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What’s Your Mission?


Anton explains why crafting a mission statement that resonates with your audience is the first step towards creating a successful brand.

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In this episode, Anton urges everyone to have a mission statement and the importance the mission statement will have on your business.

Some highlights include:

  • Whether you build your brand before you sell your product or vice versa, your business must have a mission statement.
  • Having a mission statement will create a more coherent brand that will enable your customers to recognize you regardless of the platform they are using.
  • Your mission statement will also make jobs easier for your team. A clear statement will keep everyone on the same page so your social media / blogging / podcast / emails / website all have the same feel. 
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    What's up everybody? Anton Kraly here from and welcome to another episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast. So first of all, I hope you can hear me okay. I'm actually driving home today, doing it a little bit differently. I'm driving home from the office. It's like, I don't know, 5:30 or something on a Monday and my car was in the middle of the parking lot all day in 100 degree heat. So yeah, I'm cranking the AC so hopefully it's not too loud in the background. I'll try to turn the fan down a bit to hopefully, yeah, come through clearer.

    But, yeah, I wanted to get on this episode as I drive home here and just share a message with you that I think is really cool and hopefully could benefit you and your eCommerce business. It's something that is on my mind because what I was working on today is actually launching a new brand. So a new eCommerce brand, a new physical product company, but the thing is we're kind of doing the brand work, right? We're building an audience, building a tribe, building a following before we actually release any products.

    Now you could do this different ways, right? You could already have the physical product business and then you could focus on your brand, or you could brand first, or you could do them simultaneously, but for this one, since it is a brand new company, kind of starting from the beginning. We're basically building our brand, building our audience, building a basically market of people that we can promote our products to when we are ready to do so. Now I'm going to be kind of sharing this whole process and documenting it. It's actually going to be part of a new course that's coming out called Build Your Brand. You're going to see the entire process from start to finish and I'll be releasing that on eCommerce Lifestyle probably later this month. I guess it's going to be, again, going through as I do it live over the next few months.

    But what I wanted to talk about kind of is why this is so important and what a good starting point is for you if you're not already doing this. Okay? So the main thing that I worked on today with this new brand is figuring out what our mission is going to be. Okay? And you're probably used to hearing about mission statements and whatnot. Maybe you have one, maybe you don't. Maybe you never even thought of having one or maybe you're listening to this thinking like, "Anton, I sell whatever. I sell coolers online. What could my mission statement possibly be?"

    Well, listen, you've got to think of one, you've got to have one and it's so important because it's going to make the rest of your business easier. Once you have your mission, once you can put that right on your website, once your whole team can know about that, it's going to make everything else just happen more naturally. Okay? So I'll give you a ... Well, I don't want to give away the one that I'm working on yet. I'll give you one that you probably know already. Okay?

    For my company, Drop Ship Lifestyle, right?, our mission is to empower freedom through entrepreneurship. Okay? Very simple, to empower freedom through entrepreneurship. Now the reason that it's important is not just so when people go to our website and click on the about us page, they could see what it is we do and why we're in business, but it's important because then when our social media person creates different images to share, when our blog writer is brainstorming different blogs to put up on our blog, when our Facebook ad person is writing different copy, it could all be related back to the mission. Again for Drop Ship Lifestyle, which is to empower freedom through entrepreneurship.

    Now, the reason that that's so important is because everything could stay on point, right? All of our messaging across all of our social channels, across all of the videos I put out, across all of the blogs that we do, just everything could tie back through to, I should say, empowering freedom through entrepreneurship. And this is why our Facebook ads do so well. This is why our Facebook posts organically get such good reach. This is why my videos connect with so many people and it's not just because I want to empower freedom through entrepreneurship. It's because it's all tied back to the same thing.

    What I see so, so, so many eCommerce newbies, beginners, whatever, what I see so many newbies do is basically set up their store and let's say they're selling, whatever they're selling, outdoor furniture, they'll set up a Facebook ad campaign and it'll say, "Shop here and buy this outdoor chaise lounge," right? And it'll show a photo of a lounge chair with a white background or something and they'll wonder why no one bought that, right? Why no one resonated with it because there's no story there. There is no mission there, it's too plain. It's something that anybody else can do.

    But when you're focused on building your brand, you're putting an experience behind it. You're connecting it to something else. So let's just say you were doing that outdoor furniture and let's say you sold modern outdoor furniture, right? Well, maybe your mission statement could be to modernize the world one backyard at a time. Okay? So again, sounds pretty basic enough. It's one simple sentence, but now when you're creating your retargeting ads, you can show a slideshow of all different people's back yards that were modernized.

    I can't talk right now. It's been a long day with lots of talking in meetings. Or it could be a before and after photo, right? One of your customers backyards before they got their order delivered from you and it could be just like a boring concrete slab and that'll say before, and then you could show that next to and after, which is like a super modern decked out backyard with furniture that your company shipped. Hey, if you haven't shipped anything yet, maybe it's images from your suppliers, right?

    But when you have that, again, everything you do, the videos you put out, the emails you send, the Facebook ads you write, the organic postings you make on Instagram, all of that can be tied to that mission and no matter where people see you, they're going to recognize it as your company and it's going to stand out rather than just being some generic boring thing than any company can do. Okay? And again, that's why, when it comes to branding, this really is step one and it's something that I spent a lot of time thinking about today.

    Get your mission on point, make it something that will resonate, not resident, resonate with your audience and from there you could put together all of your content strategies. Not only will creating content become easier, but it's going to have a lot more reach and a lot more impact on your people. So that's my little message for today. I literally live like seven minutes away from my office, which I love. So I am home now. I'm going to go in, hang out, play with the baby, but lesson for today, get a mission statement if you don't have one. If you already do have one and it can use work, rewrite it and then make all of your content relate back to that. It's going to give you a lot more reach. It's going to make your brand become a lot more solidified and it's going to attract your tribe to your company.

    So you'll probably hear me talking a lot more about branding in the future weeks because again, that's my main focus right now, this new brand that we're launching. So keep an eye out for that. Keep an eye out for new episodes. As always, if you got value from this one, I would really appreciate it if you can leave me a five star review on iTunes. Just search for eCommerce Lifestyle, give it five stars. Let me know your feedback, I love seeing it and yeah, that's it. Appreciate you guys. I hope you had a good Monday as well and I will speak to you all in the next episode of eCommerce Lifestyle. See you everybody.

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    Our mission at Drop Ship Lifestyle is to empower freedom through entrepreneurship.

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