And this will take us in to the last product type that I will give you in this podcast for what I would sell if I was starting over now and this one is probably the first one that came to everyone's minds and that is home fitness equipment. So, things like barbells, dumbbells, home gyms, even things like I would promote meal delivery services and online instructional videos to work out. Because right now again people want to be healthy, they want to be fit. Maybe their gyms are closed, maybe they're just not comfortable going to their gyms and this is an industry that just absolutely went on fire as soon as things started to get locked down.

The only thing I'll say about this one, this is the caveat, is that when everything started to get locked down again whenever it was, eight, nine months ago, so many people were buying this stuff that every single brand just their stock went to zero almost right away. And a lot of the brands in the home fitness space are actually still catching up with inventory. So, this is an industry that the suppliers are still lagging big time with product and because of that it's going to be harder if I was building a new store or you were in the home fitness space to get approved with suppliers. Not because they don't want to work with you but because they literally don't have inventory. So this might be one that I broke into more maybe early 2021 as inventory started to level out again.

So with that being said guys, those are 10 different product types. Again even more than that, that's 10 top level product types. All of them I would be completely comfortable and ready to sell if I was starting over today. I see massive opportunity with all of them not just now but over the coming years. And just like with every store we build we don't want it to be something that lasts for a few months or a few years we want to build legacy brands that we can keep for ourselves, that we can sell, that we can hand down to our children. That is the goal and these are 10 product types that I would be more than happy to build stores around.

With that being said, if you want some more options I actually just updated a list I have of 237 products to sell online in 2021. If you want that complete list go to Again, I'll link it in the description. It's D-R-O-P S-H-I-P You can get a free training from me there and a free list of 237 profitable products to sell online in 2021. So, as always I hope you got value from this podcast. If you did, I would really appreciate it if you can leave a review. And be sure you click subscribe so you get notified every time a brand new episode goes live every single Monday and Thursday morning. So thank you, I appreciate you and I will talk to you in the next episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. See you everybody.