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When & Where To Offer Upgraded Shipping Options


In this episode of the eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast, Anton shares Increase your conversion rate and your customers satisfaction by offering upgraded shipping the right way.

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What's up everybody? Anton Kraly here from, and welcome back to the podcast. If you're new here, just know that this show comes out twice a week. We have brand new episodes every single Monday and Thursday morning that are all designed to help e-commerce store owners to increase that revenue, automate their operations, and become the authority in their niche. Now, today, we are going to be talking about how you can actually increase your conversion rates and your customer satisfaction by charging for shipping. Now I know that might sound crazy, but if you do this the right way, I promise you it will benefit your customers and it will make you more money. Now there's a few things I want to cover. This episode will be relatively short, but I think it should give everyone enough guidance to proceed with this for your own business.

Also, I should mention if you're listening to this right now, and you don't have a business yet, meaning you haven't built your store, be sure to go to, where you can get free training from me that shows you how we build highly profitable semi-automated stores, where I also give you a list of 237 profitable products to sell in 2021. And where I also make you a special offer for the dropship blueprints. Again, that's at So on our e-commerce stores, we typically offer up to three different shipping options. The first is standard free shipping, which is typically three to five business days, and which we charge a grand total of $0 for. With that being said, we cover that cost. We pay the shipping costs. Now in the beginning of this episode, I said, you can actually make money by charging for shipping.

Again, that is true, but just know that we still do offer the standard free shipping on all of our stores. That's because it's just the industry standard. It has been for a really long time now and honestly, customers have just come to expect it, and we've always offered free shipping. So not complaining, but just know I didn't start to charge for your typical ground service or the lowest tier of delivery. That still costs customers $0. Now the next level of shipping is expedited. This is something that we offer from suppliers who give us this option. Let's just say I work with three suppliers, supplier A, supplier B and supplier C, and supplier C tells me if you place orders before 12:00 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday, we can have them shipped the same day. Okay, great. We want our customers to get items faster. So we can now offer this to our customers that are buying products from supplier C, in this case.

However, what we'll typically do for expedited shipping or same day shipping is add a surcharge. This will be charging customers more, if they want it faster. This way, we can be sure our team is notified to get that order to the supplier as quickly as possible, to get it out the door so that we actually get them what they want. Now, before I talk about the differences between these and how we set it up, I want you to know up to all three options. At this point, again, we have our standard free shipping. We have expedited shipping from suppliers that can ship same day.

And the third tier is white glove delivery. Now, white glove delivery typically applies to different niches where the customers might want the product brought into their home, maybe something large and heavy, maybe something that they don't want to have to take out of the box themselves, or assemble. Something they just don't want to worry about, something they want to buy, but something they want brought into their home, maybe even assembled or installed. Then they want all the boxes removed. And it's just basically the highest level of delivery service you can get, which is why it's called white glove delivery. Now with white glove delivery, we offer this for niches where it makes sense.

And we offer it in niches where we know it's possible, and we know it's wanted. We wouldn't just want to offer this on everything that we sell, because it is expensive to the customer. It just wouldn't make sense for a niche where somebody can care less if the item gets brought into their home and assembled and has the boxes removed. Simply even offering the option for a customer to take the expedited shipping or the white glove delivery, that alone can make the difference between you getting the sale or one of your competitors getting the sale. And just think about this example. Let's say there was a 70 year old woman who wanted to buy a treadmill from, because she wanted to still exercise in the winter. Well, she went to your site, she went to your competitor's site, and your competitor said, we offer free curbside delivery.

Well, now she's thinking, okay, I am 70 years old. I want to walk, but now I have to figure out how to get this package into my home, how to open this heavy box, had to bring it to my second floor spare bedroom, how to set this thing up. Yeah, free shipping is great, but does that customer actually even want free shipping? So on your store, you can offer free shipping for that same product for the customer that just doesn't care. Fine. Yeah. I'll bring it upstairs. I'll set it up. But if you also offer the option for that customer to pay more for white glove delivery, then they are going to choose you if they are that 70 year old woman example who doesn't want to carry a 300 pound box from her front porch to her guest bedroom on the second floor, and then figure out how to build a treadmill that she wants to walk on a few days a week.

This is the exact type of scenario where You will make more money, where you will Have a higher conversion rate by charging more for shipping, because it's providing a benefit to your customer, which, of course, is also keeping them happier. Again, even if it costs them more money, it will lead to them choosing you. But the thing is even if it would benefit them, even if they are willing to pay more for it, they need to know that it exists before they take out their credit card and place the order on your store.

So I want to talk about, now, when and where to offer upgraded shipping and how we've seen best results with it. So the first point is that you should show this to them, front and center on your product pages. Let's go back to the example where we had suppliers A, B, and C, and with supplier C, we had the option to have orders shipped the same day if they were placed before noon.

Well, what we would do in that scenario is on all of the product pages for supplier C, have a custom image made that was right there in the product description that said same day shipping available for orders placed before 12:00 PM Eastern standard time, for an X dollar fee, whatever that fee was, $20, $30, $50, whatever that fee was. We would have it shown off right there. Now let's go back to the treadmill example and say that one of the suppliers had a great white delivery company that they recommended, that they've done business with, that we were confident would give our customers a good experience. We would have an image created for that supplier's product pages on our store that showed off white glove delivery and what was included. So white glove delivery available includes items moved into your home, unpackage, assembled, boxes removed, whatever it is, we would show that off on the product page.

So again, in my example of the 70 year old woman, looking to get some exercise in the winter, she could see that our competitors don't talk about that at all, and right on our product page, in the product description, we say that it is available. Now, the next thing you really need to keep in mind is with both the expedited shipping example and the white glove delivery example, they are not going to apply for every niche. They're not going to apply for every brand you sell for within a niche. And they're not going to apply to every product from each supplier. You're most likely going to want to implement these images showing off what's available to very specific products on your store, where again, you know you can offer it and where you know it will boost your conversion rate simply by having it as an option.

Then the question becomes though, how do you do this, and have your customer be able to actually buy it from you and not have customers see the option to pay for white glove delivery when they can't even get it because maybe supplier A doesn't have a white glove company or their products simply don't even require assembly so it would be a waste. You want to offer it only where necessary. Now the way that you do this is by going into Shopify, into the shipping settings, and using what are known as shipping profiles. You can make as many of these things as you want. And you can create shipping profiles that apply to different products from your store. So by default, you'll create your first shipping profile, and that shipping profile will include, if you do what we do, free shipping, three to five business days, again, that is your standard base level of shipping. And that will apply to all of the products on your store.

Then what you'll want to do is create your next shipping profile, and you can call this one expedited shipping. Now in this one, you can choose the shipping options. Shipping option one would be free standard shipping. Again, three to five days. Shipping option two would be expedited shipping for $20, or for whatever you wanted it to be. Now, the key here is when you're making shipping profile two, for expedited shipping, you can choose which products you want that to show for. So you're literally choosing the products from your store, and that's the only place that people will see those options. Meaning if product one on your store was not eligible for expedited shipping, then they wouldn't see that as an option in checkout.

If product two was, then they would see it as an option in checkout. So you're not confusing anybody by adding options that don't make sense for your customers. Same thing goes with creating a white glove delivery shipping profile. You would simply again, go to your Shopify admin, go to your shipping settings, create a new shipping profile, name it white glove delivery. Make the price whatever you want to make it, and then add the products there that you want it to show for. This way, you are keeping the options there that will benefit your customers. Not only for products that they make sense for, but also for products where you think they'll increase your conversions. If you do this, it keeps down confusion and clutter in your shipping menu, because it only shows these options for people that are actually eligible to buy them to begin with.

And the other key here, like we mentioned earlier, is make sure you show that these things are even available as options on the product pages so that people know ahead of time if they're comparison shopping, that your store offers faster shipping, if they need it fast. That your store offers white glove delivery, if they don't want to deal with it themselves. That way, when they're going side by side and looking at your competitor, going to your store, even if it costs them more, will be an easy decision. So hope this episode was helpful guys. As always, if it was, I would really appreciate it if you can leave a review over on apple podcasts, and if you're listening to this and you think everything makes sense, but you're brand new and you don't even have a store yet and you want to know from A to Z how we pick niches, get suppliers, build stores, get traffic, optimize for conversions, outsource and automate everything, then be sure to go to, where you can get a free training from me, a list of 237 profitable products to sell and a special offer on the award-winning dropship blueprint. So that's it for this episode, guys. Thank you. I appreciate you. And I will talk to you on Monday for the next episode of the eCommerce lifestyle podcast. See everybody.